Vintage 14K Gold Diamond Triple Strand Pearl Bracelet 6mm Pearls


14K Gold Diamond Triple Strand Pearl Bracelet 6m size

Metal: Solid 14K White Gold
Gemstones: Diamonds
Other: Natural Cultured Pearls, Vintage, Original
Size: 7 inches long by 1 inch wide; closed without the tongue of the clasp
Pearl Size: 6-6.5mm each
Weight: 36.8 grams
Condition: Excellent

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Vintage 14K Gold Diamond Triple Strand Pearl Bracelet 6mm Pearls size, natural, original, vintage cultured pearls with original, large, heavy, solid 14K white gold diamond encrusted clasp and solid 14K white gold stays. It is marked, jeweler tested, and Guaranteed to be solid 14K white gold. The clasp is 1 inch by 9/16 inch and 1/4 inch deep. The center is a flower with intricately cut fancy edges and .06 carat embedded into the petals. The pearls are 6-6.5mm each and have very strong cream white color with a hint of rose’ and showy opalescence. Each pearl has its own natural characteristics including some blemished. Not eye obvious when the bracelet is worn on the wrist. They are average to a little above average quality. The clasp is very high quality. Bracelet size is 7.25 inches opened and laid out on a table end to end. With the clasp closed it is 7 inches around. Width across is 1 inch. Weight is 36.8 grams. Condition is excellent. No damage or repair. This is a lovely vintage triple strand pearl bracelet from a 1960s estate for your collection. Big clasp, nice and showy!!

Cultured Pearls Are Not Imitation
Cultured pearls are often thought of as imitation pearls, but the two should not be confused. Cultured pearls are made of the same material as natural pearls and take time to create, up to seven years depending on the type of pearl. Imitation pearls are often made of plastic or glass and can be manufactured quite easily and quickly. Keep this in mind when you are shopping for pearl jewelry.

About Vintage Cultured Pearls:

Cultured pearls are grown under tightly controlled conditions by pearl farmers. Farmers plant a core made up of mussel shell into an oyster or mussel; then the oyster or mussel forms a pearl around this irritant, just as they do when forming natural pearls. Pearl farmers design cultured pearls from start to finish, ensuring they are perfectly shaped and luminous. Once harvested, the pearls are cleaned, and some are treated and bleached before being made into jewelry.

Freshwater and Saltwater Pearls
Both natural and cultured pearls can be freshwater or saltwater pearls. Freshwater pearls are created or occur in mussels, while saltwater pearls are created or occur in oysters.