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10k Gold 4.3Gr Twin Pearl Diamond Collar Ring Size 7


10k Gold 4.3Gr Twin Pearl Diamond Collar Ring Size 7
Gorgeous Showy Chunky Heavy Vintage 10k Gold
4.3 Gr. Ring Size 7 10K Yellow Gold Vintage round cream white cultured Diamonds Accent Collars
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10k Gold 4.3Gr Twin Pearl Diamond Collar Ring Size 7 This heavy, chunky, and fancy 10k Yellow Gold Twin Pearls Ring with Diamond wrapped collars is gorgeous! It is marked 10K. In addition, it is jeweler tested and Guaranteed to be solid 10K yellow gold with its original natural cultured pearls. Not plated or filled. Not faux pearls. Ring Size is 7. It is from an estate and in excellent, gently used condition. Also, there is No damage or repair and there are No alternations of any kind.

The pearls are 6mm each, cultured and symmetrically round and have showy creamy white color. In addition, they are also very clean and have good nacre. Very nice quality. The diamond collar accents are bright and noticeable. Weight is somewhat heavy at 4.3 grams. Total carat weight is .06 carat. Top measures 1/2″ North to South by 5/8″ shoulder to shoulder. Hence, this is a gorgeous, 10k Gold 4.3Gr Twin Pearl Diamond Collar Ring Size 7 for your collection.

Gorgeous Showy Chunky Heavy Vintage 10k Gold 4.3 Gr Pearl Diamond Collars Ring Size 7

Metal: 10K Yellow Gold
Pearl: Vintage Cultured, round and cream white.
Ring Size: 7
Accent Stones: Diamonds, Natural
Weight: 4.3 grams


Cultured pearls are grown under tightly controlled conditions by pearl farmers. During the mid to late mid century era many cultured pearls were grown in the US for US consumption. As such, jewelry makers and goldsmiths oftentimes used cultured pearls in their designs. Because of this many fine pieces of vintage gold jewelry will contain cultured pearls.

Farmers plant a core made up of mussel shell into an oyster or mussel; as a result the oyster or mussel consequently forms a pearl around this irritant, much as they do when forming natural pearls. Yet, cultured pearls are often thought of as imitation pearls, but the two should not be confused. Cultured pearls are made of the same material much as natural pearls and take time to create, up to seven years depending on the type of pearl. Imitation pearls are often made of plastic or glass and therefore, can be manufactured quite easily and quickly. Cultured pearls can be expensive, depending on their luster, shape, and size, but are available in a range of prices.