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1920s Chinese Sterling Silver Gold Gilt Jade Stickpin Stick Pin


Antique Chinese Silver 1920s stick pin with gold gilt and natural jade cabochon stones. It is marked Silver and tested as sterling silver quality. Collectors of Old Chinese import will recognize the “Silver” mark as sterling silver with gold gilt. It is fancy filigree with a raised gold edges and twisted gold bezels. The jade has natural age inclusions as you see in photos. The center stone is 5mm and the outer stones are 3mm each. All of the stones are medium apple green color with semi translucence. Size is 2 1/4″ long. The head is 5/8″ across. Condition is excellent. Any dark spots you see in photos are old age tarnish and need polishing. All of the gold gilt is intact showy gold. From an estate and left completely original. All good filigree. This is a lovely antique Chinese import jade stick pin for your collection.

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1920s Chinese Sterling Silver Gold Gilt Jade Stickpin Stick Pin

Stickpin History:

Tie pins or stick pins have been a rich part of history for hundreds of years. Stick pins began as a neck ware controlling device worn by English gentlemen to secure the folds of their cravats. These stick pins were first made popular in the nineteenth century. Cravats were made of silk, satin and lace and stickpins were necessary to keep the expensive fabrics clean and safe.
Stick pins were often made using pearls and gems. They were a symbol of wealth. However, like most fashion trends they began trickling down to the common man and were made accessible to all people.

Late Victorian Era to Modern:

Initially, men were the only ones to utilize stick pins, however in the 1890s the accessory finally crossed over and women began to wear them as a fashion statement as well. Both men and women began wearing stick pins as an ornamental decoration on their ascots, bow ties, and wrapped scarves which were all extremely popular in that time period.