Late Art Deco 980 Silver Crusader Pentecostal Cross Screw Earrings

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Late Art Deco Handmade 980 Silver, Crusader/Pentecostal Cross Screwback Earrings
Blue Topaz (natural or glass) stones.
Size: 1″ across.
Blue Stones: 10m

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This is a lovely pair of older vintage late Art Deco to early Mid Century handwrought and handmade, 980 Silver, screwback earrings with large blue stones (man/lab made or glass). They are from an estate and in excellent condition. No damage or repair. Never altered in any way. No cracks or chips. The tops are 1″ across. The blue topazes are 10m large and showy with gorgeous color.

The unusual tops feature 5 Fold Crusader/Pentecostal Crosses. According to WIKI these are known as a “complex Christian cross representing the Old Testament law and the law in the 4 gospels of Christ. Some have interpreted it to represent the missionary work of the church – spreading the gospel to the four corners of the earth. Still others have acknowledged the five crosses to represent the five wounds of Christ on the cross (hands, feet and side). The cross appeared on the coat-of-arms Godfrey of Bouillon, the first ruler of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. It was embodied in the heraldry of the Crusaders.”

This is a stunning and most unusual pair of early vintage handmade complex cross earrings in high grade 980 silver for your vintage jewelry or religious collection.