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Vintage Sterling Silver 28mm Malachite Handmade Ring 8 Mens Womens


This is a very large 28mm vintage hand made Southwestern sterling silver ring for men or women. It is marked 925, jeweler tested, and Guaranteed to be solid sterling silver. All handmade, hand cut, hand jointed, and hand soldered. The stone is remarkable. It is a large slab cut with a beautiful mix of green colors, very strong circular banding, and center cut from the eye of the malachite stone. The top of the stone has some average age wear scuffs. They are not deep and don’t detract from the beauty of such a large stone. No cracks, chips, gauges or any other damage. This stone is lovely. Ring size is 8. Weight is 14 grams. The top measures 1 1/8″ long north to south by 7/8″ wide east to west. The sterling band and top are excellent. The back of the setting has a rough edge split where it is fused together by hand along with a couple of very small dings. Strength of setting is not compromised at all. Ring is still quite solid and should last and last. This is a striking malachite ring for anyone who is able to carry large, showy, vintage statement rings. The stone is very large, showy, and noticeable.


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