Art Deco 1921 Morgan 900 Silver Dollar Coin Pendant In Bezel Set In Sterling Silver
This is an early Art Deco coin jewelry pendant with a 1921 date 900 Coin Silver Morgan Silver dollar. The bezel frame is solid sterling silver. Old, not marked, tested and guaranteed. Size is 2" tall North to South with the loop by 1 11/16" wide East to West. Weight is 29.7 grams. From an estate, not polished and in gently used condition. Just add a top loop bail and chain and you will have a lovely early vintage coin jewelry dangle necklace for your collection. It is thick, substantial and showy.
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Art Deco 1930s Gold And Silver Filigree Carved Shell Cameo Pendant Or Pin
Art Deco 1930s Gold And Silver Filigree Carved Shell Cameo Pendant Or Pin
This is a lovely antique 1930s Art Deco right facing carved shell cameo estate pendant pin in fancy gold filigree and silver. The filigree is likely European 800 or another grade of silver with a 1930s vermeilled gold wash. Condition is excellent. She has beautiful, deep carved workmanship with fancy hair, upturned nose, open intaglio eye and full up slanted mouth. No damage. Size is 1 1/2" tall by 1 1/4" wide across. A lovely old estate addition from many, many years ago with beautiful workmanship for your cameo collection.
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Art Deco 800 Fine Italian Silver Marcasites Carved Shell Cameo Pendant Pin Euro
Art Deco 800 Fine Italian Silver Marcasites Carved Shell Cameo Pendant Pin Euro
This is a lovely Art Deco hand carved natural shell cameo pendant or pin in solid 800 Fine Italian silver with marcasites. Marked 800. Tested and Guaranteed to be solid 800 silver.....Not plated. Size is 1 7/16" North to South including the bale by 7/8" wide across East to West. She is beautifully made and deeply carved with fine details. The frame has all of its original faceted marcasites and very, very tiny cut work on the edge of the bezel. No tears or dents or deep scratches. No cracks or chips. Excellent Condition and directly from an estate so it has not been polished out. Still nice and crisp with fine detail. This is a beautiful Art Deco statement cameo for your collection to use as a pin or necklace pendant.
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Art Deco Religious Shrine Royal Oak Michigan Pendant Fob Charm Catholic Christian
Art Deco Religious Shrine Royal Oak Michigan Pendant Fob Charm Catholic Christian
This is a beautiful Art Deco religious medal pendant or fob charm from The Shrine, Royal Oak, Michigan. From an estate and has much tarnish. Looks like bronze but could be worn plate over bronze. As it is older pendant it is thick, solid, well detailed and well made. The detail is still quite crisp; not worn down. Size is 1 3/16" tall with the bale by 13/16" wide across. This medal is strong so it is able to be worn daily. A lovely and unusual addition for your antique vintage religious jewelry collection.
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Vintage Hand Wrought Sterling Silver Cross Pendant Arts & Crafts Era Christian Catholic
Arts & Crafts Hand Wrought Sterling Silver Nails Cross Pendant
Symbolically made of hand wrought sterling silver nails this is a lovely art deco to mid century brutalist, hand wrought sterling silver cross pendant. It is marked sterling, tested and guaranteed to be solid sterling silver. Excellent Condition. Thick and well-made. Size is just about 2 3/4" North to South including the fixed bale that is an internal part of the design. Width is 1 7/8" wide across the arms. Just add a chain and you will have a gorgeous rare and unusual statement necklace. The bale is 6mm wide so you can also use a small beaded necklace if you like.
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Big Chunky Bali Sterling Silver Cross Pendant or Enhancer
This is a gorgeous, fancy, Hand Made Bali sterling silver open work cross pendant. It has Bali maker and sterling marks and is also tested and guaranteed to be solid sterling silver, not plated. Excellent Condition. No damage or repair. Thick and beautifully made. Size is 2 5/16" tall North to South including the fixed bale that is an internal part of the design. Width is 1 1/2" wide across the arms. The wide large bale is 10mm so you can either add a chain or pearls/beads and you will have a stunning Bali statement necklace.
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English Irish Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Snake Pendant Mens Womens
This is a large, chunky, Celtic Knotted Snake, sterling silver mens or womens slider pendant with English Irish Hallmarks and a year date of 1995 men or women. It also has a large wide, thick, chunky bail. It is marked with English Irish Assay Hallmarks and letter date mark for 1995. Guaranteed to be solid sterling silver. Better than photos! All bright shiny sterling silver and highly reflective. Half of the snake is textured granulated and the other half is plain sterling silver. The knot has thick, fancy open work and is highly noticeable. It has some age use scratches that can be polished out. Otherwise, excellent condition. No deep scratches. No tears or gauges. No dents or dings. Sterling is still very thick and not worn down. The textured section is good as new. This is a chunky, showy, well made, Celtic Snake pendant that will look great on any chain for a necklace. Size is 1 7/8" tall north to south from the top of the bail to the bottom of the snake. Width is 1 9/16" across the center east to west. Weight is 17.4 grams. A beautiful heavy Irish Celtic piece for your collection!!
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Fancy Gold Plated Ladies Pocket Watch Pendant
In beautiful condition this is a gorgeous fancy gold plated and enameled Edma wind up vintage ladies pocket watch pendant; excellent working condition. No gold wear. Works well. No enamel wear. No damage or repair. Marked Edma. It is from the 1970s and when wound up it works for about 24 hours without interruption and keeps good time. Size is 1 3/4" tall North to South including the fancy bail by just over 1" wide across East to West. Just add a chain and you will have a beautiful vintage dangling pocketwatch necklace..
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Hallmarked Egyptian Silver Ankh Snake Pendant to Restore
This is an antique Art Deco hallmarked Egyptian 900 Silver pendant or pin. It has a center ankh surrounded by dancing serpentines or cobras. Tested and Guaranteed to be solid 900 silver. Weight is 9.8 grams. The ankh insert is removable or interchangeable. The bottom edge has a very, very small piece of missing twisted wire which is only 1m by 3m. Other than this it is well made and in excellent condition. Size is 1.5" across in diameter. The original early Art Deco push pull pin clasp is still intact and very secure. A lovely vintage Egyptian statement piece for your collection.
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Hand Wrought Native American Sterling Silver Turquoise Cross Pendant 2 3/16″ Southwestern
This is a large stunning vintage hand wrought sterling silver and turquoise cabochon stones cross pendant. Hand made Native American or Southwestern artist. It is beautifully made with good crafting and fine quality workmanship. All of the ends are hand tooled and the center rays are hand applied. It measures 2 13/16" tall by 2 1/8" wide. Weight is 15.2 grams. The turquoise stones are natural and bezel set. Condition is excellent, gently used. It has a strong bale with a 4mm opening to hold a larger mens chain if desired. Just add your chain and you will have a gorgeous sterling silver and turquoise cross necklace. It is showy and highly noticeable as hand made even at a distance.
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Hand Wrought Southwestern Fancy Cross Sterling Silver Pendant Brass Trim
This is a fine quality hand made Southwestern sterling silver cross pendant with brass trim. Marked 925. It has a thick twisted brass raised edge and deep fancy engraved work throughout. It is also curved outward in the center. Very well made with thick, quality sterling silver. Size is 1 5/8" tall with the bale and just about 1" across the arms. Weight is 5.5 grams. No damage. Excellent condition. It has a large wide bale. Just add any chain or beaded necklace up to 4mm and you will have a beautiful showy Southwestern cross necklace.
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Italian Designer Alisa 18k Gold 925 Sterling Silver Traversa Pendant
This is a lovely Italian designer Alisa Traversa collection pendant in 925 sterling silver with 18K gold front. The piece is in excellent vintage condition having minor surface wear consistent with age. There is light patina, but the piece can be polished by your local jeweler if you desire (polishing is not needed on this item, but is up to decision of buyer). Overall this is an excellent silver and gold designer pendant with a very unique look and style. Measurements: Height: 1 1/4 inch Width: 3/4 inch
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Judith Jack Sterling Silver Smoky Quartz Marcasite Floater Pendant
This is vintage signed Judith Jack sterling silver floater pendant that is embedded with marcasites and jeweled with a lovely smoky quartz stone in the center. It is marked with the Judith Jack JJ in triangles logo marking and is also marked sterling. Guaranteed to be solid sterling silver. The top bail is very thick with a 4.5mm opening on each side so it will hold a large chain or small beads. Size of pendant from top of bail to bottom point north to south is 1.5 inches. Width across the top bale is 3/8" and across the widest point of the body east to west is 3/4". Height from top of stone to back of pendant is 3/8". It is very well made, nice and thick and chunky. Weight is 9.3 grams. The center holds a lovely, large, showy, semi translucent smoky quartz stone that is oval shaped and faceted. It is deep brownish color and very sparkly. When held to light you can see that it is clean and has multi color highlights. Size of stone is 12mm by 10mm. Condition is excellent, very gently used. No damage or repair. Stone is crisp, clear, and showy. No chips, flakes, nicks, scratches, abrasions etc....Looks like when originally made. Still has its original polish. Not worn down. The sterling silver and marcasites are equally excellent. No dents, dings, tears, scratches etc....All detail including the tiny cut millgrain style work on the edges is still very deep and crisp. This pendant looks like it was rarely ever used on a chain. Completely original and never altered in any way. No repair of any kind. Just add a chain or small beads and you will have a lovely Judith Jack dangling neck chain piece. Not very large but beautifully jeweled, detailed, sparkly, and noticeable. A lovely addition for everyday use for your collection.
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Large PWN Denmark Rose Quartz Modernist Pendant
Large PWN Denmark Rose Quartz Modernist Pendant Metal: Heavy gold plate on silver colored metal. Maker: PWN, Denmark Stone: Rose quartz Size: 2 5/8" tall by 2 1/8" across Weight: Heavy at 69.6 grams Type of Setting: Deep watch case style with large gold nuggets Center Finish: Oxidized, Antiqued Condition: Some age wear to tips of nuggets, back mark and little wear to finish. No dents or dings.
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Large Sterling Silver Turkish Sitar Filigree Pendant
This a vintage hand made filigree sitar pendant that is very fancy and very long. Size is 4 3/8" long by 1 1/4" wide across the body. It looks like it is made of a low grade or mixed silver alloy. Condition is excellent. No wear to the silver. No damage to the filigree. It came from an estate and doesn't look like it was ever used. It has some aged patina on the fret board and has not been cleaned. If you are into music or unusual hand made cultural jewelry then this is a very special find for you.
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Large Vintage 14k Gold Carved Goldstone Street Lamp Pendant Charm Restore Repurpose
Large Vintage 14k Gold Carved Goldstone Street Lamp Pendant Charm Restore Repurpose
This is a gorgeous large 1950-60s vintage estate 14K yellow gold and carved goldstone hanging pendant, fob or charm. Marked 14K. All hand made with thick, substantial 14K gold and strong vintage design. There is an internal gold rod holding the top to the bottom. The top is loose but still secure and won't come off the rod or the stone. It is strong, dangles fine and looks beautiful but should be tightened onto the top by a jeweler. It has been in this estate for almost 60 years. Size is 1 5/8" tall without the bale by 11/16" wide across. Weight is 13.9 grams. Just add your antique or vintage watch chain for a super stunning pendant necklace. Or use as a fob or charm on your favorite vintage bracelet. It has a lot of 14K gold, is Very Unusual, and Very Showy. If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact us link at the top of this page.
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Large Vintage Mexican Sterling Silver Pendant Pin
Large Vintage Mexican Sterling Silver Pendant Pin Age: 1955 to 1960s, Marking: Left Face Eagle Metal: Marked Sterling Silver Size" 2 1/8" inches across in diameter Weight: 17.7 gr Condition: Excellent, No damage or repair. Original, No alteration of any kind.
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Large Vintage Miguel Melendez Mexican Sterling Silver Azureite Pendant Pin
This is a large vintage Miguel Melendez hand crafted Mexican Sterling Silver dangle pendant or pin. The center medallion moves and dangles freely within the larger pendant pin. It is thick, heavy and very well made by hand. Weight is 28.3 grams. Size is 2 1/8" across. Depth is 1/8" on the edge. This pendant also has a large thick 6mm bale so it can also be used as an enhancer for small beaded necklace. In excellent, gently used condition this is a showy hand crafted Mexican pendant pin by a well known maker for your collection.
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