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1920s Edwardian Art Deco 14K Gold Fancy Filigree Amethyst Ring


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Antique Edwardian 14K White Gold Amethyst Fancy Filigree Estate Ring
Large 16mm amethyst with strong purple color
7 Carats Gemstone Weight
4 grams
Size 4.5 and able to be resized by any jeweler
Fancy open work and millgrain work, beautiful 1920s late Edwardian fancy gemstone ring
The bezel has one bend from the setting. Other than this it is in excellent condition. No breaks to the filigree. No repair. No stone damage.
A gorgeous estate ring for your antique jewelry collection.





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This is a gorgeous1920s Edwardian Art Deco 14K Gold Fancy Filigree Amethyst Ring from an estate with a stunning natural gemstone.

It is marked 14K, jeweler tested and Guaranteed to be solid 14K white gold with a large oval cut amethyst in the center. As is commonly found with period jewelry from this era the ring size is quite small  but can be resized by any good jeweler. The stone is very large and deep so the culet or point is ever so slightly below the undermount. This is not noticeable when the ring is worn on the finger and it doesn’t fit any differently than any other ring.

The setting is very beautiful with deeply carved flowers on the sides, fancy filigree open work that goes all the way around the stone, tiny millgrain style edges and deep carved doublewide prongs to hold the stone in place. The stone is a little large for the setting likely due to 2 very tiny dings, one of which is under the prong so you can’t see it but the stone is a beauty. It has deep rich purple color with lots of lavender to pink flashing. It also has great clarity and brilliance where you can actually see through each and every facet.

Ring size is 4 1/2.

Weight is 4.1 grams.

Gemstone carat weight is approximately 12 carats. Size of amethyst is quite large at 18mm by 12mm.

Condition of stone is excellent. No cracks, nicks, chips, flakes, inclusions or abrasions. Gorgeous stone in this ring and it is set securely.

Overall, this is a lovely early 14K gold amethyst ring for your antique and vintage jewelry collection.