Large Vintage Miguel Melendez Mexican Sterling Silver Azureite Pendant Pin
This is a large vintage Miguel Melendez hand crafted Mexican Sterling Silver dangle pendant or pin. The center medallion moves and dangles freely within the larger pendant pin. It is thick, heavy and very well made by hand. Weight is 28.3 grams. Size is 2 1/8" across. Depth is 1/8" on the edge. This pendant also has a large thick 6mm bale so it can also be used as an enhancer for small beaded necklace. In excellent, gently used condition this is a showy hand crafted Mexican pendant pin by a well known maker for your collection.
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Long Vintage Late Art Deco Sterling Silver Articulated Fish Pendant Hallmarked
Late Art Deco Sterling Silver Articulated Fish Pendant Hallmarked
This is a vintage 1940s mid to late Art Deco very long sterling silver articulated fish pendant with old hallmarks punch marks on the bale. It has been thoroughly tested and is guaranteed to be solid sterling silver. Size is 3" long with the bail by 7/16" across the wider part of the body. It has red bezel set eyes, scalloped body, brushed finish and hand cut work on the tail. Very detailed and very well made. Condition is excellent having only light minor age wear. No dents or dings. No repair. This is a lovely early example of articulated fish jewelry in a long size for your collection.
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Mid Century Brutalist David Andersen Otteren Pendant Pin
Mid Century Brutalist David Andersen Otteren Pendant Pin Metal: Sterling Silver Material: Enamel Center: Natural Cultured Pearl Size: 2 1/8 inches by 2 5/16" Condition: Excellent
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Mid Century Casa MAYA Mexico Brass Copper Enamel Pendant Pin
Mid Century Casa Maya Shop Signed MAYA, Mexico Handmade Mixed Metals Brass and Copper Enameled pendant pin. Well made with a beautiful hand punched design. Composed of mixed metals with bright turquoise and forest green hand enamel work. Like most Mid Century Mayan jewelry with a hammered Aztec flare this is big, colorful and beautifully made by hand. Size is large at 2 5/16″ across. Condition: Excellent, gently used. No damage. No repair. All original enameling intact. All hand punch work is still crisp. Locking safety clasp is strong and secure. Bail is also strong and secure. Just add a chain for a gorgeous showy Maya necklace or use as a pin.
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Mid Century Hammered Sterling Silver Hora Folk Dancer Pendant Pin
A lovely early example of vintage Mid Century Hand Hammerede and Hand Chased Israeli sterling silver Hora Folk Dancer jewelry; a Hora pendant pin; all hand wrought sterling silver. It is marked Sterling Silver Made in Israel. Guaranteed solid sterling silver. The Hora dancer is separately hand applied to the concave hammered back. The top is decorated and chased by hand. The pin catch is early mid century with a center drop for the rod. See photos. The bale is thick, wide, solid, and hidden from the front. Size is 2" tall by 1 1/4" wide. From an estate, this pendant pin is completely original, excellent, gently used condition. It was never altered in any way. Nor is there any repair. No dents or tears or deep scratches or gauges. There is one scratch on the back near the catch is shown in the photos. Other than this there are no scratches. Whether Eastern European Israeli made Hora jewelry or an Israeli Horo this is a lovely early mid century handmade statement pendant pin for your collection. Or just add a chain and you will have a showy, vintage, handmade dangle necklace.
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Mid Century Handwrought Brutalist Sterling Silver Pearl Fire Opal Pendant
Big, Bold, Strong, Jeweled, and Heavy Mid Century Handwrought Brutalist Sterling Silver Pearl Fire Opal Pendant.  From the 1970s and in excellent condition it is studio made and unmarked. Thoroughly jeweler tested and Guaranteed solid sterling silver with natural mined brown fire opal and large natural mid century cultured pearls. The opal is 16mm by 10 mm with strong brown color and neon greens, oranges, teals peeking through the bottom half of the stones. It still has its original polish and is smooth. No cracks, or chips, or hairlines. The pearls are cream white, 9mm large and slightly baroque. Size of pendant is 3 1/2" tall north to south including the loop bail by 1 3/8" east to west wide across the top shoulders. Weight is HEAVY at 52.2 grams. This is made from 1 Single SOLID Block of Sterling Silver. A gorgeous, well crafted example of artistic mid century modernism jewelry for your collection. Just add a chain and you will have a one of a kind beautiful showy vintage centerpiece for a dangling neck chain for any occasion.
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Mid Century Scandinavian Sterling Silver Stylized Orchid Pendant Fob
Late Art Deco to Mid Century Danish Modern Scandinavian modernist stylized orchid fob or pendant. Marked sterling. Excellent Condition. From estate, very well - made, thick and solid sterling silver. Came with an antique curb chain. With the chain it is 2 5/16"long by 3/4" wide across the flower bottom. Just the flower is 1" tall. Just add a chain and you will have a lovely early mid century modernist drop pendant necklace.
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Native American Navajo Robt Robert Kelly Gemstone Kokopelli Pendant Mens Womens
Large multi gemstone Native American Robert Kelly Kokopelli sterling silver pendant. Marked ROBT KELLY, Sterling. Size is 3" tall North to South including the bale by 1 11/16" East to West across the top. Weight is 27.1 grams. It has showy natural turquoise, amber, malachite, red coral, pink jasper and other stones. A gorgeous Navajo statement pendant by a well known artist for your collection.
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Pre 1950 Mexican Sterling Silver Movable Articulated Fish Pendant Charm
This is a late Art Deco Hand Made Taxco Mexican sterling silver turquoise articulated fish pendant or charm. It came from a 1930s charm bracelet that held 1930s and 1940s sterling silver charms. Not polished. Marked Taxco, Mexico, 925, #3 Eagle Mark and maker mark in the center. It is nicely made of thick sterling silver and 5 articulated joints. Condition is excellent. Light age wear. No damage. Size is just about 1 1/2" tall by 3/8" wide on the head. This is a lovely charm or pendant for your Art Deco or Mexican silver themed charm bracelet or necklace.
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Small Rare Art Deco 10k Gold Hand Carved Shell Cameo Pendant Pin Closed Eye
This is a gorgeous small vintage Art Deco 10K yellow gold hand carved natural shell cameo pendant/pin with a rare closed eye and veiled headwear in excellent condition. Marked K10, tested and guaranteed to be solid 10K yellow gold. She is beautifully carved and finely detailed with flowing hair, a closed eye, full lips, small rounded nose and a well-formed chin. Size is 1 1/16" tall with the small hinged antique bale. Width is 11/16" across. This is a stunning and unusual pendant pin for your antique cameo jewelry collection. Shipping includes insurance.
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Sterling Silver And 10k Gold Earth Heart Love Cross Pendant
This is an Earth Love Sterling Silver cross with a solid 10K Yellow Gold Heart wrap. Excellent condition. No deep scratches or gauges. No tears to the sterling. Not polished but you could jeweler polish this to look like new. Size is 2 1/8" from top to bottom by 1 1/16" wide across the arms. Weight is 4.6 grams. A lovely modernist designer cross for your jewelry collection.
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Sterling Silver Marcasites Amethyst Cross Pendant
Gorgeous large fancy vintage sterling silver cross with faceted marcasites, amethyst and intricate cut millgrain edges. All hand cast with hand set stones. Marked 925, guaranteed solid sterling silver. The marcasites and amethysts are bright and sparkly. The back has an oxidized finish. It is very thick, strong, solid and well made. Size is large, 2 1/2" North to South with the bail by 1 5/8" wide East to West across the arms. In excellent condition this is a beautiful showy vintage statement cross for your collection.
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Sterling Silver Marcasites Swarovski Crystals Basket Pendant Pin
Sterling Silver Marcasites Crystals Basket Pendant Pin Metal: Sterling Silver Marking: Hallmarked, Maker Marked, Also tested and guaranteed Stones: Open Back Prong Set Original Swarovski Austrian Crystals with deep rich emerald, amethyst, citrine, and blue topaz colors. Material: Cut faceted sparkly steel marcasites Size: 1.25 inches tall north to south not including the bail by 7/8 inch wide across east to west Condition: Excellent, gently used.  
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Sterling Silver Vintage Flying Griffin Vintage Pendant Hallmarked
For sale is a vintage flying griffin charm or pendant made from sterling silver. The charm has exceptional detail work, you can notice each of the feathers on the wings, the details of the body, and the details of the face. The back of the charm is hallmarked ISIS-91. The item has been tested and is guaranteed to be sterling silver. It's large enough to function as a pendant, but small enough to function as a charm. The front wing and back wing form a bale when viewing the charm at the side which is large enough to fit a small chain through. The item measures 1 and 1/16 of an inch long, is 1/4 of an inch thick, and is 1 inch in height.
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Vintage 14K Gold 3 CT Amethyst Pearl Wrap Pendant Lavalier Lavaliere
This is an unusually pretty solid 14K gold vintage lavalier pendant in a small size with a large 3 carat amethyst gemstone center wrapped in natural cream white seed pearls with 3 round cultured pearl dangles. It is marked 14K, tested and Guaranteed solid 14K yellow gold and in completely original condition free of alteration, damage or repair. Size is 1.12" north to south from top of bail to bottom of dangle by 1/2" wide east to west across the center. Total carat gemstone weight is minimum 3 carats. The amethyst is 11.11m and has beautiful deep purple color with fuschia flashing. The seed pearls are well strung on thick gold wire which is twisted in place and hidden within the back bezel. Weight is 2.5 grams. Well made original mid century estate jewelry. Other than minor age wear bends to the rings connecting the dangles it is excellent overall condition. No tears, repair or wearing down of the 14K gold. No chips, cracks or abrasions to the amethyst stone. All seed pearls are still intact and wire is still strong. This is a beautiful, fancy, showy pendant for your vintage gold jewelry collection.
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Vintage 14k Gold 9.9gr Fancy Carved Shell Cameo Diamond Estate Pendant Pin
Beautiful fancy vintage 14K yellow gold and diamond left facing hand carved shell cameo pendant pin. Thoroughly acid tested and guaranteed to be solid 14K yellow gold. She has a very thick solid ornate 14K gold frame and weighs 9.9 grams. There is also a raised, prong set, old single cut .08 carat diamond. Size is 1 9/16" by 1 3/16" or 40mm by 31mm. The 14K frame is substantial, thick, and very well-made. The shell cameo is light and the bulk of the weight is the 14K gold. As you can see she is beautifully carved and highly detailed with a noticeable intaglio eye, small upturned nose, well pronouned lips and deeply carved curled hair. There is also has a hidden bale on the back to wear as a necklace.
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Vintage 14K Yellow Gold Lapis and Diamond Enhancer Pendant
This is a vintage solid 14K yellow gold pendant enhancer with a large royal blue lapis cabochon gemstone surrounded by accent diamonds amid filigree fancy open work. It is marked 14K and 585 to indicate European made origin. It is also jeweler tested and Guaranteed to be solid 14K gold. It is well made with a flip top bale and strong lock, thick 14K gold open work and beautiful showy jeweling. The lapis stone is good quality cut from the solid eye of the stone, all deep pretty royal blue. The flip bale and filigree frame are studded with .28 carat of sparkly natural mined diamond accents. They are also bright and noticeable. Size is 1.25 inches north to south from the top of the bale to the bottom of the pendant. Width across the center east to west is 5/8". Depth front to back is large at 1/4" full. The locking clasp is strong and secure. Weight is 4.1 grams. Condition is excellent, gently used. No damage or repair. No alteration of any kind. Original. No dents or dings. No chips or flakes or cracks or hairlines. Just add your favorite bead necklace, pearls or wide chain and you will have a gorgeous diamond lapis pendant necklace!
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Vintage 1960s Sterling Silver Tall Sitting Poodle Charm Pendant Solid Fancy Heavy
This is a beautiful vintage 1960s large tall fancy solid sterling silver sitting up poodle charm or pendant. Marked Sterling. Size is 1 3/16" tall by almost 1/2" wide across the center of the body. It is very well made of 1 chunk of solid sterling silver. It also very fancy and highly detailed. Beautiful condition. No damage. No tears, dents, or deep scratches to the sterling. Great item for anyone who enjoys poodles and vintage 1960s poodle jewelry. Just add a chain and you will have a gorgeous dangle necklace or add to your favorite charm bracelet. It's ornate and quite showy.
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