Hallmarked Vintage Hand Made 800 Silver Amethyst Cabochon Bracelet


Gorgeous, showy, early modernism, hand made 800 Silver bracelet with very large natural amethyst cabochon stones. It is marked 800 with a maker mark of HH in an octoganal punch mark and an O going through it. It has very thick substantial 800 silver, strong heavy duty bezel connectors, and 2mm thick S forms. The locking clasp is a little tight but works well and is secure. Could be cleaned or polished down to be more flexible. One of the stones has a chip right at the bezel at the point of a natural inclusion. It is from the setting and has been there for many, many years. Other than this the condition is excellent. Size is 7 1/4″ long closed. Width is 7/8″ which is the same size as the amethyst bezels. Weight is 43.3 grams. The amethysts on this bracelet are stunning. They are great big cabs with beautiful purple to white coloring and measure 20mm by 14mm. Each one has a height of 7-8mm. Each one also has lovely color with its own respective internal characteristics. This is an impressive vintage statement bracelet for your antique and hand crafted jewelry collection.

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