Antique German Bisque Dolls, Vintage 1950s, 1960s Hard Plastic

Vintage 1960s Vogue Ginny BKW Doll Pink Felt Ginny Logo Outfit Original Condition Needs Washing Bent Knee Walker
Vintage 1960s marked Vogue Ginny doll in original pink felt costume with the Ginny name across the bottom of the jumper. Black tagged leotard is underneath. Her eyes work freely and easily, no sticking. Wig is good and still all intact. Dress is very dirty. Walking mechanism works well. Plastic has no cracks or seam splits and color is as you see in photos, very slight pink in cheeks and legs are darker from dirt and age. From an estate where she had been out in the open on a shelf for many, many decades.
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1950s Hard Plastic Unmarked R&B or AC Sweet Sue Doll 14″ Size No Odor All Lashes Intact Good Wig No Splits Orig Dressing Gown
Vintage 1950s R&B or AC Sweet Sue in 14" size in original condition. She is the strung version, not a walker and needs stringing. She has all of her original lashes intact and her eyes work freely and easily, no sticking. She also has her original wig which has not been cut. Good original lip paint, light pink cheeks and good original, even face color. No seam splits. Original nightgown is very dirty and needs washing. From an estate where she sat on a shelf untouched for many decades.
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Miniature Hoosier Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Dollhouse Salesman Sample
Miniature Hoosier Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Dollhouse Salesman Sample child's toy or for a very large dollhouse. It is all handmade of solid lightweight wood (glued, pegged and nailed). The wood is cracking on the grain in some places and there are 2 areas of missing white finish. It is from a 1930s estate and was likely made for original owner during this time. The hoosier measures 9" tall by 5.5" wide. The chair is 4.75" tall. A lovely older vintage estate find for your antique and vintage miniature and/or salesman sample collection.
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1940s NASB Nancy Ann Storybook Doll w Box 113 Papers
1940s NASB Nancy Ann Storybook Doll w Box 113 and Original Paperwork. Doll is marked USA Story Book Dolls. She is stiff bisque with jointed hard plastic arms; 1940s transitional. Original owner confused her dolls with their boxes so the doll is likely a different name than the box states. Body, head, wig, face, clothes, hat are all excellent. Dress is pale yellow decorated with red and blue flowers with matching blue pique trim and matching blue at. Overall excellent condition. Box has some age wear.
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Chunky 7″ German Bisque 550 Baby Boy Doll Intaglio Eyes
Chunky 7inch German Bisque 550 Baby Boy Doll Intaglio Eyes and a toddler type body from an estate and in original condition. Back of head is marked Germany, 550, 14/0. Size is a broad 7" from top of head to bottom of lower right foot. The composition body has its original brown paper tape around the chest which may have a crier inside the torso. It doesn't appear that the tape has ever been removed from the body but we don't hear or feel the weight of a crier in there. The head has deep blue intaglio eyes, brushstroke painted hair, wide lips and a "pug" nose. There is also a chin dimple. The broad face, chunky body and original gauze dress with blue trim show this pudgy baby to be an original Boy baby doll. Lace trim is starting to pull away on one end. The head is all good. No cracks, chips, flakes, hairlines etc.... Although the head is detailed with a noticeable fontanelle flat spot as you would see on a real baby's head the bisque is a little crude particularly on the ears. This is probably due to the doll being one of the later examples to come out of this mold. The body is a 5 piece light pink lightweight composition having 2 legs that curve but don't cross. They look much as you would see in a baby learning to walk who has not fully achieved toddlerhood. The body has some age spotting which has not been cleaned and the neck socket is caving a little bit from age splits around the neck opening. The head still sits sturdy in the opening so a socket buildup is not necessary at this point but you may want to consider it down the line. Other than this the body is all intact and in fairly good condition. A little cleaning and you will have a lovely all original German bisque boy baby for your collection. He also looks lovely displayed on antique miniature furniture.
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Antique Wood Compo Upper Arms Legs Parts Bisque Doll
Antique Wood Compo Upper Arms Legs Parts Bisque Doll. Group of 20 upper arms/legs parts for Antique Bisque and Composition Dolls. Please read product description and see photos for more information.
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1950 Occupied Japan Doll Child Miniature Tea Set
This is a vintage miniature child's or dollhouse Occupied Japan floral partial teaset with tray. The tray is marked Occupied Japan while the rest is marked Japan. All have the same red ink in their markings. The pot has blue flowers on the front. Size of tray is 3" long. The teapot is 1" tall. The sugar and creamer are just about 7/8" tall. The cup is 1/2" tall. A lovely old set for your miniature collection. From WIKI: America occupied Japan from August 1945 until April 28, 1952. Not all products made in Japan between 1946 and April 1952 are marked "Made in Occupied Japan" or "Occupied Japan." Some pieces simply were marked "Japan" or "Made in Japan."
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1930s Art Deco Sewing Pincushion Half Doll
This is a lovely vintage authentic Art Deco porcelain pincushion half doll from an estate. and in original, excellent condition. She sits in her original pin cushion and has her original silk dress. Although she has no cracks or chips or repair she does have 2 very, very tiny surface paint rubs that are only on the surface glaze and easily touched up. One is on the elbow and the other is on the bridge of her nose. Her original dress is silk and has tattered with age. She is decorated with a white molded blouse, black hair and purple feather in front of her hair bun. Size is 5″ tall. The cushion is just about 4″ across. Diagonally across the arm elbows is 3″. This is a lovely Art Deco estate find for your vintage sewing or doll collection. She is completely original.
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