Upcycled Vintage Italian Murano Fused Glass Beaded Necklace


This is a gorgeous upcycled Italian fused Murano Glass necklace. Minty condition. It contains a 1970s old store stock perfect bright gold plated fancy barrel chain necklace which has deep noticeable recesses in each section of chain. Size is 31″ long. The Murano beads are brilliant and colorful with reds, blacks, blues, greens, yellows, whites etc….All are big showy 12mm size except for the one single bead at the bottom that is 8mm and tapers the necklace to its finished point on the bottom center. Beads are also in beautiful crisp clean no damage condition. At 31″ it hangs very long and there is plenty of chaining if you would like to make it shorter. Also, the beads are strung on a gold rod with finishing connectors and connecting gold beads in case you would like to remove 2 in order to make earrings. Size and versatility and quality vintage goods make this a wonderful addition for your collection!!