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Antique Victorian 10k Gold Rhodolite Garnet Pearl Stickpin Stick Pin

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This is a stunning antique Victorian carved purple red rhodolite garnet stickpin having has the best quality raspberry color. Both the setting and stick are solid 10K yellow gold. As expected, the clutch is not gold as they rarely are.  All parts have been thoroughly jeweler tested and are guaranteed solid 10K gold. Tests strongly at 10K and is likely a bit higher grade as is common with antique goldsmith made jewelry. Its original tiny natural sea pearls are hand jeweled onto the top of the rhodolite garnet. Other than a very tiny edge nick that is so small that a jeweler or lapidary could polish out but is not necessary as it is not eye catchy. Other than this, it is in excellent condition. No damage or wear to the gold. No cracks to the stone. Never repaired or altered in any way. All original stones and pin. Size is 2 1/2″ long. The rhodolite garnet is 8mm across. This is a gorgeous, rare, octoganal cut, fine quality, original rhodolite Victorian stickpin for your collection.

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Antique Victorian 10k Gold Rhodolite Garnet Pearl Stickpin Stick Pin

About Rhodolite Garnet:

Rhodolite garnet is a raspberry-red, purplish-red or coloredgarnet. It is a mix of pyrope and almandine in composition.Rhodolite garnet gets its name from the Greek word, “rhodon”, meaning “rose colored”, which refers to its pinkish hue. 

The name “garnet” comes from the Medieval Latin word, “granatum”, which is an adjective meaning “dark-red”. It is thought that this adjective could have been extracted from the word “pomegranate”, due to the color. of the seed coats or shape of the seeds. However, the word could also have come from another Medieval Latin word; “granum”, referring to red dye. The use of red garnet dates back thousands of years, when it was used by Egyptian pharaohs for both decorative and ceremonial purposes. The ancient Romans also wore garnet rings and traded garnet gemstones. The best rhodolite garnet gemstones are a vivid raspberry-red color.