Italian Designer Alisa 18k Gold 925 Sterling Silver Traversa Pendant
This is a lovely Italian designer Alisa Traversa collection pendant in 925 sterling silver with 18K gold front. The piece is in excellent vintage condition having minor surface wear consistent with age. There is light patina, but the piece can be polished by your local jeweler if you desire (polishing is not needed on this item, but is up to decision of buyer). Overall this is an excellent silver and gold designer pendant with a very unique look and style. Measurements: Height: 1 1/4 inch Width: 3/4 inch
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Large Antique Victorian 10k Gold Spinning Mourning Cameo Pendant Pin Memorial
Large Antique Victorian 10k Gold Spinning Mourning Cameo Pendant Pin Memorial - This is is a large stunning antique Victorian 10K gold carved shell cameo keepsake pendant/pin and it's a SPINNER!! It is all hand made and the cameo is signed with the etched signature of the artist on the back. Looks like it reads "Selz". Size is 2 1/4" from top to bottom by 1 3/4" wide. Depth is just over 3/8" from back to the top of the cameo. The cameo itself is 1 3/16" tall by 1" wide across. Weight is 14.4 grams. The back edge of the cameo has a small surface scratch; Not a crack. The pinback was upgraded to a locking clasp many, many years ago and is excellent; it works well, is strong and secure. The goldsmith did a very good job. The cameo is bezel set with 2 hand applied pins in the frame, thereby, allowing it to spin around freely. There is no back cover but the inside of the back is very deep, almost 3/8" and would be a great conversion for any hair or keepsake or momento if jeweler could add a flat back. There is a lot of gold in this pendant. Or it can just be worn the way it is without the addition of a cover. The cameo LEFT FACING and exquisitely carved with beautiful intricate details.....very fancy carved hair draping down the neck, fancy hairpieces, deep wide open intaglio eyes, sharp crisp pointed nose and mouth, earring. The 10K gold on the front is 3/16" deep in most places, has very fine quality Victorian work with deep engraving amid fancy scrolls. The back has a couple of very minor pinpoint size dings...maybe 1/10 of 1mm....very very tiny and minor. The large size, weight, depth, spinning and carving make this is an absolutely gorgeous and rare Victorian for your antique gold collection or to use as a pendant pin or add a back cover for a spectacular rare memorial item!!
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Large Vintage 14k Gold Carved Goldstone Street Lamp Pendant Charm Restore Repurpose
Large Vintage 14k Gold Carved Goldstone Street Lamp Pendant Charm Restore Repurpose
This is a gorgeous large 1950-60s vintage estate 14K yellow gold and carved goldstone hanging pendant, fob or charm. Marked 14K. All hand made with thick, substantial 14K gold and strong vintage design. There is an internal gold rod holding the top to the bottom. The top is loose but still secure and won't come off the rod or the stone. It is strong, dangles fine and looks beautiful but should be tightened onto the top by a jeweler. It has been in this estate for almost 60 years. Size is 1 5/8" tall without the bale by 11/16" wide across. Weight is 13.9 grams. Just add your antique or vintage watch chain for a super stunning pendant necklace. Or use as a fob or charm on your favorite vintage bracelet. It has a lot of 14K gold, is Very Unusual, and Very Showy. If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact us link at the top of this page.
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Late Art Deco 18k Gold Raised Full Face Shell Cameo Pendant Pin
Small medium size and rare! This is a gorgeous and most unusual mid to late Art Deco 18K gold carved shell cameo full face pendant pin. It has an uncommon full face that has 1/2" raised depth with fine detail (see side photos). The depth on this cameo is impressive, very full and highly noticeable. The back is marked 18K and 750 for European 18K gold quality. She has intricate details - carved flowing hair, intaglio eyes, full lips and very tight carved hair. Size is 1 1/4" long with the small hinged antique bale. Width is 13/16" across. Depth is 1/2". Other than a minor bend in the pin rod the condition is excellent. No cracks or chips. No dents or dings. No repair or alterations. Completely original from estate. This is a most unusual cameo pendant pin for your antique and vintage cameo collection. Whether worn as a drop pendant or as a pin she looks exquisite.
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Small Rare Art Deco 10k Gold Hand Carved Shell Cameo Pendant Pin Closed Eye
This is a gorgeous small vintage Art Deco 10K yellow gold hand carved natural shell cameo pendant/pin with a rare closed eye and veiled headwear in excellent condition. Marked K10, tested and guaranteed to be solid 10K yellow gold. She is beautifully carved and finely detailed with flowing hair, a closed eye, full lips, small rounded nose and a well-formed chin. Size is 1 1/16" tall with the small hinged antique bale. Width is 11/16" across. This is a stunning and unusual pendant pin for your antique cameo jewelry collection. Shipping includes insurance.
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Vintage 14K Gold 3 CT Amethyst Pearl Wrap Pendant Lavalier Lavaliere
This is an unusually pretty solid 14K gold vintage lavalier pendant in a small size with a large 3 carat amethyst gemstone center wrapped in natural cream white seed pearls with 3 round cultured pearl dangles. It is marked 14K, tested and Guaranteed solid 14K yellow gold and in completely original condition free of alteration, damage or repair. Size is 1.12" north to south from top of bail to bottom of dangle by 1/2" wide east to west across the center. Total carat gemstone weight is minimum 3 carats. The amethyst is 11.11m and has beautiful deep purple color with fuschia flashing. The seed pearls are well strung on thick gold wire which is twisted in place and hidden within the back bezel. Weight is 2.5 grams. Well made original mid century estate jewelry. Other than minor age wear bends to the rings connecting the dangles it is excellent overall condition. No tears, repair or wearing down of the 14K gold. No chips, cracks or abrasions to the amethyst stone. All seed pearls are still intact and wire is still strong. This is a beautiful, fancy, showy pendant for your vintage gold jewelry collection.
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Vintage 14k Gold 9.9gr Fancy Carved Shell Cameo Diamond Estate Pendant Pin
Beautiful fancy vintage 14K yellow gold and diamond left facing hand carved shell cameo pendant pin. Thoroughly acid tested and guaranteed to be solid 14K yellow gold. She has a very thick solid ornate 14K gold frame and weighs 9.9 grams. There is also a raised, prong set, old single cut .08 carat diamond. Size is 1 9/16" by 1 3/16" or 40mm by 31mm. The 14K frame is substantial, thick, and very well-made. The shell cameo is light and the bulk of the weight is the 14K gold. As you can see she is beautifully carved and highly detailed with a noticeable intaglio eye, small upturned nose, well pronouned lips and deeply carved curled hair. There is also has a hidden bale on the back to wear as a necklace.
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Vintage Antique Art Deco Heavy Fancy 14k Gold Shell Cameo Pendant Pin
This is a stunning Art Deco deeply carved natural shell cameo pendant pin in solid 14K yellow gold. The back rod is not gold. She is beautifully carved, deeply detailed and highly noticeable with strong intaglio eye, eyebrow, carved beaded necklace, a layered chemise, a carved breast which is quite unusual, small dainty nose and mouth and wonderful frilly hair with flowers. Big and stunning. Size is 2 1/4" tall with the bail by 1 7/8" wide across the center. Weight is 20.2 grams. There are a couple of very tiny thin age lines on the back directly at the edge near the bezel. Not cracks. Can not feel them with your fingernail and you need very close inspection in lighting to find them. Other than this she in in excellent condition overall. All in thick, solid 14K gold this is an exquisite addition for your antique cameo jewelry collection. The bulk of the weight is the 14K gold. The shell weighs very, very little.
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Vintage Child Doll Petite Lady 14K Gold Locket Pendant Charm
Vintage Child Doll Petite Lady 14K Gold Locket Pendant Charm Metal: Solid 14K yellow gold Size: Small, 1/2" across Weight: 1.1 grams Type: Photo locket Please see photos and read full description. Feel free to email if you have any questions.
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Vintage European 18k Gold Carved Shell Cameo Pendant Pin
This is a vintage early mid century European solid 18K yellow gold carved shell cameo pin and hinged pendant with unusually pretty carved hair and strong facial features. It is marked 750 which is the assay mark for European 18K gold. See 18K gold marking in 4th photo above which also shows the maker marking. Additionally, it is jeweler tested and Guaranteed to be solid 18K gold….Not plated or filled. Made from natural shell with fine, intricate detail to the deep carving she has carved flowing hair with deep recesses, a large noticeable wide open intaglio eye, full lips, curved and proportionate upturned nose along with a sharply cared chin. Her carved hair and headwear are elaborate and beautiful. Size is almost 1 1/2″ tall with the hinged bale. Width is 7/8″ across. Weight is 3.2 grams. Condition is excellent; very gently used. No dents or dings to the gold. No cracks or damage to the cameo. Completely original. Never touched or altered in any way. From an estate and very well kept. Just add any chain and you will have a lovely older vintage 18K gold dangle cameo necklace for you collection. MUCH BETTER than the photos and she looks even more lovely on a lapel!
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Vintage Handmade 10K Gold Green Jade Heart Pendant
Vintage Handmade 10K Gold Green Jade Heart Pendant - Vintage estate jewelry. This is a lovely hand made natural jade stone pendant with muted green green colors and lighter areas of muted white throughout. It is semi translucent in lighting. The top hand made leaf wrap connector is made of solid 10K yellow gold with hand piercings on the top and very tiny fancy intricate engraved work on the leaves. Highly detailed for a multiple leaf connector. It is thoroughly jeweler tested and Guaranteed solid 10K gold.....NOT plated or filled. This pendant actually tested strongly at 10K and less strong at 14K so the pure gold content is likely higher than 10K. You can see the hand applied gold nail pin attaches through the drill hole in the heart and is then hand finished on the outside. If you look closely at the nail peg you can see that the work is done by hand, by a goldsmith. The jade heart has some light, faint surface age wear that is not eye obvious when the pendant is worn on a necklace chain. You would have to carefully examine it to see any age wear. Other than this it is in excellent overall condition. Size is 1 7/16" tall north to south from top of loop to bottom of heart by 15/16" wide east to west across the shoulders of the heart. Without the top loop the pendant measures 1 1/4" tall. Weight is 5 grams. This is a lovely noticeable jade heart pendant with a fancy leaf top in solid 10K gold for daily use anytime of day.
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