Antique Dated 1903 Wallace Sterling Silver Teaspoon Group 4 PCS
This is a group of 4 early mark Art Nouveau Wallace Sterling Silver teaspoons with a fancy letter E monogram. One is dated 1903 on the back handle. All have old Wallace hallmark and sterling marking. Size of each is 5 3/4". One bowl has small dings. Other than this the group is in very good condition having only average age wear.  No tears or deep scratches or holes or gauges. Pretty repousse edges. repair. It is from a one family intergenerational estate and was never altered. No repair. This is a lovely group of fanciful dated antique spoons by a well-known maker for your table or flatware collection.
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Antique Dutch Baroque 835 European Silver Pie Cake Dessert Server
Ornate 835 European Silver Pie Cake Dessert Server Antique 1920s Late Edwardian Era Dutch Baroque 835 Silver deep carved rose handle and a very fancy etched, filigree and rose with wildflowers spade. Stamped 835 CG. See 4th photo of etched section for original hallmark. Original excellent, never monogrammed condition. Size is 8.75" long by 2 1/8" wide across top of spade tapering to 1" wide across bottom of spade. Handle top is just about 3/4" wide across the rose. A lovely antique Dutch silver serving piece to enhance any flatware collection for formal dining/luncheon table.
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Antique European 800 Silver Cane Walking Stick Parasol Handle
Antique European 800 Silver cane walking stick parasol handle in completely original, excellent condition. It was made during the late Victorian to Early Edwardian Turn of The Century Era1880s to 1910 and has a nice chunky Victorian dogbone look. It is marked 800 with what looks like a lobster or crab hallmark and is also tested and Guaranteed to be solid 800 silver.....Not plated. Size is 5" tall north to south by 3 1/2" wide east to west. The silver is 5/8" wide in diameter at the top around the curve tapering down to 1/2" in diameter at the bottom where the parasol or cane would be attached. The inside still contains the original piece of drilled out wood in order to properly connect a cane, walking stick or parasol. Weight is 41.1 grams. Overall condition is excellent. Never monogrammed or inscribed. No modifications or alterations of any kind. Original as made by the original silversmith. Made by hand as seen in seams and joints. No dents or splits or tears. Cleaned but not jeweler polished out. This is a lovely antique 800 silver handle for your collection or add to an early parasol or walking stick. It will look beautiful!
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Antique Fancy Open Work Brides Bridal Flower Basket Dessert
Please see the photos of the interior of this basket as it has beautiful fancy open work all the way around. In Great Condition this is a lovely Antique Victorian to Edwardian Turn of the Century Period Fancy Open Work Large Dual Handled Silverplated Basket. Originally intended for Dessert/Cracker/Chunk Cake and meant to be brought to the table to be used as a Centerpiece OR to be used as a Bride's basket containing small flowers and or flower petals. It is marked EPNS and Maker Marked DA with a Hallmark between the D and the A. Also marked with a large letter G and numbered 6336. Size 11 1/2″ tall North to South by 12 3/4″ long East to West by 8 1/2″ wide across the center. Depth from edge to bottom is over 2″. Excellent very gently used. No Wear to the Silverplate! No dents, dings, deep scratches, tears etc…Never monogrammed or inscribed. It is from an estate and completely original, absolute minimal wear having only a sight bend to the double handle. Looks like it was hardly ever used. This is a gorgeous antique basket for your table or wedding is a large, showy size with plenty of fancy Victorian Edwardian open work and in great shape for your table or silver collection. The antique Victorian open work and deeply scalloped design is very pretty. It is also strong and very well made – precisely done, not sloppy. Still very crisp and clear. Silver is 99.9% intact, bright and shiny! All good!!
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Antique Handmade Filigree Silver Copper Tongs Grippers
Antique Handmade Filigree Silver Copper Tongs Grippers from an estate and in worn, used condition. The center wire support and hand applied flowers are silver over copper while the rest, the thick twisted silver edges, the filigree, and the coin tips appear to be a very low grade silver or mixed silver alloy. All of the filigree is intact. There are no breaks. The flowers have a lot of age patina. The tips are made of old middle eastern or Turkish coins which are also well worn. Any age bends which can be corrected by hand as the silver bends easily. In spite of the age bends these grippers were well made by an experienced silver craftsman as the grippers are still very strong, hold their form when used and readily spring back into place properly with both coins precisely meeting each other. The coin tips are just under 3/4" across and the tongs measure 4 3/8" tall. For anyone who collects antique filigree and or Turkish Middle East silver this is a lovely early handmade addition for your collection.
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Antique Japanese Arthur & Bond Yokohama Sterling Silver Spoon
Antique Japanese Arthur & Bond Yokohama Sterling Silver Spoon from an estate and in excellent condition. Never monogrammed or inscribed. Size is just about 5" long and the bowl is pointed. A detailed chrysanthemum in flowing Art Nouveau style decorated the top. Anything from this silver maker is considered to be very exclusive. They are a highly respected silver house with exceptional silversmiths and most pieces are quite stunning in their decoration. This piece is able to be used as a master caviar or condiment or other server. Overall condition is excellent. No damage or repair. No dents or dings or deep scratches. Made around 1902 and well cared for all these years. Any age wear is light and able to be polished out. This is a gorgeous small serving spoon by a famous maker for your formal dining table.
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Antique Pierced Enameled Canada Sterling Silver Sugar Sifter Serving Spoon
This is a gorgeous unusual antique estate sugar sifter server serving spoon. It is enameled Canada and has a very ornate pierced and scalloped edged bowl. Marked sterling and Guaranteed to be solid sterling silver. Also marked with lion and other hallmarks as you see in photo. Never monogrammed and no monogram removal. From an estate and completely original condition. No alterations or modifications of any kind. No repair. Size is 4 3/4" long. Weight is 16.1 grams. Other than needing a professional polishing it is in excellent very gently used condition. No wear to the intricate enamel work or the fancy pattern. A stunning unusual antique estate addition for your antique Canadian sterling silver collection. Great item for anyone from Canada!
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Antique Pierced Footed Sterling Silver Sweetmeat Bon Bon Candy Dish Bowl
This is a stunning antique Victorian pierced and footed sterling silver sweetmeat bon bon candy and nut dish. Marked sterling with maker hallmarks and guaranteed solid sterling silver. Not plated. It is beautifully decorated with fancy Rococo style repousse' and fanciful pierced work throughout. It is also 4 footed with matching fancy rococo repousse. Size is 7 1/2" long east to west by 5" wide north to south by about 3" tall. Weight is 118.5 grams. Condition is excellent, very gently used. Very minor age wear to include light surface wear and a couple of tiny dings in the bottom. No dents or deep scratches or tears, gauges, holes, etc.... Never monogrammed or inscribed. One owner intergenerational family estate item. No restoration or repair. Completely original and never altered in any way, this is a gorgeous serving dish for your formal dining table. It is exceptionally pretty and very well made.
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Antique R Wallace Hallmarked Sterling Silver Fancy Serving Tray
Antique R Wallace Hallmarked Sterling Silver Fancy Serving Tray - Estate Silver. Never monogrammed or inscribed this is a lovely, oblong serving tray or dish for your antique sterling silver collection. It is marked sterling and hallmarked with early R Wallace & Sons hallmarks. It is also numbered C631 and has the size of 9 1/2 In stamped into the bottom. Actual Size is 10" east to west by 7 7/8" north to south by 2.25" deep. It has a large, broad, deep curved edge which is ornately reticulated with lots of fancy open work as well as a Victorian beaded edge. Weight is 218.2 grams. Other than some light surface age wear scratches which could be professionally  polished out by any jeweler and a few small minor dings it is in excellent condition. All original. A beautiful addition for your formal dining table.
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Antique Repousse 999 Sterling Silver Mustard Pot Condiment Server
Antique Repousse 999 Sterling Silver Mustard Pot Condiment Server - This is a gorgeous antique estate silver server composed of pure 999 silver; better than sterling grade. It is marked 999 in 2 places (under the lid and underneath the body) and is also has an age worn maker mark (see photo). The decoration is very ornate and extends completely around the body as well as throughout the top and consists of beautiful Victorian repousse scroll, floral, cross hatched design. Neither the front nor the back were ever monogrammed or inscribed. Size is 2 1/4" tall north to south from top of ball handle to base by 3 1/4" long east to west from edge of side handle to outer edge by 1 3/4" wide or deep front to back. Weight is 54.6 grams. Condition is excellent, gently used, not freshly polished, minor age wear only. No dents. Any dark spots you see in photos particularly near the cartouche for an engraving are just tarnish. It is very well made and still sits flat on the table without any wobble. Just add any tiny spoon you have and you will have a wonderful antique pot in pure 999 silver for your table!
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Antique Sterling Silver Horse Hair Vanity Table Crumber Brush
Antique Sterling Silver Horse Hair Vanity Table Crumber Brush - This is a lovely 1920s estate brush for either vanity or table crumbing. It is marked Sterling and in completely original condition still having its original soft horse hair and early celluloid insert. Other than some tiny dings at the top of the handle it is in excellent condition. The horse hair brush is Not dried out, coarse and breaking off as is commonly found and the celluloid insert is Not dried and cracked, also, which is commonly found on these old brushes. This one is very light weight and delicate. The repousse top is still deep, crisp, and very pretty. Overall size is 5 3/4" by 2 3/4" by 1/2". This is a lovely original estate find for either your vanity and accessories collection or your table top.
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Antique Sterling Silver Kirk & Son Repoussed Salt Spoon
This is an antique Kirk , Son repoussed sterling silver salt spoon in excellent condition. Size is just under 1 1/2" long. All of the fancy repoussed work is crisp and not worn down. No damage. Never monogrammed. It has not been polished for brightness. This is a beautiful, fancy salt spoon for your table setting or special salt cellar.
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Antique Sterling Silver Salt Shaker Caddy Meridan Britannia International
This is an antique sterling silver individual salt caddy for 3 small individual salt shakers. It is marked sterling along with the early hallmark for Meriden Britannia which was the precursor of the International Silver Co. This marking was used between 1892 and 1930s. Individual salt shakers graced most formal dining tables during this time period. This caddy came from a group of estate silver and was kept in excellent overall condition all these years. It was never monogrammed or inscribed. All original, Never altered. No repair. No dents or deep scratches. Minimal age wear. Has not been freshly polished out. Size is 4" tall north to south from top of circle handle to bottom. Width east to west is 2". Each salt shaker opening is 13/16" for a comfortable fit. The bottom is footed and weight is 26.9 grams. This is a lovely antique estate silver item for your formal dining table.
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Antique Sterling Silver Travel Clock Ww1 World War 1 1919 Black Starr Frost
Antique Sterling Silver Travel Clock World War 1 1919 Black Starr Frost
This is an antique Black, Starr , Frost sterling silver travel alarm clock presented to a naval officer by his staff in 1919. All of their initials/monograms are shown on the top as they were engraved by the Black, Starr , Frost jeweler. The case has a carved Greek Key design on the border and the inside has a hammered design. Hallmarked and marked Black, Starr , Frost. Clock is 15 jeweled, J.C. Tava, Swiss. The officer to which this was presented had the initial CMD as you see in the center cartouche on the front along with the 1919 year date of presentation. Size of case is 3 1/2" by 2 3/4" by 5/8' deep. The inside holds its original Black, Starr 8 day alarm clock which is no longer working. Jeweler says it needs a spring but the rest of the mechanism looks fine. The case is excellent condition. You can hear the loud snap as it closes securely in place and it stays closed. From an estate and not polished. It has one small scratch on the front. Weight is 219.1 grams which includes the clock. As you know, Black Starr , Frost were exclusive, expensive silversmiths in the early 1900s. They used very thick, high quality silver in their products and were competitors of Tiffany , Co. This is a most unusual estate find for any World War 1, clock or antique sterling silver collection. Completely original.
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Antique Victorian Sterling Silver Boot Shoehorn Parts Group 2
Antique Victorian Sterling Silver Boot Shoehorn Parts Group 2 - This is a group of 2 antique Victorian long handled large and extra large sterling silver boot shoehorns in "as is" condition and "for parts only". One handle is marked sterling and the mark on the other has worn off with age. Both have age wear. Both are tested and Guaranteed to be original, Victorian hollow handled sterling silver......Not plated. The horns on both are extremely worn and pitted and will need to be replaced OR the handles can be repurposed for other items like flatware, magnifier, tools etc...Size of the larger shoehorn is 9" and the shorter shoehorn is 8 3/16". They are from an antique Victorian estate group and were never monogrammed. Nice early items for anyone who can replace the horns or repurpose them.
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Antique Whiting Sterling Silver 1895 New York NY Souvenir Spoon
This is a very ornate antique Art Nouveau sterling silver New York souvenir spoon made by Whiting and dated 1895. It has early Whiting Hallmarks and is marked sterling; guaranteed solid sterling silver. The top is hand engraved 1895 and the rest of the spoon is done in high relief; very fancy and ornate indicative of the "gay 90s" progressive era. Size is 6" long. The bowl is engraved "New York". Other than light age wear surface scratches it is excellent. The pattern is still very crisp and detailed; not worn. There are no dents or dings or gauges, tears, or deep scratches. Never altered or repair and in completely original condition from a NY estate this is a lovely, early souvenir spoon for your NY memorabilia or antique souvenir spoon collection!
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Art Deco 1924 Towle Sterling Silver Tongs Sugar Candy Bon Bon
Art Deco 1924 Towle Sterling Silver Tongs Sugar Candy Bon Bon - This is a 1920s Art Deco Towle Silversmiths sterling silver sugar tongs with 3 strong thick tines on the tips. Never monogrammed or inscribed they are well made having early Towle hallmarks, sterling and Guaranteed to be solid sterling silver. They are thick so they will retain their form without denting. They also have a good spring back which is an indicator of higher quality silversmithing. Size is 4" long. This size tong is commonly used as a server for sugar, delicate foods like hors d'ouevres, cookies, candies, bon bon, light pastries or other fine foods. Width across the clawed tip is 1/2" across. Width across the handle is 7/16" at the top of the pattern tapering down to 3/16" at the bottom. Condition is excellent, original, No damage or repair. Never altered or modified. No dents or dings. No tears. Having beautiful older vintage 1920s early Art Deco design and being of better quality by a known maker these are lovely sterling silver serving tongs for your formal dining or luncheon table.
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Art Deco Black Starr Frost 462gr Sterling Silver Reticulated Handled Tray
Art Deco Black Starr Frost 462gr Sterling Silver Reticulated Handled Tray - Authentic 1920s to 1930s large sized beautifully made Art Deco fancy reticulated sterling silver handled serving tray which is stamped sterling with hallmarks and signed Black Starr, Frost, Exclusive Design. Guaranteed to be solid sterling silver and in original condition free of any alterations, repairs or modifications. Other than 2 very small negligible dings on the edge from age and use it is in excellent condition. Size is 10 1/2" across by 5 1/2" tall including the base. Weight is heavy at 462 grams. A jeweler polishing will make this look wonderful with any other Art Deco or fancy period silver that you have or use as a bridal basket. Lovely for pastry or any other serving for your formal dining table.
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