1930s Art Deco Sewing Pincushion Half Doll
This is a lovely vintage authentic Art Deco porcelain pincushion half doll from an estate. and in original, excellent condition. She sits in her original pin cushion and has her original silk dress. Although she has no cracks or chips or repair she does have 2 very, very tiny surface paint rubs that are only on the surface glaze and easily touched up. One is on the elbow and the other is on the bridge of her nose. Her original dress is silk and has tattered with age. She is decorated with a white molded blouse, black hair and purple feather in front of her hair bun. Size is 5″ tall. The cushion is just about 4″ across. Diagonally across the arm elbows is 3″. This is a lovely Art Deco estate find for your vintage sewing or doll collection. She is completely original.
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1930s Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Cake Pate Tartelet Dessert Server
Vintage Art Deco era Georg Jensen Pyramid sterling silver, 1933-1944 tartelet, pate, tart slice, chunk cake server. Old 1933-1944 JGJ mark. Size is 7 1/2″ long. Never monogrammed or inscribed. It has all over surface age scratches that can be jeweler polished out. No dents or dings or tears or gauges. The Pyramid pattern is still crisp and not worn down. It came from an estate and is a rarer hard to find tartelet server for your sterling silver collection or formal dining table. Never monogrammed or inscribe. Never altered or repaired. Completely original, excellent condition.
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1930s Parker Brothers Jeweled Vacumatic Fountain Pen Set Never Used
From an estate this is a vintage 1930s Parker Brother Vacumatic Fountain Pen and matching Mechanical Pencil Set in black and gold with arrow clip and black jeweled top still in its original box. The box has age fade inside and out. The pen and pencil do not appear to have been used. A gift that was put aside and forgotten about. They are bright and clean like when they were originally made. You can see into the inside of the pen and it also has no sign of usage. Looks like it should be in excellent working order. When you pump the plunger with the cap on you can feel the pressure build up so the diaphragm is still intact and free of leaks. Upon examination you can see that it never had any ink. The pencil still has lead and works freely and easily. Size of pen is 4 5/8" long. The pencil is also 4 5/8" long.The pen has a jeweled sapphire on the arrow clip. They also have multi shades of gold, brown, and black circular striping.In beautiful condition this is a lovely, desirable, vacumatic Parker Fountain pen set for your collection. Very hard to find these never having been used!!
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1930s Sterling Silver Marcasite Enameled Flower Ivory Brooch Germany
gorgeous, fancy, showy, 1930s- early1940s estate bloomed rose, very deep carved, flower pin brooch in original, excellent condition. It is marked Sterling, Germany and is also tested and guaranteed to be solid sterling silver. It has a stunning, carved, dyed pink to white, blooming rose made of natural material, bone or other. Additionally, it is decorated with original faceted marcasites and large, deeply, recessed enameled green to aqua leaves. Absolutely beautiful color, crafting and depth of presence on this brooch. Size is large at 2 3/4” tall north to south by 1 7/8” wide across the center east to west, leaf point to leaf point. Depth/height of the carved bloomed rose is 1/2” and highly noticeable. Weight is 18.8 grams. Other than a little minor wear directly at the tips of some of the leaf points and a small part of the stem it is in beautiful, original, excellent condition. No damage or repair. Never modified or altered in any way. No touch ups. No dents or dings or bends or deep scratches. No wear to the dyed natural material flower. No cracks or chips or flakes. All marcasites are original; no replacements. This is an absolutely wonderful and most unusual example of the 1930s bloomed rose which was very popular in the Art Deco era and often found in bakelite, silver, and all other types of jewelry. A lovely early addition for your vintage jewelry collection!!
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1930s Vintage Art Deco Chunky Deep Carved Chocolate Bakelite Clip For Clothing
1930s Vintage Art Deco Chunky Deep Carved Chocolate Bakelite Clip For Clothing
Art deco chunky 1930s carved bakelite clothing clip. Simichrome tested. Guaranteed old estate bakelite. Chocolate brown color. Well made. Thick. Deeply evenly carved. 1 5/8" long by 1 1/8" wide by 1/2" deep, thick not including the metal clip. Other than a little minor wear to the metal clip it is excellent condition. No chips, cracks, deep scratches. Lovely estate oldie for your collection.  
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1930s Walt Disney Ent Handkerchiefs Pluto Snow White
1930s Walt Disney Ent Handkerchiefs Pluto Snow White Estate Find. Original 1930s Walt Disney Enterprises first Pluto and Snow White Hankies. A great find for your Original Disney Collection! Please see photos and read product description below for further information!
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1940s Art Deco Brass Oilcloth First Step Baby Savings Book Bank
Made of solid brass and from an estate this is a vintage early mid century brass and oil cloth First Steps Call for Savings Book Bank with a picture of 2 babies on the fronts and a border of childrens toys. Brass end caps are intact and all brass is good. No dents or dings. There is some age wear to the edges and some paint wear in the back. Size is 4 1/4" North to South by 3" wide East to West by 1" deep. The slot is large to take both coins and bills. A lovely baby starter bank book promotional bank novelty item from the 1940s Art Deco era for your bank collection.
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1940s Art Deco Corde Lucite Handbag
1940s Art Deco Jack Frost Corde Lucite Handbag Estate Find  Has its Original Genuine Corde Label Material: Genuine. Real Corde, Reverse Carved Lucite Clasp Color: very dark chocolate brown Oversized Handbag Clutch Measurements: 15.25 inches by 7.5 inches Condition: Excellent inside and outside. Underneath the lucite is a metal catch which is rusted. Small area that could be cleaned. This bag has been in the same home since 1940s. No holes, no tears, no repairs. All original. Please click ad to see photos, price and more information. Feel free to email using the contact us at the top of this page if you have any questions.
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1940s Art Deco Movable Wheels Sterling Silver Roadster Charm
1940s Art Deco Movable Wheels Sterling Silver Roadster Charm
This is a late Art Deco sterling silver roadster charm with movable wheels. It came from a 1930s charm bracelet that held 1930s and 1940s charms. Marked sterling and guaranteed to be old. It is nicely made with a good detail and strong casting. Made of thick, "can't bend it" sterling silver. Weight is heavy at 5.9 grams. Condition is excellent. Surface age wear. Wheels move freely and easily. Size is 1" bale to trunk by 1/4" tall. Width is just about 1/2". This is a lovely charm for your antique Art Deco collection or bracelet.
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1940s Art Deco Retro Heavy Rhinestone Pin
ESTATE FIND FOR YOUR ANTIQUE AND VINTAGE JEWELRY COLLECTION! 1940s Art Deco Retro Handmade Pin Made the old way in several separately hand applied parts. Gold plated and early pot metal. Rhinestones and Purple Red Austrian Crystals. Normal age wear: Light faint wear to the back. Some surface scratches on the front. Bright crisp rhinestones and nice early European cut Austrian Crystals. Size is 3 3/4" by 2 7/16". Please see photos and read full product information for more details.
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1940s NASB Nancy Ann Storybook Doll w Box 113 Papers
1940s NASB Nancy Ann Storybook Doll w Box 113 and Original Paperwork. Doll is marked USA Story Book Dolls. She is stiff bisque with jointed hard plastic arms; 1940s transitional. Original owner confused her dolls with their boxes so the doll is likely a different name than the box states. Body, head, wig, face, clothes, hat are all excellent. Dress is pale yellow decorated with red and blue flowers with matching blue pique trim and matching blue at. Overall excellent condition. Box has some age wear.
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1950 Mexican Sterling Silver Amethyst Box Pillbox Old Eagle Mark
1950 Mexican Sterling Silver Amethyst Box Pillbox Old Eagle Mark - Gorgeous, beautifully jeweled vintage 1950s, older hallmarks, Mexican Sterling Silver Hinged Pillbox. The amethyst has much, much better purple color than the photo could capture. It has #3 eagle marking along with JS maker mark and is all handmade, strong and very well made. After all these years it has still held its form perfectly, still has a strong hinge and open and closes easily. You can actually hear the loud snap when it is closed so you know it is locked securely and won't open. It was never monogrammed or inscribed. Overall condition is excellent. No dents or dings to the sterling silver silver. No chips or cracks to the large 20mm natural hand cut cabochon amethyst stone. The stone has a noticeable purple color. The top edge of the stone has some age abrasions but other than this it is fine. It is bezel set and finished with a twisted silver application around the perimeter of the bezel. Size from top of cabochon to bottom of box is 3/4" tall. Left to right east to west measures 1 1/4" long. Width/depth measures 1" front to back. Not easy to find original, older mid century jeweled Mexican Sterling Silver items this is a lovely box for your collection.
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1950 Occupied Japan Doll Child Miniature Tea Set
This is a vintage miniature child's or dollhouse Occupied Japan floral partial teaset with tray. The tray is marked Occupied Japan while the rest is marked Japan. All have the same red ink in their markings. The pot has blue flowers on the front. Size of tray is 3" long. The teapot is 1" tall. The sugar and creamer are just about 7/8" tall. The cup is 1/2" tall. A lovely old set for your miniature collection. From WIKI: America occupied Japan from August 1945 until April 28, 1952. Not all products made in Japan between 1946 and April 1952 are marked "Made in Occupied Japan" or "Occupied Japan." Some pieces simply were marked "Japan" or "Made in Japan."
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1950s Engel Bro Sterling Silver Festoon Necklace
Authentic Estate Jewelry. A vintage 1950s signed/hallmarked Engel Bro Sterling Silver Festoon Necklace in a wide 14.5 inch choker size in original, excellent condition! Having its original thick, sterling silver snake chain and studded with all of its original rhinestones this is a lovely vintage statement necklace for your collection! Please view the photos and read the product description below for further detail and information!
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1950s Vintage Western Southwestern Cowboy Charm Bracelet
Vintage 50s Western/Southwestern metal cowboy charm bracelet. Large ring connectors and large heavy cast charms that look like nickel. Size is 7" long end to end with the clasp closed. Width is 1" across on the horse. A little shorter on the other charms. Light age wear. Gently used condition. No dents or damage or repair. Charms as follows: cowboy hat, saddle, horse, sherrif badge, sherrif gun and hat, and cowboy on a bronco. Lovely Western bracelet for your collection.
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1960 Mid Century Asta Stromberg Rune Strand Fish Net Vase
1960 Mid Century Asta Stromberg Rune Strand Fish Net Vase - 1960 Mid Century Asta Stromberg Rune Strand Fish Net Vase Scandinavian Swedish Modern Glass Strombergshytten Rare and Hard to Find this particular type of cutting on mid century Scandinavian Art Glass which was developed by Rune Strand in 1960. Sometimes referred to by collectors as "Breaking The Glass" Rune Strand, who is one of the most popular and renowned glass engravers of the mid 20th century. Rune worked for several major glass houses and was the collaboration with Asta Stromberg he was the first to introduce this method of glass cutting and engraving which utilized metal tools on the glass rather than dental tools. It was this technique that became known as "breaking the glass" whereby the finished engraved fish in the net look like many pieces of sparkly broken glass within the vase but are actually cut and engraved from the outside of the vase. This piece is marked Strombershytten, B/006/1047/2 A. Stromberg, R. Strand/RS. It has a noticeable mercury blue color with a beautifully sculptured interior. Size is just about 7" tall north to south by 4 1/8" wide east to west across the center of the body. Depth front to back is just about 2" deep. The engraved fishnet with clam/fish "broken glass" accent goes down the front and wraps around the side and continues up the back to the top edge. So, it is visually seen in its entirety no matter which way the vase is position. Overall condition is excellent. No cracks or chips or flakes. No alteration or repair. Completely original.
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1967 Vintage 14k Gold 32 Inch Garnet Slide Tassel Necklace 37.4gr
1960s 14k Gold Garnet Slide Tassel Necklace 37.4g
Gorgeous, chunky and impressive with natural pyrope garnet and black enamel work this is a stunning 1960s 14k Gold Garnet Slide Tassel Necklace 37.4g !! Please view the photos and read the product description below.
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1960s 1970s Vintage Brown Black Tiger Eye Art Glass Rhinestones Pearls Brooch Pin Large Florenza
1960s 1970s Vintage Brown Black Tiger Eye Art Glass Rhinestones Pearls Brooch Pin Large Florenza -  From an old jewelry store estate this is a gorgeous Never Used unmarked mid century Florenza brown black tiger eye art glass cabochon brooch with a strong antique finish to the heavy gold plating. It also has faux pearls and faux pink sapphire color rhinestones. As many collectors of these old Florenza and Goldette pieces know oftentimes it is either unmarked or the marking is more often underneath that thick gold finish. They were so heavily plated that oftentimes the markings were covered with gold. Florenza was well known for its mid century cameo and art glass jewelry. This piece has very fancy filigree with tiny cut work on the gold edges. Very intricate and well detailed. The art glass cabochon center is a 25.4mm large oval bubble with open back and strong color. This was an old store sample and has no wear to the gold, no chips or abrasions to the stone, beautiful condition. Very clear, clean, crisp, sparkly rhinestones. No filigree damage etc…. The faux pearls are 2mm and the 2 rhinestone accents are about 4mm each. Size of brooch north to south is 2 1/4″ north south by 2 1/8″ east west. Locking clasp is strong and works well. This is a gorgeous beautiful condition never used old store example of vintage Florenza cameo jewelry for your collection. “The History of the Florenza Jewelry Company” by Preston Reuther Spotting Florenza Jewelry One of the easiest ways of spotting Florenza jewelry is to look for the trademark stamp on the jewelry piece. Most of the jewelry they produced has the word Florenza in script or print followed by the copyright mark. Some of the pieces will have the name Florenza in script and circled while other will have the name printed within a square or rectangle. The actual location of the mark depended on the size of the jewelry as well as its design. However, Kasoff started using the mark only after he discovered that he could claim original design rights. This means that some of the original Kasoff designed jewelry are not marked with the Florenza name but are still prized by collectors because of the intricate and high quality design and finish. Another reason why some of the Florenza jewelry pieces do not have the mark is because they are part of a set. In such cases, only the bracelet or necklace was stamped with the mark and not the earring or the stud. Apart from this, some of the jewelry produced by Kasoff was not marked for unknown reasons. Some collectors speculate that particular designs were purchased totally by a specific wholesaler who marketed it under their own brand name. As a rule Florenza jewelry have most of the features described here. Most Florenza jewelry had stones set in Tiffany style.This means that there will be multiple faux prongs or clasps surrounding the stones. Moreover, the unsigned pieces should have the same texture, clasps, links, and clips as found in the signed pieces.

buy provigil in india While many costume jewelry manufacturers used some of the same techniques, if you find an unsigned piece that closely resembles the signed Florenza lines, then it is more likely to be a Florenza original.

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