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chatten in hannover We are here with the best vintage jewelry that you can find. Desire antique products and collectibles? Well, Regalities is the one stop for all your vintage needs. We have a wide collection to satisfy your vintage tastes which include exotic jewelry dated back to the vintage era, the ancient art of various types, as well as eye-catching collectibles and beautifully made dolls. We at Regalities, feature pieces that date back to the Edwardian Period, Arts & Crafts, the Mid-Century Period, the Victorian Era, Art Deco and Modernist Period as well.

Magumeri Any and all products of ours are guaranteed to be as stated in the Ads displayed, in every last detail. We are also strictly against the use of Photoshop in our pictures so every piece is placed in front of you complete with any imperfections that it might have. In addition to this, we also pass all our precious metal products through the nitric test. We also carefully evaluate and authenticate our dolls, especially their head features, and any piece that you find on display has sure to have been examined thoroughly for any damages as well as repair.

Anjangaon The question that now arises is the source. Rest assured, for all our products have been bought from either estate sales and markets or from actual auctions and shows that portray rare gems and minerals. In addition to this, our sales have seen a variety of posh avenues too. Up till now, we have sold our collection on the 26th street in New York as well as at Antique trader, Fairleigh Dickinson Doll Show and Collectors United to name a few. On top of all this, we have also been a member at NADDA.

There are many products that you will find on Regalities. One of them is the glamorous Peacock pendant pin. This breathtaking piece has a combination of beautiful Opals with sophisticated Sapphires and bewitching Emerald stones that give this 15-gram pendant pin, an air of royalty. The original piece is hand set with diamonds and has a 14K yellow Gold base that makes this colorful peacock a unique addition to your jewelry box. The piece has never been repaired and is in perfect condition for you to have for your very own. The glamorous peacock in all its beauty sits on a $1200 value, but, the intricate piece itself makes every penny worth it.

You can order this or any other product for the matter, online from us, with shipping in 1-2 business days, once your payment has been received. Understandably, holiday shipment may take longer due to the obvious delays. Also, we offer you the facility to track your order on request, allowing you to follow your package on its journey to you. There may be different places that you can buy antique products. At Regalities, however, we offer you all the pieces in one place. No more searching for authentications for we take care of all these aspects to guarantee your satisfaction. Whatever your antique needs, we are here with a variety of solutions. Have a look at our regal collection. We are sure, you won’t be disappointed.