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Antique Handmade Italian Micromosaic Stickpin


This is an antique Victorian hand made brass and micromosaic and black enamel stickpin. It has Victorian Etruscan ball edges. The head has Victorian crafting made of separate parts which are hand applied and then hand soldered. Size is 2 9/16″ tall. The head is 5/8″ across. Condition is original, gently used. All mosaic intact. This is a beautiful early micromosaic stickpin for your collection.


Age: 1900-1920
Metal: Brass/Gold Filled
Construction: Handmade
Size: 2 9/16″ tall by 5/8″ across head
Condition: Original, estate find, gently used, excellent condition.
*****This is a very magnified photo. The grout is not as eye visible
on the actual pin.