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14K Gold AA Gem Ruby Stacking Ring Band Stacker 6.5


14K Gold AA Gem Ruby Stacking Ring Band Stacker 6.5

Maker: Gabriel & Co., NYC

Metal: 14K White Gold (solid)

Ring Size: 6.5   6 1/2

Weight: 2 gr.

Gemstones: Natural Double AA to Gem Grade quality Rubies

Total Gemstone Carat Weight: Approximately 1/2 Carat, .5CT

Condition: Good as New

Width: 1/16″ across (narrow)

Please see photos and click to read product description for more information. This is an absolutely stunning natural ruby 3/4 eternity ring band for your collection. The gemstones are very high quality and stand out in color and clarity so much that this looks great all by itself without other stackers!!

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14K Gold AA Gem Ruby Stacking Ring Band Stacker 6.5

This is a 14K Gold AA Gem Ruby Stacking Ring Band Stacker 6.5 size. Another fine quality ring band made by Gabriel Co. in the heart of the diamond district of NYC. It is hallmarked/maker marked and also, composed of very fine, high quality, double AA to gem quality, natural rubies. Because it is made by Gabriel Co it comprises the finest quality “goods” that you will find in any stacker. Gabriel Co is known to produce Only the highest of quality jewelry for those in the trade. Feel free to visit their website to see their pricing structure.

This gorgeous 3/4 eternity stacking ring band is very, very narrow at 1/16″ across yet very thick. In addition, it is strong and extremely well made. The ruby gemstones are very sparkly and showy. As such, they are also very crisp, clean and clear. Color is vivid fuchsia red with the bulk of the tone being red. Ring size is 6.5 or 6 1/2. Weight is 2 grams. Total Carat Gemstone Weight is approximately .5 carat, 1/2 CT. Since this ring is noticeably brilliant in both color and clarity this is a gorgeous 14K gold AA gem ruby stacking ring band stacker 6.5 size and 3/4 eternity rubies band for your collection!! So, even worn alone the color in this ruby band is superb and noticeable!! About 20 to 25 years old and yet it is in Good as new condition!

About Natural Mined Ruby

A ruby is a pink to blood-red colored gemstone that is also a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide). The red color is caused mainly by the presence of the element chromium. Its name comes from ruber, Latin for red. Other varieties of gem-quality corundum are called sapphires. Ruby is considered one of the four precious gemstone, together with sapphire, emerald and diamond.


Ancient Lore:


  •  Rubies are historically known as the stone of love.
  • Hindus believe that wearing a ruby protects them from their enemies.
  • In addition to being the birthstone for July, rubies are also a traditional gift for those celebrating 15th or 40th anniversaries.