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Early Mid Century Long White Angelskin Coral Necklace


This is a late Art Deco to Early Mid Century Long White Angelskin Coral Necklace. Estate jewelry in excellent condition. The beads are natural ocean coral which is difficult to find today due to polluted waters and coral mining restrictions. This one is a beauty! It is 26″ long and has graduated beads that range from 5m to 15m in the center. All of the beads have their own color highlights and individual characteristics. You can tell they are old as they have ivory color that is semi matte or low gloss unlike modern day reconstituted and glass reproductions that are high gloss and don't have a natural internal swirl pattern as you find in these beads. Some of the beads have natural inclusions or grain but no open cracks. Excellent overall condition. Completely original. No alterations restoration or repair. Beautiful original condition. Weight is 52.8 grams. They also have their original fancy gold filled filigree clasp that is marked 14/20. Each bead is individually hand knotted and they are well strung with good pliability. This is a gorgeous long and showy natural coral necklace for your vintage jewelry collection!!