Native American Navajo Yellow Horse Sterling Silver Thunderbird Pendant Necklace
(SOLD) Native American Artie Yellowhorse Sterling Silver Turquoise Pendant Necklace
(SOLD) This is a Native American signed Artie Yellowhorse sterling silver and Morenci turquoise eagle pendant necklace in excellent condition. The pendant is marked Sterling Yellowhorse. The chain is not sterling silver. The Morenci turquoise stone is all natural, not treated, well grained, has visible silver pyrite under the grain (eye visible on the side and more loupe visible on the top) and measures 17.4mm north to south. Pendant measures 2 3/16″ tall North to South by just about 1″ wide across East to West shoulder to shoulder across the feathers. Total weight is 20.9 grams. Weight of just the pendant is 12.3 grams. The chain is a thick, full 1mm curb link that is solid and very well made. It easily holds this pendant and can be used to hold any heavy pendant you may have. It measures 16 3/4″ long. It is beautifully detailed with deep, crisp recesses and quality hand crafting by a very well known Native American Navajo artist. In excellent condition and free of any damage or repair this is a gorgeous showy Artie Yellowhorse statement piece for your Native American jewelry collection.
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(SOLD)*** Chunky Vintage Sterling Silver Italian Murano Glass Heart Charm Bracelet
This is a showy vintage Italy sterling silver puffy heart and Murano glass charm bracelet in excellent condition. It is marked Italy, 925 and also has maker marks/hallmarks. It is thick and very well made; fine quality. Each circle link is 3/8" wide and thick. The lobster clasp is large with oversized connectors. The puffy heart charms are blown out on both sides and have noticeable colors. The Murano swirl glass balls are all HAND MADE in beautiful shades of green malachite, amber gold, purple amethyst and deep rose red. Bracelet size is 7 5/8" long by 1" wide. Weight is 44.6 grams. This is a beautiful chunky Murano bracelet for your collection.
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(SOLD)**** Vintage Sterling Silver Double Link Teddy Bear Charm Bracelet
This is a vintage 1980s double link sterling silver teddy bear charm bracelet in excellent, no damage, no repair condition. It is marked ER Sterling with a 1980s Pat# 4697315. Size is 7 5/8" long end to end by 5/16" wide across the links. Weight is 14.1 grams. The teddy bear is chunky and measures 1" tall North to South by 1/2" wide East to West. Photos are magnified for detail. In great condition with a strong secure locking clasp and still bright and shiny this is a lovely, vintage charm bracelet for your charm collection.
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*** (SOLD) *** Large Antique Victorian Hand Chased Silver Bird Locket Pendant
*** (SOLD) *** This is a large antique 1880s period locket pendant which is deeply recessed inside on both sides and has a gorgeous hand chased front with an etched bird on a tree in the hillside. It is made of silver metal alloy, not sterling silver and is able to be worn on either side as both are fully decorated. The back has very detailed fanciful flowers and leaves with a scalloped wreath and antique millgrain beaded border. If you look closely you will see that the flowers rest in an urn the top of which is carved for a cartouche which was never monogrammed or inscribed. This locket is quite thick measuring 5/16" wide on the outside in a closed position. The inside of the locket has large hand cut silver metal stars that are hand applied, one on each side. Size of locket is 2" tall, north to south including the tiny loop at the top. Width is 1 5/16" across the center east to west. Depth is 5/16". Like many Victorian jewelry pieces it has an old, old silver repair at the top loop which is strong and secure. It also has a couple of very tiny dings on the bird side. The fancy floral side is excellent. The lock works well and the locket stays closed. This is a beautifully decorated antique Victorian locket for your collection. It is also well made, thick and strong and able to be used regularly.
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***(SOLD)*** 1960 Mid Century Asta Stromberg Rune Strand Fish Net Vase
***(SOLD)*** 1960 Mid Century Asta Stromberg Rune Strand Fish Net Vase - 1960 Mid Century Asta Stromberg Rune Strand Fish Net Vase Scandinavian Swedish Modern Glass Strombergshytten Rare and Hard to Find this particular type of cutting on mid century Scandinavian Art Glass which was developed by Rune Strand in 1960. Sometimes referred to by collectors as "Breaking The Glass" Rune Strand, who is one of the most popular and renowned glass engravers of the mid 20th century. Rune worked for several major glass houses and was the collaboration with Asta Stromberg he was the first to introduce this method of glass cutting and engraving which utilized metal tools on the glass rather than dental tools. It was this technique that became known as "breaking the glass" whereby the finished engraved fish in the net look like many pieces of sparkly broken glass within the vase but are actually cut and engraved from the outside of the vase. This piece is marked Strombershytten, B/006/1047/2 A. Stromberg, R. Strand/RS. It has a noticeable mercury blue color with a beautifully sculptured interior. Size is just about 7" tall north to south by 4 1/8" wide east to west across the center of the body. Depth front to back is just about 2" deep. The engraved fishnet with clam/fish "broken glass" accent goes down the front and wraps around the side and continues up the back to the top edge. So, it is visually seen in its entirety no matter which way the vase is position. Overall condition is excellent. No cracks or chips or flakes. No alteration or repair. Completely original.
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***(SOLD)*** 1972 Franklin Mint Sterling Silver Coin Presidential Journey Russia MIB
***(SOLD)*** 1972 Franklin Mint Sterling Silver Coin Presidential Journey Russia MIB Estate Item in mint in box, never used condition. Original holder, cover, box and numbered certificate of authenticity is intact. Outer box has some age wear. #08756 Please see photos and read product description for more information.
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***(SOLD)*** Antique GF Waltham Hunter Case Pocketwatch Necklace Working
***(SOLD)*** Antique GF Waltham Hunter Case Pocketwatch Necklace Working Maker: American Waltham Age: Pat Dec. '78 Original, excellent, working condition. Metal: Gold Filled/Gold Plate 25 year case. All gold intact. Pocketwatch chain hook necklace is a 1960s vintage gold plated addition and has some age wear. Size: 32.75 inches. Watch is 2 inches tall North to South including the swivel bail. Watch width across the center east to west is 1.37 inches Condition: Excellent, No gold wear to the pocketwatch. All gold filled/plating intact. No wear to face or inside. Good crystal. Back of case has one tiny ding. Front has a fancy cartouche with small JP script monogram.
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***(SOLD)*** Antique Israel Zakhoder 1892 Russian Silver Kiddish Cup
***(SOLD)*** This is an Antique Israel Zakhoder 1892 Russian Silver Kiddish Cup from an estate and in excellent, gently used condition. It is dated 1892 with Russian 84 silver hallmarks and silversmith/maker hallmark for Eseevich Zakjoder who was a well known silver maker in Moscow in 1892. Please read product description below for further information. This is a beautiful well preserved antique Kiddush Cup for your antique Russian, Victorian Era silver collection! Or use as a very special gift from long ago for your next Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitvah!
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***(SOLD)*** Art Deco Gold Filled PocketWatch Chain Fob Necklace Pocket Watch
***(SOLD)*** Art Deco Gold Filled PocketWatch Chain Fob Necklace Pocket Watch - Marked 1/10 14KT with old maker marking. It is a fancy gold filled 1930s Art Deco estate pocket watch chain for men or women or for an antique fob necklace. Composed of long rectangular chaining and having its original bolt clasp ring at one end and watch swivel hook at the other end it has a beautiful Art Deco look. The rectangles are well decorated with Art Deco geometric squares and have separately hand applied fancy cut gold frames around each rectangle. Size is 13.25" long by 3/16" wide. Other than some minor age bends on a couple of outer edge frames it is in excellent overall condition. No gold wear. All gold intact. No dents or dings. No repair and never altered. Completely original from the estate. If you have a larger neck you will need to add chain at the end for use as a fob necklace. Great for mens or womens pocketwatches and having no gold wear this is a beautiful watch chain for any fob or antique jewelry collection.
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***(SOLD)*** Les Bernard Long Vintage Bakelite Shoulder Duster Earrings Pierced

This is a pair of vintage runway size couture 1970s Les Bernard long shoulder duster carved bakelite leaf earrings in mottled green. They originally were sold to jewelers in groups in clear bags with gold Les Bernard Inc logos on the bags. The bakelite has been simichrome tested and is guaranteed to be true bakelite. Size of each earring is 3 1/4” from top of hook to bottom of leaf. Each earrings has its own characteristics as they are cut, carved, and crafted by hand. So you will see slight size, color, and cut variations in each earring. When dangling on the ear or held to light they have strong semi translucence and very deep crisp dark mottling similar to marbled bakelite. Overall condition is excellent. This is a lovely pair of very big, showy, Les Bernard earrings for your vintage bakelite or designer jewelry collection.

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Vintage Retro Art Deco Bubble Glass Washington Dc Mens Cufflinks
***(SOLD)*** Vintage Art Deco Mid Century Bubble Glass Washington DC Cufflinks
***(SOLD)*** This is a pair of early mid century 1950s mens swivel cufflinks with paperweight bubble crystals over enameled/painted tops of the Washington, DC capitol building. Overall, very good to excellent condition. They are completely original and have never been modified, altered or repaired. As you can see in the photos the top crystals and the scene of the capitol are fine. The swivel backs are also fine and swivel quite well but have some age wear. They are from an estate and not freshly polished. The tops measure 5/8″ square. This is a lovely pair of older bubble crystal painted cufflinks for your collection. This is a lovely pair of original vintage bubble glass patriotic cufflinks for your collection or display.
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Vintage Hand Wrought 14k Gold Angelskin Coral Ebony Pearl Ring Size 7.5
***(SOLD)*** Vintage Handwrought 14k Gold Angelskin Black Coral Pearl Brutalist Ring
***(SOLD)*** Vintage Handwrought 14k Gold Angelskin Black Coral Pearl Brutalist Ring - Marked 14K, tested and guaranteed solid 14K yellow gold with its original maker mark as shown in photo. This is a lovely vintage 1970s modernist, handmade, hand wrought brutalist ring in solid 14k Yellow Gold with natural angelskin coral, natural pearls and a natural undyed black coral ball in the center. The black coral is 11m across and has natural inclusions and characteristics and one natural open section that you can see in the photos below. The angelskin coral and pearls are small accents to the large black coral ball. The coral and pearls are set in the brutalist forms that resemble coral branches. Very pretty and very well made. Ring size is 7 1/2. Weight is 5.4 grams. Condition is excellent. This is a beautiful artistic vintage modernist statement ring for your collection.
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***(SOLD)*** Vintage Sterling Silver Mens Thunderbird Eagle Ring 10.5
***(SOLD)*** This is a vintage 925 sterling silver deep carved and hand cut mens or womens Thunderbird eagle Southwestern ring band. It is marked 925 with a maker mark. It is also tested and Guaranteed solid sterling silver. Ring size is 10 1/2. Weight is 8.3 grams. The top is 1/2″ wide. It is late mid century with a very strong vintage modernist hand cut eagle design. Well-detailed and very well made. Other than some minor surface age wear that could be polished out it is in excellent condition. No dents, tears, alteration, repair or deep scratches. The photos are Very enlarged and the tiny nicks you see on the photo are not eye obvious when the ring is on the finger. They are very, very small and confined to the surface only. This is a very vivid, showy eagle statement ring for your Native American and/or Southwestern jewelry collection. It is highly noticeable!
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****(SOLD)**** 14K White Gold Pink Sapphire Eternity Ring Band 6
****(SOLD)**** 14K White Gold Pink Sapphire Eternity Ring Band 6 Metal: Solid 14k white gold Gemstone: Pink Sapphire, Fine quality gem grade Carat Weight: Approximately 1 carat Ring Size: 6 Weight: 2.3 gr Please see photos and read full product description. Feel free to email with any questions. Condition: Gently used, beautiful, crisp, clean condition.
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10 Vintage Bakelite Green Yellow Marbled Jewelry Discs Earrings Bracelet
10 Vintage Bakelite Green Yellow Marbled Jewelry Discs Earrings Bracelet - Group of 10 vintage mid century simichrome tested marbled green and yellow bakelite discs. Guaranteed bakelite. Actual color is matte lime green with yellow marbling. All have their own unique characteristics and are well matched with regard to the color. Size of each disc is 27mm or 1.06 inches across. One side is flat and the other side is rounded. They are old, old jewelry manufacturing supply stock that was never used. Free Shipping!
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10 Vintage Marbled Orange Red Bakelite Jewelry Making Crescents Parts

10 Vintage Marbled Orange Red Bakelite Jewelry Making Crescents Parts -   

This is a group of tested and guaranteed bakelite crescents in marbled burnt orange red color. They are large at 1.18″ size across. Width of bottom of crescent is 1/2" and depth is 7/16". Nice old chunky bakelite. They are from the 1960s to 1970s in excellent, unused condition. Simichrome tested the inside and Guaranteed true bakelite. Old store stock from an establishment in business from the 1960s to 2005 and were stored away for decades. Lovely group of 10 pieces of vintage bakelite for your vintage and recycled jewelry making!

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10k Yellow Gold 4.3 Gr Pearl Diamond Collars Ring 7
10k Gold 4.3Gr Twin Pearl Diamond Collar Ring Size 7
10k Gold 4.3Gr Twin Pearl Diamond Collar Ring Size 7 Gorgeous Showy Chunky Heavy Vintage 10k Gold 4.3 Gr. Ring Size 7 10K Yellow Gold Vintage round cream white cultured Diamonds Accent Collars Please view the photos and read the product description below for further information!
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Vintage Diamond 10k Yellow Gold Sterling Silver Modern Mens Ring Size 11.75
10k Gold Sterling Silver Diamond Mens Ring 11.75
Solid vintage sterling silver and solid 10K yellow gold mens ring with natural mined diamond accents. Marked 10K, 925 SS, and MJN maker mark for the MJ National Jewelry Co., NYC. Weight is 8.8 grams. The very top is measures 5/8" long by 3/8" wide. Ring size is 11 3/4. Please see photos and read product description for more detail.
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