1920s Edwardian Art Deco 14K Gold Fancy Filigree Amethyst Ring
      Antique Edwardian 14K White Gold Amethyst Fancy Filigree Estate Ring Large 16mm amethyst with strong purple color 7 Carats Gemstone Weight 4 grams Size 4.5 and able to be resized by any jeweler Fancy open work and millgrain work, beautiful 1920s late Edwardian fancy gemstone ring The bezel has one bend from the setting. Other than this it is in excellent condition. No breaks to the filigree. No repair. No stone damage. A gorgeous estate ring for your antique jewelry collection.       p
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1920s Hand Chased Ellmore Sterling Silver Tea Set Service Teaset Large
1920s Hand Chased Ellmore Sterling Silver Tea Set Service Teaset Large - This is a fancy, ornately hand chased, early Art Deco 1920s, sterling silver tea service in a large size made by Ellmore. All 3 pieces are marked sterling, numbered #7185, and marked Ellmore with original hallmark. It has a fancy script monogram in the center cartouche on one side. All pieces are in excellent, well maintained condition. From the estate of original owner's family it is completely original. Never altered or modified in any way. Other than very minor light surface age wear it is in Excellent Overall Condition. No damage or repair. All 3 pieces sit flat on the table having No wobble. There are no dents, dings, deep scratches, tears, or gauges. Tops fits well and handles are strong. It is clean but could use a fresh polishing. The creamer is a large double size which measures 7" tall by 5" wide across the top from handle to spout. The sugar is also a large double size measuring 8" tall by 6.5" wide handle to handle. The teapot measures measures a full 12" tall by 10" wide spout to handle. Weight is heavy at 60.62 troy ounces or 1,715.7 grams. This is a gorgeous, original tea service for your formal dining table which should accommodate servicing for 12. It is thick, solid, strong, durable sterling silver and very, very well-made!!
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1923 Art Deco LV Aronson Christian Wall Plaque Grp
Full Group of 3 antique Art Deco Christian Catholic Sacred Heart of Jesus, Mary, and Our Lady of Sorrows church wall hanging pendant fixtures or plaques. One is marked L.V. Aronson. One is marked USA. One has no visible mark. Possibly underneath the silver. Heavy dark metal with silver gilt finish. Quite heavy and does not stick to magnet. Could be silver over bronze. Other than the age wear they are in excellent condition. No dents or dings or repair. Originally made for a church that is no longer operational. Unknown how many sets actually exist. A complete group of 3 from a 1920s church that closed many decades ago.
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1930 Art Deco 14K Gold Diamond Eternity Ring Band Stacker Stacking
1930 Art Deco 14K Gold Diamond Eternity Ring Band Stacker Stacking - Antique and Vintage Estate Jewelry in completely original, excellent condition. This is a gorgeous early transitional Edwardian to 1930 Art Deco diamond ring band in solid 14K gold. Top is 14k white gold. Band is 14K yellow gold. It is jeweler tested and guaranteed solid 14K gold with all of its original, early single cut stones intact. No mark so you know it is an early one. The stones are natural mined diamonds that were never enhanced, irradiated etc....all natural from the earth. They are set into bezels that have open slits at top, sides, and bottom for light. This is an early transitional setting prior to individually prong set stones and after the turn of the century full bezel set stones. Nice early setting and looks very pretty with the yellow white gold mix. Ring Size: 8 1/2 . (Unusual to find these early rings in this larger size; usually they are very small) Weight: 2.7 grams Total Carat Diamond Weight: .5 Carat  Early Single Cuts Width Across: 3.2mm Condition: Completely original, excellent. No damage or repair. Never altered or modified. No wearing down of the gold. All good stones. Entire band is still very thick, solid, and strong. Able to be worn daily. Lovely eternity ring band or stacker.
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Vintage Art Deco 18k White Gold .52 Ct Diamond Sapphire Fancy Filigree Ring Size 5.75
1930 Art Deco 18k White Gold Diamond Sapphire Ring
Absolutely gorgeous 1930 Art Deco 18k White Gold Diamond Sapphire Ring Estate Find. The top holds a wonderful, high quality, early brilliant cut natural diamond with lots of sparkle. Super eye clean, high grade VS2/SI1 (very slightly imperfect) diamond flanked by it original, hard to find, tiny triangular cut sapphires. Total carat gemstone weight is .52 carat. Please click to see all photos and read the ad description for total specifications. A gorgeous early Art Deco find for your collection!
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1930s Art Deco 12K Gold Filled Onyx Spiral Ring In Original Box 6,7 Adjustable
Sorry for the photo reflection......No wear to gold filled. In excellent condition with all gold filled is intact and polishes up beautifully. Any marks you may see are from photo reflection......This is a vintage 1930s Art Deco rose gold and yellow gold filled tall spiral onyx estate ring in its original box. It is marked 12K Gold Filled on the shank. The box is marked Harry Bradshaw, College Jeweler, Newark, NJ. It is from an estate and was kept in Excellent Condition. Gently used. No wear to the gold. No damage or repair. Good onyx stone. No cracks or chips. It is very well made with an adjustable band. Great for anyone who enjoys antique jewelry but has larger knuckles or occasional swelling. Ring size is 6 with the band completely closed but it can be pulled open to a 7 or a little larger. The band is still thick and strong; not worn down. Height is 7/16". The geometrical rose gold top "Art Deco" and is quite showy. This is a lovely older Art Deco statement ring for your jewelry collection.
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1930s Art Deco Applejuice Glitter Chocolate Brown 2 Color Bakelite Buttons Stardust Sparkle
1930s Art Deco Applejuice Glitter Chocolate Brown 2 Color Bakelite Buttons Stardust Sparkle
Pair of vintage 2 color sparkle stardust confetti glitter bakelite buttons. Simichrome tested and guaranteed old art deco bakelite. Apple juice gold and very dark cocoa brown large coat size 1 3/8" by 7/8" by 3/8" thick these look okay but would look much better if polished. Backs are worn, scratched. Front centers have light spots. One button has a rough edge chip in the back. Very hard to find 2 tone glitter bakelite buttons for your collection or convert into jewelry.
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1930s Art Deco Carved Cherry Red Bakelite Fur Dress Coat Lapel Clip
1930s Art Deco Carved Cherry Red Bakelite Fur Dress Coat Lapel Clip
Art deco chunky 1930s carved bakelite clothing clip. Simichrome tested. Guaranteed old estate bakelite. Cherry red color. Well Made. Thick. Deeply Evenly Carved. 1 5/8" long by 11/16" wide by 1/4" deep not including the metal clip. Other than some wear to the metal clip it is excellent condition. No chips, cracks, deep scratches. Nice estate oldie for your collection.
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Vintage 1930s Art Deco Cufflinks With Fancy 14k White And Yellow Gold And Diamonds
1930s Art Deco Fancy 14k Gold Diamonds Mens Cufflinks
This is a pair of vintage 1930s Art Deco 14K yellow gold fancy mens cufflinks with diamond and fancy script monogram, CM. They have a worn marking on the figure 8 connector. Tested and Guaranteed to be solid 14K gold….not plated or filled. The backs are yellow gold. The tops are white gold. They have an intricately engraved fancy engraved work and tiny millgrain beaded work on the edges. There are 2 diamonds with a total combined carat weight of .08 carat. The diamonds are the original natural mine diamonds, SI1 clarity with G/H color. Very clean, clear, bright and sparkly. Weight is 5.3 grams. Size of each link is 11/16" by 1/2". Condition is extremely excellent; No damage or repair. All of the engraved work is still deep and crisp. This is a beautiful addition for your collection.
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1930s Art Deco Germany Sterling Silver Marcasite Enamel Carved Ivory Brooch Enameled
This is a gorgeous, fancy, showy, 1930s to early1940s Art Deco estate bloomed rose, very deep carved ivory flower pin brooch in sterling silver with original faceted marcasites. It is in completely original, excellent condition. It is marked Sterling, Germany and is also tested and guaranteed to be solid sterling silver. It has a stunning, carved, dyed pink to white, blooming rose made of natural material, bone or other. Additionally, it is decorated with original faceted marcasites and large, deeply, recessed enameled green to aqua leaves. Absolutely beautiful color, crafting and depth of presence on this brooch. Size is large at 2 3/4” tall north to south by 1 7/8” wide across the center east to west, leaf point to leaf point. Depth/height of the carved bloomed rose is 1/2” and highly noticeable. Weight is 18.8 grams. Other than a little minor wear directly at the tips of some of the leaf points and a small part of the stem it is in beautiful, original, excellent condition. No damage or repair. Never modified or altered in any way. No touch ups. No dents or dings or bends or deep scratches. No wear to the dyed natural material flower. No cracks or chips or flakes. All marcasites are original; no replacements. This is an absolutely wonderful and most unusual example of the 1930s bloomed rose which was very popular in the Art Deco era and often found in bakelite, silver, and all other types of jewelry. A lovely early addition for your vintage jewelry collection!!
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1930s Art Deco Sewing Pincushion Half Doll
This is a lovely vintage authentic Art Deco porcelain pincushion half doll from an estate. and in original, excellent condition. She sits in her original pin cushion and has her original silk dress. Although she has no cracks or chips or repair she does have 2 very, very tiny surface paint rubs that are only on the surface glaze and easily touched up. One is on the elbow and the other is on the bridge of her nose. Her original dress is silk and has tattered with age. She is decorated with a white molded blouse, black hair and purple feather in front of her hair bun. Size is 5″ tall. The cushion is just about 4″ across. Diagonally across the arm elbows is 3″. This is a lovely Art Deco estate find for your vintage sewing or doll collection. She is completely original.
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1930s Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Cake Pate Tartelet Dessert Server
Vintage Art Deco era Georg Jensen Pyramid sterling silver, 1933-1944 tartelet, pate, tart slice, chunk cake server. Old 1933-1944 JGJ mark. Size is 7 1/2″ long. Never monogrammed or inscribed. It has all over surface age scratches that can be jeweler polished out. No dents or dings or tears or gauges. The Pyramid pattern is still crisp and not worn down. It came from an estate and is a rarer hard to find tartelet server for your sterling silver collection or formal dining table. Never monogrammed or inscribe. Never altered or repaired. Completely original, excellent condition.
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1930s Parker Brothers Jeweled Vacumatic Fountain Pen Set Never Used
From an estate this is a vintage 1930s Parker Brother Vacumatic Fountain Pen and matching Mechanical Pencil Set in black and gold with arrow clip and black jeweled top still in its original box. The box has age fade inside and out. The pen and pencil do not appear to have been used. A gift that was put aside and forgotten about. They are bright and clean like when they were originally made. You can see into the inside of the pen and it also has no sign of usage. Looks like it should be in excellent working order. When you pump the plunger with the cap on you can feel the pressure build up so the diaphragm is still intact and free of leaks. Upon examination you can see that it never had any ink. The pencil still has lead and works freely and easily. Size of pen is 4 5/8" long. The pencil is also 4 5/8" long.The pen has a jeweled sapphire on the arrow clip. They also have multi shades of gold, brown, and black circular striping.In beautiful condition this is a lovely, desirable, vacumatic Parker Fountain pen set for your collection. Very hard to find these never having been used!!
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1930s Vintage Art Deco Chunky Deep Carved Chocolate Bakelite Clip For Clothing
1930s Vintage Art Deco Chunky Deep Carved Chocolate Bakelite Clip For Clothing
Art deco chunky 1930s carved bakelite clothing clip. Simichrome tested. Guaranteed old estate bakelite. Chocolate brown color. Well made. Thick. Deeply evenly carved. 1 5/8" long by 1 1/8" wide by 1/2" deep, thick not including the metal clip. Other than a little minor wear to the metal clip it is excellent condition. No chips, cracks, deep scratches. Lovely estate oldie for your collection.  
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1930s Walt Disney Ent Handkerchiefs Pluto Snow White
1930s Walt Disney Ent Handkerchiefs Pluto Snow White Estate Find. Original 1930s Walt Disney Enterprises first Pluto and Snow White Hankies. A great find for your Original Disney Collection! Please see photos and read product description below for further information!
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1940s Art Deco Brass Oilcloth First Step Baby Savings Book Bank
Made of solid brass and from an estate this is a vintage early mid century brass and oil cloth First Steps Call for Savings Book Bank with a picture of 2 babies on the fronts and a border of childrens toys. Brass end caps are intact and all brass is good. No dents or dings. There is some age wear to the edges and some paint wear in the back. Size is 4 1/4" North to South by 3" wide East to West by 1" deep. The slot is large to take both coins and bills. A lovely baby starter bank book promotional bank novelty item from the 1940s Art Deco era for your bank collection.
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1940s Art Deco Corde Lucite Handbag
1940s Art Deco Jack Frost Corde Lucite Handbag Estate Find  Has its Original Genuine Corde Label Material: Genuine. Real Corde, Reverse Carved Lucite Clasp Color: very dark chocolate brown Oversized Handbag Clutch Measurements: 15.25 inches by 7.5 inches Condition: Excellent inside and outside. Underneath the lucite is a metal catch which is rusted. Small area that could be cleaned. This bag has been in the same home since 1940s. No holes, no tears, no repairs. All original. Please click ad to see photos, price and more information. Feel free to email using the contact us at the top of this page if you have any questions.
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1940s Art Deco Movable Wheels Sterling Silver Roadster Charm
1940s Art Deco Movable Wheels Sterling Silver Roadster Charm
This is a late Art Deco sterling silver roadster charm with movable wheels. It came from a 1930s charm bracelet that held 1930s and 1940s charms. Marked sterling and guaranteed to be old. It is nicely made with a good detail and strong casting. Made of thick, "can't bend it" sterling silver. Weight is heavy at 5.9 grams. Condition is excellent. Surface age wear. Wheels move freely and easily. Size is 1" bale to trunk by 1/4" tall. Width is just about 1/2". This is a lovely charm for your antique Art Deco collection or bracelet.
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