Antique 1920s To 1930s Art Deco Camphor Glass Masonic Knights Templar Fraternal Pendant For Necklace


This is a 1920s to 1930 camphor glass and rhodium/platinum plated masonic knights templar pendant with its original enameled knights templar fraternal logo on the front. It also has its original, fancy bail and back screw. The fraternal symbol is screwed directly through the glass the old way. The camphor glass is much brighter and better than the photo and has a very deeply carved sunburst . There is also very detailed deep millgrain cut work on the edges of the bezel. Size is 1 9/16″ tall North to South including the bezel by 3/4″ wide across the center East to West. Condition is excellent. No damage or reapair. No cracks or chips or wear to the camphor glass. No wear to the rhodium plating. No enamel wear. This is a lovely statement pendant for your antique jewelry collection.

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