Goldette Art Nouveau Lady Slide Bracelet


Old Goldette store stock from the 1960s-70s. Some of these were signed and some had such thick gold plating that the signature is buried underneath the plate and not visible. The ultra rich gold plating makes these last and last decade after decade. Those of you who collect old, mint condition Goldette will recognize this particular Art Nouveau lady slide. It does Not have a visible signature. It is a very heavy gold plated double chain slide bracelet with an Art Nouveau lady centerpiece. Condition is Good as Brand New. Never used. Absolutely no wear at all to the gold. Still very bright and very shiny. Size is 7 1/8″ long end to end laid flat with the clasp end closed. Should fit a small to medium small wrist size easily. Width is wide 7/16″ across the centerpiece. This is a lovely 1970s Goldette slide bracelet for your collection. Goldette used such thick gold plating that it lasts for many decades. Great quality.