14K Gold Opal Emerald Sapphire Enamel Peacock Pendant Pin
14K Gold Opal Sapphire Enamel Peacock Pendant Pin with Center Diamond Estate Find! Metal: Solid 14K Yellow Gol Size: 1 7/8 inches by 1 5/8 inches Weight: 15 grams (1/2 troy ounce) Decoration: Hand Enameled, Hand Jeweled Gemstones: Diamond, Sapphires, Emeralds, Australian Opals Total Carat Gemstone Weight: Approximately 2.45 Carats Condition: Less than average age wear. Excellent Condition. Original, No Repair. Please read product description for full and complete details and also see photos. An incredible, large, heavy, solid 14K gold, colorful peacock pendant pin for your fine vintage jewelry collection!
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14K Gold Purple Garnet Rhodolite Diamond Lavaliere Pendant
This is a long, beautiful, drippy, vintage 14K Gold Garnet Rhodolite Diamond Lavaliere Pendant. It is jeweler tested and Guaranteed to be solid 14K yellow gold and hand jeweled with fine quality purple garnet rhodolite stones and diamond accents. The rhodolites are very deep rich purple color with sparkly fuschia highlights. All are prong set in fancy 14K yellow gold bezels. The tiny diamonds are deep set in white gold mountings and fancy 14K gold bezels underneath that match the larger rhodolite bezels. It is well constructed with a very thick, solid, chunky hidden bale in the back which can hold any chain or cord up to 3m wide. The bottom is beautifully tailored off with a pear shaped rhodolite stone. Total carat weight is approximately 2.82 CTS. There are 2.69 CTS of rhodolites that measure from 4m by 2m to 6m by 4m. Diamond weight is .13 CT. Size is very long at 3" North to South by 9/16" wide East to West in the center across the 4 diamonds. Weight is 4 grams. Condition is excellent. No damage or repair. This lavaliere is so long that it can actually be worn directly on the neck or draped down lower. An absolutely gorgeous lavaliere pendant for any occasion; very showy and noticable! Even in low lighting it looks stunning!
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14K Yellow Gold 8.75 CTS Blue Topaz Diamond Necklace Pendant
14K Yellow Gold 8.75 CTS Blue Topaz Diamond Necklace Pendant - Very impressive 14K yellow gold pendant with a large, crisp, Swiss blue topaz center surrounded by sparkly natural diamonds. The topaz is 8.5 carats and exceptionally clean with incredible vibrance, color and bounce! Much better than a photo could capture it is gorgeous. Gemstone size is 15m by 9m. Cut is pear shape. Color is vivid light blue with hints of aqua, teal and violet flashes. It is extremely clean and crisp. Diamond accents are bright, white and sparkly a diamond carat gem weight of .25 carat thereby making the total carat gemstone weight 8.75 carats. Physical weight is 3.6 grams. Condition is very gently used and handled with care. Just add a chain and you will have a super pretty Swiss Topaz dangle pendant necklace. The color is gorgeous on this one!!
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14K Yellow Gold Blue Topaz Amethyst Diamond Pendant Enhancer
This is a knockout 14K yellow gold blue topaz, diamond, and amethyst pendant enhancer. It is marked 14K, T&C Town & Country trademark/copyright. It is also tested and Guaranteed to be solid 14K gold. Size is large, chunky, and heavy; a very well made piece. North to south from top of bail to bottom measures 1 3/4" tall. Width across the center measures just over 5/8" east to west. Depth is wonderful at 3/16". Weight is HEAVY at 9.6 grams. Total carat gemstone weight is just over 10 carats! The beautiful Swiss blue centerpiece stone is 15mm by 10mm; minimum 9. Carats. The amethyst is strong purple with internal fuchsia highlights, .35 carat. Diamonds are SI clarity with total weight of .1 carat  All stones are crisp, clean, have deep rich color, and are very brilliant. High quality stones. The hinged bail is thick, solid, and strong with a 5mm opening. The sides are fanciful with thick, filigree open work supports all the way around. Condition is excellent, very gently used. This is a highly impressive enhancer for your collection. Just add your favorite beads or pearls or thick gold chain and you will have a super stunning necklace for any occasion.
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14K Yellow Gold Carved Shell Cameo Pendant Pin Brooch European
14K Yellow Gold Carved Shell Cameo Pendant Pin Brooch European - This is a gorgeous 14K gold estate cameo pendant pin. It is marked 585 for European origin, jeweler tested and Guaranteed solid 14K gold. Beautifully deep carved with ornate decoration, very pretty and symmetrical facial features, fancy hair and a fairly good size. Cameo - natural shell, intricate carving Metal - solid 14K gold Size - 1 1/2" tall by 1 3/16" wide without the bale, taller with the bale extended upward for a necklace chain. Weight - 5.3 grams Age - mid century Face - very drippy upswept hair which flows down to the shoulder and has a wide carved bow decoration, deep cared intaglio eye with curved brow that is very well carved, small curved nose with rounded nostril, full lips upward and smiling, carved necklace and floral decoration to her blouse that drapes down from the shoulder. Super pretty, fine example carved by an experienced seasoned hand. Condition - From an estate and very well cared for. Completely original. Never altered, modified or repaired. Although there are no cracks or hairlines there is an internal fissure/inclusion that is natural and contained to the inside of the shell. When you run your fingernail over the outside there is no opening or hairline. The outside of the shell is all good and smooth.  No internal imperfection is eye visible at all when the cameo is worn. All of the 14K gold is also good. No dents or dings. No cracks or tears. Never repaired. All good and not worn down. The locking clasp is strong and secure and works with ease. The bale is soldered to the top ring so it won't come apart. This is a stunning cameo with a beautiful showy portrait in excellent condition for your vintage jeweler collection.
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1980s Vintage Sterling Silver Green Honey And Yellow Baltic Amber Pendant
Vintage 1980s hand cast and hand carved natural Baltic, Green Black, Honey and Yellow amber pendant in sterling silver and marked 925. Each carved cabochon its own noticeable characteristics. Size is 2 1/4" tall with the bale by 1" wide across the lower body. Just add any chain and you will have a gorgeous showy multi amber dangle necklace for your collection.
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925 Sterling Silver And 18k Gold Alysa Designer Signature Love Cable Collar Pendant
Designer Alisa Italy 925 sterling silver and solid 18K gold signature Love collar pendant Strongly made of thick sterling silver and 18K yellow gold. Hand Made with a solid 18K gold LOVE plaquette. Size is 1 3/16" across by 1 3/16" tall. Weight is 5.5 grams. Condition is excellent, very gently used. As you would expect from Alisa this is beautifully made and very very showy with a good chunk of 18K gold on it. A lovely pendant for your designer jewelry collection.
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Antique Art Deco 10k Gold Carved Shell Cameo Pendant Pin
This is a gorgeous and very well made vintage antique Art Deco 1920s-30s 10K yellow gold natural carved shell cameo pendant pin. It is marked and Guaranteed to be solid 10K gold; NOT plated or filled. It has a very thick, solidly made and well crafted 10K gold fancy twist frame. It also has its original antique hinged swivel bale on the back. The cameo is beautifully carved with fine crisp details. She has a deep carved and noticeable intaglio eye with eyebrow, carved button earring and necklace, fancy flowers, very fancy hairdo, well chiseled chin and a well defined nose. Size is just over 1 1/2" tall with the small bale by 1 1/16" wide. Weight is 7.5 grams. Condition is extremely excellent. The back of the cameo has white residue from age and could use some cleaning. No cracks or chips to the cameo. No wear to the 10K gold - frame is still very, very thick. The locking mechanism is secure and works easily. The old hinged swivel bale is also fine. This is a lovely 1/4" deep pendant pin for your antique and vintage cameo collection with good weight in solid 10K gold. It is showy and very pretty!
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Antique Art Deco 14k White Gold And Shell Cameo Pendant Pin Filigree
Antique Art Deco 14K White Gold carved shell signed cameo pendant or pin Very fancy 1920s filigree frame with hand applied rosette flowers. Marked and Guaranteed to be solid 14K gold. Excellent Condition. Hinged bail. Good locking clasp. The back has an etched artist signature. Weight is 5.4 grams. The cameo is a very light weight shell and weighs very little. Most of the weight is here is in the gold. She is beautifully carved with fine details: intaglio eye, carved flower, small upturned nose, deep carved hair, flower on dress and a small rounded up facing chin. Size is just about 1 1/2" tall North to South by 1 1/8" wide East to West. This is a gorgeous estate find for your antique and vintage fine jewelry collection.
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Antique Art Deco Sterling Silver Prayer Medal Pendant Christian Catholic
Antique Art Deco Sterling Silver Prayer Medal Pendant Christian Catholic
This is a vintage Art Deco sterling silver Christian prayer pendant medal for a necklace chain. Marked sterling. It reads: "Bear Ye One Anothers Burdens." The back has an old solder mark which could be polished out but not necessary. The top loop is bent out of shape. The front is still crisp and excellent. Size is 1 18" tall by 5/8" wide. This is a lovely prayer pendant charm for your antique and vintage religious jewelry collection.
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Antique Art Nouveau Hayward Sterling Silver Miraculous Mary Pendant Christian Catholic Medal Fob
This is an antique fancy sterling silver Miraculous Mary charm, pendant, medal or fob in original, excellent condition. Marked Hayward Sterling. Guaranteed to be solid sterling silver, original and early. It has an unusual early hand made sterling silver wire bale. The sterling has no tears, deep scratches, dents or dings. Excellent Condition. The front has crisp, clear detail of a raised Miraculous Mary surrounded by long flowers. Size is 1 1/4" tall with the bale North to South. Width is 1" across the center. This is a beautiful early Miraculous Mary for your collection. The sterling silver is very strong.
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Antique Chinese Sterling Silver Blue Stone Mesh Pendant
Antique Chinese Sterling Silver Blue Stone Mesh Pendant for a necklace from the late 1800s to turn of the century from an estate and in completely original, well kept condition. It is marked Silver (early mark for Chinese Sterling Silver quality). It is also tested and Guaranteed to be solid sterling silver. All beautifully crafted by hand the top has a door that open to reveal an internal compartment. Assumed to be for keepsake purposes, medicinal, or ceremonial, unsure which. Amid the thick filigree sides, mesh on both sides and hand applied symbols on the front there are 3 stone cabochons which area bezel set and have deep blue color like lapis.Size of pendant is 1 11/16" tall north to south including the small bale but not including the top ring. Width across the box compartment on top is 5/8" across east to west. Width across the bottom is 1 3/8" east to west. Depth is 1/4" on the compartment and graduating down the side to 1/8" and then to 1/16" at the very bottom. Weight is 9 grams. There is some minor age wear it is in excellent condition. The compartment door likely had a very tiny ball handle which is gone but the door opens easily from the corner and closes securely. There is also small indent near the bottom lapis bezel which is likely from the original hand making and a very tiny solder joint on the edge from the original making. Overall condition is well preserved and excellent. No holes in mesh filigree. All stones are good; not chipped or cracked. Back and sides are fine. This is a very, very fine example of antique Chinese Silver jewelry from the 1800s for your collection.
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Antique Edwardian 14K Gold Diamond Cross Pendant
Antique Edwardian 14K Gold Diamond Cross Pendant Estate Find One Family Ownership Age: Early 1920s Late Edwardian to Early Art Deco Metal: 14K White Gol Weight: 6.3 grams Size: 2.12 inches by 1.25 inches Gemstone: Natural Diamond, Original 1920 stones, Never treated Cut: Mine Cuts and Rose Cuts Clarity: SI 1/2 Color: Near Colorless G Color Extremely clean, bright, sparkly antique stones Total Carat Diamond Weight: 3.2 CTS Condition: Excellent, very gently used. Completely original. In the same estate since 1920. Please see photos and read full product description below for more detailed information. Please feel free to use the contact us link at the top of this page if you have any questions.
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Antique Edwardian 14k White Gold And Shell Cameo Pendant Pin Bird Bezel
Antique late Edwardian to early Art Deco solid 14K white gold fancy carved shell cameo pendant pin with a hinged bale. Beautifully detailed carving with back swept hair with flowers, a deep intaglio carved eye, tiny straight dainty upturned nose and balanced chin and lips. She also has flowers draping down from her hair and additional carved flowers on her shoulder attached to her layered blouse. Fancy 14K white gold frame with small intricate filigree work and hand applied bird shaped white gold elements on each corner of the octagonal frame. Size is 1 3/4" tall including the small bale by 1 3/8" wide. Weight is 8.3 grams. Weight is the gold. The cameo is very, very light. EXCELLENT, ORIGINAL CONDITION. No cracks or wear to the cameo. The carving is still very crisp and detailed - not worn down. No damage or repair. An absolutely gorgeous antique estate cameo for any discriminating collection. Wear as a pin or just add a chain for a stunning dangle necklace.
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Antique Edwardian Platinum 14K Gold Ruby Pearl Lavaliere Necklace Lavalier Pendant
Antique Edwardian Platinum 14K Gold Ruby Pearl Lavaliere Necklace Lavalier Pendant - Gorgeous, original antique Edwardian lavaliere pendant necklace in solid 14k gold and platinum. BOTH the chain loop and the dangle have MATCHING early European hallmarks with an animal stamp, 14, and another tiny illegible stamp. Both the chain and the dangle top are platinum over 14K yellow gold. The pearl ruby dangle is solid 14K yellow gold without platinum. Along with the pearl and the rubies there are 2 very, very tiny antique rose cut diamond embedded into the dangle stick. Size of chain is 19". Size of dangle is about 1" north to south by 9/32" (over 1/4") across east to west. The natural pearl is 6mm across, cream white, fine quality, beautiful early clean example. Chaining is also quite early and although very delicate and narrow it is extremely well made and durable. The platinum on gold of the chain matches the platinum on gold of the dangle stick and the loop connecting to the ruby dangle. Weight is 3.3 grams. Condition is excellent, very gently used. No damage or repair. All original from the estate of original owner's family. This is a gorgeous original early example containing fine quality goods for your antique jewelry collection!!
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Antique Edwardian Signed 14K Gold Pearl Wrapped Cameo Pendant Pin
This is a gorgeous and impressive signed early 20th century Edwardian carved shell cameo in 14K white gold. It is marked, tested, and Guaranteed to be solid 14K gold. The round loop at the top is not gold and the pearl wrap is early faux. Condition is excellent. No cracks or chips. The lines you may see on the back are natural and internal to the shell; not cracks. As is commonly the case with these early cameos the acid etched signature is visible but not very legible. See last 3 photos. The entire cameo itself is unique and beautifully deep carved. The portrait is very intricate and finely detailed. She has a lovely face with an aquiline nose, very noticeable intaglio carved eye, straight lips, carved blouse and carved cap that sits tightly on her skull crown, and is surrounded by wavy hair that decorated the circumference of her head and pulls back into a bun. She also has a carved earring on her ear. Usually the hair on these early cameos jutts out in waves in the back is rarely seen in a tight carved bun. Additionally, there is a raised picture frame border around which is draped a garland of flower and fancy dotted scrolls at the top along with a most unusual carved small smiling face center top that watches over her. The carving, shape, and subject on this cameo is highly unusual. She is in a thick 14K white gold frame that was made just for her with an inverted top and bottom. The frame is decoratively surrounded by wire strung faux seed pearls that are held in place by a hand applied thick gold loop at the top and bottom center. The pinback is early Edwardian lever up type whereby there is a tiny lever on top which pushes up to release the lock down. The 14K gold marking is found on the hook. The loop bail is hinged so she can be worn as either a pin with a hidden bail or as a pendant. Other than a small dent on the back frame the 2:30 position she is in excellent, gently used condition. She is completely original and has not been touched, repaired or altered in any way. Any lines you may see on the back are natural inclusions to the shell; not cracks. You can run your fingernail over them and the shell is smooth. No damage or repair to the cameo itself. No chips or flakes or repair. Never altered in any way. Size is 1 7/8" tall north to south with the loop bail extended upward by 1 3/8" across the center east to west. Weight is 10 grams. This is a very high quality signed Edwardian cameo for your collection. She is quite rare with the signature, the carved frame, and the carved smiling face above. Beautifully made and very pretty!
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Antique Fancy Gold Filled Ladies Pocket Watch For Case Or Repair
Antique Fancy Gold Filled Ladies Pocket Watch NonWorking
This is a lovely, antique, gold filled, ladies pocket watch with black taille d epargne enameling. The spring is either broken or disengaged. The balance wheel and escapement are good. The crystal and porcelain dial are fine. Size is 1 3/4" from the top swivel bale to the bottom by 1 1/4" wide across. Depth is 5/16". All of the gold filled is excellent condition. NO WEAR to the gold. No dents, dings, or deep scratches and absolutely beautiful fancy work. For anyone able to fix or replace the spring this would be a beautiful addition for your Victorian gold jewelry collection.
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Antique Victorian 10k Gold Pearls Carved Shell Cameo Pendant
Antique late Victorian to early Art Deco 10K yellow gold natural carved shell cameo pendant with its original round hinged antique bale for a necklace. This is an early one that is very intricately and beautifully carved and has pearls applied to the handmade 10K gold frame. It is marked 10K on the bale and is thoroughly jeweler tested and guaranteed to be solid 10K yellow gold. It is from an estate and all parts are original. It has a very, very tiny 1/4mm cut on the the sides of one pearl that is not eye obvious. Must look for it with a loupe. Probably from the removal of a pin rod many years ago. Other than this it is excellent. The lady portrait is exquisitely carved with fine crisp details and good, strong depth. Amid her hair is an unusual carved cap. Size is just about 1 1/2" tall north to south with the bale by 7/8" wide across. Weight is 4.8 grams. This is a gorgeous antique Victorian gold cameo pendant for your collection.
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