Late Art Deco Handmade Italian Glass Micromosaic Bracelet Micro Mosaic


This is a delicate late Art Deco handmade, Italian micro mosaic millefiori bracelet. The mosaic work is still crisp, bright, and colorful – red, blue, green, white etc…very, pretty. It has good quality hand crafting with the mosaic being well matched and evenly applied. There is one very tiny corner edge piece of missing tile; only a couple of mms and not eye noticeable. Other than this it is excellent. Size is just under 8″ long end to end. Width is 5/8″ wide across the elements point to point. It has chain link and can easily be converted to earrings and a lavaliere pendant if you don't want a bracelet. This is a lovely Art Deco artistic micro mosaic bracelet for your collection.

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