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Antique Victorian 10K Gold Rose Yellow Flower Pearl Stickpin


Antique Victorian Handmade Goldsmith Made 10K Gold Fancy Textured Stickpin with Seed Pearl

Antique Stick Pin

Metal: Solid 10K Rose Gold and 10K Yellow Gold

Pearl: Original, Antique, Natural, Sea Pearl, Cream White 1-2mm

Size: 3″ long

Size of Head: 3/4″ by 1/2″

Weight: 2.4 grams

Condition: Excellent

Please see complete, detailed description below as well as photos.

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Antique Victorian 10K Gold Rose Yellow Flower Pearl StickpinĀ This is an antique Victorian 1850s to 1880s handmade, goldsmith made, 10K yellow gold and 10K rose gold stickpin with a small seed pearl in the center. It is jeweler tested and Guaranteed to be solid 10K gold. Being true Victorian era and hand made it has no marking. The flower, setting, and rod are all solid 10K gold. The flower is similar to an orchid with an inverted lower petal and tiny white center, being the pearl. The petals are fancy textured yellow gold and the rest of the stickpin is untextured rose gold.

Weight & Measurements:

Size is 3″ tall. The head is 3/4″ tall north to south by 1/2″ wide east to west. Weight is 2.4 grams.


Condition is excellent, very gently used. No damage or repair and never altered in any way. The open panel you see at the 11 o’clock position is an aesthetic intended my the maker in order to show some symmetry to the open areas below the petals to make it eye appealing. It was also necessary in order to hold the wrap around stem. Not a damage or an alteration. This is a lovely early antique Victorian stickpin for your collection.