Collection of Vintage WW2 Soldiers & Puffy Heart Charms
This is a collection of WW2 sterling silver charms. This collection contains the following four charms: [1] Infantry soldier with rifle and backpack. [1] Navy sailor with arms akimbo. [1] Navy deep sea diver with movable helmet to reveal face. [1] Puffy military heart charm. These charms were taken from a charm bracelet with different WW2 charms. I originally also had a Navy pilot charm but he was sold years ago. These charms are extremely hard to find and are exceptionally detailed. Each of the figures is able to stand upright on a flat surface, which is a sign of superior design. I have tested each piece with acid and guarantee them to be sterling silver. Please note that the puffy heart is hollow inside, but has no dents or dings. It's hard to find all of these types of charms together, and in such good condition. Weight of all four charms combined is 6.5 grams. Item id: R-75 Type: Estate Color: Silver Style: Art Deco, Mid-Century Item size: Small Item type: Vintage Material: Silver, Sterling Silver
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Vintage Enameled Fancy Engraved Personal Hinged Box Snuff Pills Cream Prayer Beads Ash Asian Eastern Turkish
This is a vintage hand crafted small personal hinged lidded jar, box, container with beautiful enamel work and etched hand crafting in solid brass. It has some writing across the top but I can't read it. Would be good for Pills, Cream, Snuff, Prayer Beads. From the writing it looks like it could be Asian, Middle Eastern, Turkish etc, Other than some small dimpled dings in the brass on the lower sides from age and use it is in excellent condition. The lid locks securely and stays in place. The top has lovely workmanship and no damage. Size is 1 1/4" across the enameled top, just about 1 1/2" across the center of the body and 7/8" tall off the table north to south. The brass has quite a bit of age patina which has not been cleaned. This is a lovely vintage box for your personal items.
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Vintage 18″ Italian Hand Crafted Art Glass Bead Necklace Unusual Milky White w Raised Millefiore
This is a lovely vintage Italian hand crafted beaded estate necklace with unusual colors and crafting. The beads are 6-7mm each with silver metal connectors and a brass barrel clasp. The beads are quite different compared to more ordinary beads that are often found. They are made of milk white glass (not painted glass; the milky white color is in the glass). Each bead has 2 or 3 different examples of colorful millefiore glass pieces that are inserted into the milky white bead and raised above it on the outside. See close up photos. Size of necklace is 18" long. Overall condition is excellent. No damage. No repair. A gorgeous example of vintage Italian hand crafted glass jewelry for your collection.
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Vintage Sterling Silver Fancy Filigree Enameled Peacock Pin Brooch
Gorgeous vintage fancy filigree peacock pin brooch with teal and multi color enamel work. It is unmarked and has been tested as solid sterling silver.....not plated. The fancy filigree work along with the intricacy and quality of the enameling as well as the lack of a marking indicates Portuguese origin. It is beautifully hand crafted and very well made. It also has an older clasp whereby the forward position unlocks it and the backward position of the lever unlocks it. Overall condition is excellent. No damage or repair. It is from an estate where it hasn't been touched in many decades. Size is 2 1/16" across the center east to west by 1 7/8" tall north to south. A beautiful showy brooch for your vintage jewelry collection.
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Art Deco Dark Pearl Collar Buttons Cufflinks 4 Pieces Partial Set
This is a partial set of men's Art Deco dark pearl collar buttons and matching cufflinks. All are set in white gold plate and have tiny fancy engraved work on the edges. The pearls are slightly rounded upward convex style cut and have purplish red to glowing white color depending on which way you turn them in lighting. There are 2 matching links that are octagonal that can be used as cufflinks. The tops measure just about 1/2" across. Then there are 2 other buttons with the same colored pearl slabs and decorated edges. One is quite small and has a round pearl top measuring 5/16". The other one is a bit larger and has an octagonal pearl top which measures 3/8". Overall condition of all 4 pieces is excellent. They are from an estate and haven't been touched in many decades. Lovely group for your vintage cufflinks collection.
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Vintage Scandinavian Albert Scharning A. Sch. Norway Blue Enameled Lapel Pin Enamel Mid Century
This is a late mid century large blue enameled lapel pin signed A. Sch. Norway, Sterling. Maker mark for Albert Scharning. Size is 2 3/8" north to south by 1" wide across the center east to west. It has a c hook closure and a light gold wash on the back. Overall condition is excellent. No damage or repair. All enameling is intact. No dents or dings. A lovely, large, showy, vintage mid century Scandinavian lapel pin in royal blue for your collection.
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Art Deco Chain Link Cufflinks Never Monogrammed White Gold Filled Plate
Pair of vintage Art Deco Chainlink cufflinks in white gold filled or plate. They were never monogrammed or inscribed and are in excellent overall condition. No dents or dings. No damage or repair. The backs have many decades of dirt near the linkage that has not been polished out. Each pair has one links that is plain and one link that has 1930s tight linear pattern with fancy engraved work on the edges. A lovely pair of Art Deco cufflinks for your collection. ***Anything you may see on the plain sides is light reflection of ceiling light....
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Vintage 1960s 1970s Mid Century Van Dell 1/20th 12K Gold Filled Tourmaline Screwback Earrings
Pair of vintage 1960s mid century modern screwback earrings marked Van Dell, 1/20th 12K Gold Filled. Each earring contains a faceted marquise stone in reddish brown tourmaline color. Both earrings are in excellent overall condition. No damage or repair. They are well made vintage so they are well made and able to be used regularly. A lovely pair of vintage earrings for your fine jewelry collection.
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Antique Gold Filled Cable Watch Chain with Swivel Hook
Antique Victorian gold filled cable link watch chain with its original swivel hook. It is completely original excellent condition. Size is 10" long by 1/8" across each link. It has that look and feel that you only find on old antique Victorian gold filled. Both the swivel hook and the linkage is strong and secure so it will hold a pocket watch easily or can be converted to an antique fob charm bracelet. Lovely addition for your antique jewelry collection.
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Antique Victorian Gold Filled Watch Chain Slide Necklace Turquoise Cabochon
Late 1800s to 1910s antique gold filled slide necklace with its original natural turquoise cabochon slide. It has a tiny solder repair that is very, very old. Other than this it is in excellent condition and still slides easily. This is a very delicate Victorian necklace that measures 2mm across the chaining which is 22" long when doubled as you see it in the photos. The end need to be tied or wrapped as you would a lariat necklace unless you prefer to use an antique watch hook, jump ring or other connector. The slide itself it in excellent overall condition. A lovely early gold filled slide necklace for your antique, vintage and Victorian jewelry collection.
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Vintage Rose Gold Plated Leverback Small Floral Paste Earrings Hammered Backs Lever Back
**The green you see in the lever back hook is old polish. These are from an estate and have not been polished out in a very long time. Lovely pair of vintage European Lever Back earrings in rose gold plated with small paste or older rhinestone flowers on the front and black hammered textured pattern on the backs. They are quite small and measure 3/4" north to south from top of hook to bottom of flower. Each flower is 3/8" across. They look like ruby and paste but could be older rhinestones or crystals. The backs have an unusual fancy pattern in the rose gold. There are no dents or dings and the levers work well. A lovely pair of older vintage earrings for your antique and vintage jewelry collection.
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Vintage Mid Century Tiffany and Company Sterling Silver Flower Pin Brooch Lapel Blouse Coat
Vintage early mid century modernist Tiffany and Company sterling silver pin brooch for lapel, blouse, coat etc... It appears to have mid century modernist design from the 1950s. It is thick, solid, very well made and beautifully crafted. Size is 1 3/8" north to south by 1 1/2" east to west. The back is signed as you can see in the photos. Overall condition is excellent. No damage or repair. No worn spots. No cracks or splits. This is a lovely vintage estate find for anyone who collects signed mid century modernism. It is very, very thick and solid as you would expect from vintage Tiffany.
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Antique 24″ Gold Filled Watch Chain Lorgnette Slide Necklace w Original Slide Hook Double Chain Victorian to 1900-1910 Estate Jewelry Excellent Condition
Lovely antique 1900 yellow gold filled lorgnette or watch chain slide necklace with double chaining and original Victorian etched slide. The slide is small measuring 5/16" square and holds its original small emerald cabochon stone. Size of double chain is 24" long. As 1 long single chain it is 48" long. Width is 2mm across on the single chain; 4mm across the double chain. This chaining is the original early gold filled rope style you would expect to fine on late Victorian and turn of the century slides. The hook is marked US M&B. The slide itself is unmarked and looks like solid 14K gold as many of these small slides with gemstones were in the late 1800 to 1910. Overall condition is excellent. All of the gold filled chain is still bright and clean. No worn spots. Beautiful condition, well kept over the years. This is a nice, well preserved example of antique slide jewelry for your antique and estate jewelry collection.
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Antique Vintage 1920s Sapphire Paste Stickpin Hat Pin Jabot Stick Pin Gold Filled Silver Gold Wash Low Grade Gold Art Deco Hexagonal Cut
Antique 1920s early Art Deco bezel set hexagonal cut sapphire paste with filigree setting in white gold filled, low grade gold, or sterling silver with a faint gold wash. The stone is very, very blue and sparkly; a beautiful example of antique sapphire paste. Size is 2 1/8" long. The head measures 1/2" north to south by 3/8" east to west. Stone is 3/8" north to south by 1/4" wide across east to west. Overall condition is excellent. Stone is still nice and crisp. No chips or flake os cracks. The setting and the stick are also excellent. No damage or repair. This is a lovely estate find for your antique Art Deco jewelry collection.
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Pair Vintage Metal Table Lamp Finials Parts Salvage Architectural
Made of metal with a brass wash this is a pair of vintage table lamp finials. They measure just about 4" tall north to south by 1.75" east to west across the centers. Overall condition of both pieces is excellent. No cracks, chips or breaks. The very bottoms are 3/4" across and have a screw hole opening that is just about 1/4" although these could probably also be used as a decorative ornament to sit right on top of a wooden peg or similar.
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Like New Sterling Silver 12K Gold Filled Heart Locket Necklace Very Fancy Repousse 1950s Beautiful Condition
Vintage but in hardly ever used like new condition this is a gorgeous heart photo locket necklace. Much better than photos could capture. The top loop is marked sterling and 12K gold filled. Visually is is all yellow gold with one small etched silver flower. It has very noticeable fancy repousse edges along with a triangular cartouche that was never monogrammed and a very showy etched flower toward one side. The heart is just over 3/4" north to south by 3/4" east to west. The chain is 1/16" and easily holds the heart in place. Size of chain is just over 18" long. The lock is very strong and secure. It is still so strong and tight that you might need a tiny pocket knife to open it. The chain appears to be the original and matches the gold color on the heart. It is very shiny and clean with no wear marks. No scratches. No dents or dings. So much better than the photos and in such beautiful condition as well as being so fanciful this is a lovely addition for your antique and vintage gold jewelry collection!
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Dated 1932 Antique Gold Filled Double Photo Locket Necklace with 2 Images and a Chain
Lovely year dated 1932 double photo locket pendant containing 2 images that look like they would be from 1932. This may have been presented as a wedding gift as the locket appears to be of an earlier date. It has beautiful deep chunky repoussed work around the edges and a raised flat panel cartouche in the center. There is also tiny millgrain edging on the cartouche. The back is monogrammed H.E.V.G. Although it closes and stays closed tightly I can only hear the lock when I press hard and fast. It is strong, tight and secure. Won't open on its own. Locket measures just over 1" across with 1/4" depth. You can see it is early, chunky and showy. Chain is a 20" long older vintage rope that is about 1/8" and strong. It has an old jump ring; the type that has the push pull lever incorporated into the ring like for a pocket watch rather than the raised lever above the ring. Overall condition is excellent. No dents or dings. All gold filled intact. No areas of wear to the gold. Lovely estate addition for your antique and vintage gold filled jewelry collection.
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Late 1800s Victorian gold filled pendant fob or holder for charms or watch. All done in beautifully textured antique rose gold with taille d' epergne black enameling, fancy cut work on the edges and a strongly raised small carved shell bezel set cameo in the center. Size is 1" north to south by 3/4" east to west. It also has 2 pieces of chaining that are also rose gold filled and match the color of the pendant. It was likely attached to a chain at some point in time. The back is a flat panel of rose gold filled with a hook at one end for a watch or fob. Never monogrammed or inscribed. No dents or dings. No wear to the gold filled. Excellent condition. Lovely addition for your original Victorian gold jewelry collection.
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Ornate Vintage Sterling Silver Sardine Fish Bacon Serving Fork Table Server
Stunnning antique vintage sterling silver sardine, fish, or bacon serving fork with 7 short squat pointed tines. Back has a Gothic C monogram. The handle has fancy repousse work from top to base of neck. The bottom has pierced open work and is fully engraved with a raised pattern just above the tines. Additionally, there is tiny millgrain work around the perimeter of each tine. Size is 6 1/4" tall by 2 1/4" wide across bottom center. the tines are 1 11/16" long. Other than some light surface age scratches it is in excellent overall condition. No dents or dings or damage or repair. This is a gorgeous serving fork to find for your antique and vintage formal dining table setting.
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Vintage Curb Link Pocket Watch Chain
For men or women this is a vintage curb link pocket watch chain with a large oversized gold yellow plated ring and rose gold color chain and swivel hook. Size is 7 1/2" long. The end ring is 5/8" across while the hook is 3/4" by 1/4". The curb chain looks like old gold filled and measures 3mm wide across the chaining. The hook has greenish black oxidation and needs cleaning. The chaining is fine. It has age patina and that soft looking rose to pink gold only found on older vintage jewelry. The large jump ring needs cleaning and has a very small area of wear. This would look good with any antique or vintage pocket watch or clean and recycle into drop watch/pendant connector for a antique pocket watch necklace. Also good for adding antique fobs given the large size ring.
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1920s 1930s Art Deco White Gold Filled Pocket Watch Chain Fancy Diamond Pattern
For men or women this is an early Art Deco white gold-filled pocket watch chain from the 1920s to 1930s. It has narrow, fancy engraved, rectangular linkage and its original swivel hook. Size is 13.25" long by 2m across. The rectangles have fancy filigree connectors and each rectangle has a deep engraved geometric diamond pattern indicative of early Art Deco late 1920s to 1930s jewelry. It needs one tiny oval ring to connect the center where it came apart over the years. Other than this it is in excellent condition. No dents or dings or damage or repair. No worn gold. All gold intact and still bright and shiny. A lovely watch chain for your antique pocket watch.
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Victorian Book Chain Necklace 14.25″ 7/16″ Antique Restore Repair Repurpose
This is an antique Victorian book chain necklace in yellow gold filled for restoration, repair or repurpose. It has fancy engraved diamond shaped elements along with 4 oval connectors on each element. One of the round connectors is hanging off the necklace and needs to be reconnected and the end will require some type of jump ring. Other than it is fine. No damage or repair. Has not been polished out and has plenty of age patina from decades of sitting unused in an estate. Size is 14.25" by 7/16" across each link. With very little effort this will make a gorgeous Victorian necklace for your antique jewelry collection.
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Victorian Book Chain Necklace Fancy Rose Yellow White Double Sided 12″
This is a gorgeous fancy Victorian book chain necklace made of yellow, white, and rose gold filled. It has a very ornate star pattern with an ornate mix of tri-color gold on the front and back of every other link. The alternating links have what looks like a cartouche or book front pattern on each link. There are also rose gold barrel style connectors between the linkage. Size is 12" long by 3/8" wide across each link. A large brass jump ring sits at the end. Other than some wear on the jump ring it is in excellent condition. It has not been polished and has an aged patina. Not touched in many decade this is a lovely Victorian book chain necklace for your antique jewelry collection.
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Vintage Oval Cable Figure 8 Chain Link Charm Bracelet 7.5″ 4mm
This is a very pretty 1970s gold plated/filled chain link charm bracelet with twisted oval chaining and figure 8 connectors. Size is 7.5" long by 4mm wide across each oval. The only wear to the gold is on the jump ring which is easily replaced if you like at any craft store. Other than this it is in excellent overall condition. It has a light age patina. Great for adding vintage charms or for 1970s - 1980s layered look. You can see the gold is vintage and soft looking.
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Art Deco Snake Chain with BIG BOLT RING For Pocketwatch
This is a vintage snake chain with an oversized Art Deco bolt ring clasp to hold a pocketwatch. It also has an earlier piece of chaining with an antique slide clasp to securely hold a fob. It is all yellow gold plate but the older chain has so much age patina it looks like a rose gold plate. The early slide clasp is completely worn down on one side only and if you examine the snake chain you will find a very tiny kink. Other than this it is excellent. Size is 18.25" log by 2mm across the snake chain. The bolt ring is 3/4" across. A lovely old chain for an antique or vintage pocket watch or to use as a vintage fob necklace.
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Antique Victorian Gold Filled Fleur de Lis Watch Pin w Hook for Fob
Women's 1880 to 1910 gold fill plate pocket watch brooch with tis original Victorian C-clasp intact. Size is 1" by 9/16". It has an old, old silver metal hook; since it is silver it was likely added in the 1920s in order to hold a watch with a fob. It is strong and secure. Other than needing a polishing and having a very, very tiny indent (not seen when worn) it is in excellent overall condition. The gold filled has a lot of age patina from being in an estate untouched for so many decades. This is a very, very lightweight and easy to wear pin. Looks and weighs a lot like Victorian to Edwardian pinchbeck.
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Antique Art Deco 1930s Large Sterling Silver Baby Infant Rattle Deep Carved Bell Shape Never Engraved
Old Art Deco 1930s sterling silver baby rattle Marked sterling, full word, block letters as seen in photo Size is just about 1 1/2" north to south without the top ring With the top ring it is almost 2" north to south East to West is 7/8" across top graduating to 1 1/4" across bottom. Depth is just over 1/4" across bottom. Never monogrammed or inscribed. Still rattle. Some age wear, minor dings. Deep carved and will polish up nicely for your antique and vintage children's playthings collection.
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Mexican Sterling Silver Tiger Eye Green Onyx Sodalite Mens Ring Size 10. Vintage Mid Century 1980s Handmade
Vintage Mexican sterling silver mens ring with hand cut blue sodalite, brown tiger eye and green onyx gemstones deeply set into the top. It is marked 925, Mexico with maker's marks, looks like mmm. It is thick, heavy and very well made. Strong, can't bend it. The oval top measures 15/16" north to south by 9/16" east to west. Overall condition is all original, excellent. Minor light age scratches. No stone damage. Never altered or repaired. Lovely vintage addition for your Southwestern or Mexican mens silver jewelry collection.
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Vintage Art Deco Fancy Filigree Robins Egg Persian Turquoise Italian Turkish Middle Eastern Prayer Beads Rosary Holder Egg Shape Metal
Very fancy filigree vintage Art Deco to late Art Deco prayer beads or rosary holder with robins egg Persian turquoise bezel set cabochon stones encircling the top and bottom. Origin is Italy, Turkey, Middle East, Portugal and all of these countries were known for this type of hand crafting but the turquoise is more of an indicator of middle eastern or Turkish origin. You judge. Size is just over 2"tall north to south by 1 1/2" across the center. The center comes apart to open and close the egg. This is a beautiful holder for your antique prayer beads or hand crafted religious items collection.
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Mid Century Fancy 12k Gold Filled Heart Locket Pendant No Monogram Vintage 1960s 1970s
Vintage 1960s to 1970s mid century heart locket pendant marked 12K gold filled with a maker mark of BB, likely from one of the Rhode Island jewelry houses that made much of this jewelry in the 60s. Photos were glued to the inside. Size is 1.25" north to south from top loop to bottom by 15/16" east to west. The front was never monogrammed or inscribed and it has a slight ding under the cartouche which is only seen up close when the light hits the striations in the gold a certain way. The rest of the heart including the fancy back is in excellent condition overall. The snap closure is strong and works well. You can hear the loud snap locking it in place when you close it up. Lovely vintage item for your memorable photos for everyday use.
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This is a gorgeous perfume dabber for anyone with antique and vintage French perfumes. It is gold metal with a large jadeite, green to white cabochon in the top. Size is 2 1/8" long. The bezel set jadeite cabochon is tall. Size of top is 9/16" across in diameter. Condition is excellent. No damage or repair. A rare early gemstone dabber for anyone with antique French perfumes.
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Vintage Art Deco Cufflinks 1930s Black Enamel Gold Fill Plate Octagon Never Monogrammed
Vintage 1930s Art Deco cufflinks. Gold Filled, Gold Plate. Signed. Octagon shape. Black enamel trim. Fancy tops. Cartouche never monogrammed. Beautiful front in excellent condition. Minor age wear to backs. Size is 9/16" by 7/16". Lovely pair of everyday cufflinks for your collection.
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Vintage Sweater Sterling Silver MML Peru Aztec Inca Figural Face Pins Man Woman Late Mid Century
Signed 925 MML this is a pair of late mid century Peruvian figural face sweater pins in traditional Aztec or Inca headwear. They are very thick and strong. The man is 1" tall and the woman is 1 3/8" tall. Size end to end including chaining is 6". These are deeply carved and extremely well made. Overall condition is excellent. No dents or dings. No damage or repair. Lovely example of vintage Peruvian for your collection.
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Pre 1940 Art Deco 14″ Jardiniere Base Robinson Ransbottom Roseville RRP CO Art Pottery Pre War Ceramic Vase Stoneware Decorative Vintage
This is a 14"tall sized pre war RRPC Robinson Rambottom art pottery jardiniere base in solid white with pretty raised light blue flowers amid brown branches, Top measures 6" across and graduates to 8" across the bottom. Overall it is in excellent condition having only a small amount of glaze wear on the bottom rim underneath where it is not visible when standing. This is only about an inch and a half and it only pertains to the outer glaze. It is from an estate where it sat around for many decades and could use a washing. The pottery itself is not chipped or cracked. No breaks, glue, repair or color touchups. All original. Any white vintage RRPC, McCoy, or any other vintage white pottery bowl will look good on top. These bases are also great for flipping and flower stuffing for holiday tables, special occasions and foyer entrances.
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Vintage Mid Century Sterling Lamb Pin Brooch Deeply Carved Detailed Adorable Sheep Maker Marked Punch Mark
1950s Sterling Silver Lamb, thick, solid Marked Sterling with punch mark to back of leg and maker mark above the sterling mark 1 5/8" tall north to west by 1 1/8" wide across body east to west Excellent condition This is a vintage 1950s mid century sterling silver lamb pin. Back is marked sterling with a maker mark and a punch mark to the back of the next leg. It is well made with thick (can't band) sterling silver), deep fancy carving for the wooly fur and deep set eyes with a very, very cute face. All original. No damage or repair. Excellent overall.
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Vintage 1950s 1960s Italian Murano Eye of Millefiori Art Glass Necklace Unusual White Hand Painted Venetian 8-9mm Mid Century
Vintage 1950s 1960s Italian Art Glass Beaded Necklace 8mm and 9mm Hand Made 18" long Multi Color with Smokey White Base Hand Enameled Excellent Condition. No Damage or Repair. Well made, unusual color
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Antique 1915 German Half Mark 900 Silver Coin Ring Edwardian Era Size 7 1/2 Mens Womens 7.5, Deutsche Pre Euro
Antique 1915 1/2 Mark German Coin Ring, Deutsche mark, Pre Euro 900 Silver, Coin Silver Ring Size 7 1/2 Mens, Womens Still has age patina on edges Excellent condition. No repair or resize. Never monogrammed.
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Jenna Nicole Wide Rhinestone Ring Band Size 9 Cigar Band Bright Clean Simulated Diamonds Rhienstones
Jenna Nicole Wide Ring Band Solid sterling silver Ring Size 9 Top is 1/2" wide north to south Bottom is 3/16" wide. Excellent condition. No damage or repair. All stones bright white, evenly matched and clean. Few minor age scratches bottom only. All sterling still bright, shiny. Near perfect, Like new. Very thick, solid, strong, well-made
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Wide Sterling Silver Celtic Cigar Band Ring Size 10 1/2 Large Mens Womens 1980s
Vintage 1980s Late Mid Century 7/16" Wide Celtic Cigar Band Ring Mens Womens Ring Size 9 1/2 9.5 925 Solid Sterling Silver Thick, solid, strong, well-made Minor age wear, overall excellent.Still very thick, Not worn down Not freshly polished. **Any marks you may see are old polish.
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Gold on Sterling Silver Onyx Mens Snake Ring Arabic Hebrew in Solid Back Size 11 Extra Large
Vintage gold over sterling silver and onyx mens snake ring in extra large size 11. The underside of the top has either Hebrew or Arabic writing which is cut away from the ring. There is a solid back, not hollowed out. The fancy snake is separately hand applied to the onyx top which measures 3/4" north to south. Inside is marked 925 with maker's mark. Overall condition is excellent. Minimal age wear, light VERY FAINT surface scratches only. No gold wear. All gold. intact. No damage or repair.Well made vintage ring for your collection or gifting.
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