Small Vintage 14K Gold Onyx Cabochon Earrings Pierced Post
Vintage 1970s 14K yellow gold gold pierced post onyx cabochon earrings. Never Used. No Wear. Old Store Stock. Metal: 14K yellow gold, tested and Guaranteed Gemstones: Onyx Gemstone Size: 7mm each Gemstone Cut: Cabochon Size: Each earrings top is 5/16" by 1/4". Condition: Store Stock Display, Never Used
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Sparkly Showy Vintage 14K Gold Short Hoop Earrings Pierced
No dents or wear. Sorry for any photo flash glare. These are Highly Reflective and Very Showy. Lovely pair of vintage 1980s pierced hook short hoop fancy diamond cut earrings in solid 14K yellow gold. They are marked 14K with maker mark and are also jeweler tested and Guaranteed solid 14K gold. Condition is no damage, no repair, no alteration. No dents or dings. Shiny and clean. Like New! Size measures 3/4" tall north to south from top of hook down to bottom. East to west measurement is also 3/4" end corner to end corner. Depth is a full 1/8" and rounded. Although they are light weight and easy to wear they are securely made and have a nice chunky look. Weight is 1.8 grams. The hooks work well. You can hear the rod snap into place when it is closed. This is a gorgeous pair of vintage 1980s earrings for any occasion. Not big and gaudy, yet very showy and noticeable!!
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vintage 14k yellow gold .5 carat diamond dangle earrings
Vintage 14k Gold .5 Carat Diamond Brutalist Earrings
A pair of vintage 14k gold .5 carat diamond Brutalist earrings. Very 1970s. Very showy. 7.1 grams. 1.75 inches long. Excellent Condition. Please view our photos and product description for more information.
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Vintage 14k Gold 1.7 Cts Bezeled Citrine Pierced Earings Size Small
Vintage 14k Gold 1.7 Cts Bezeled Citrine Pierced Earings Size Small
This is a small delicate pair of vintage 14K yellow gold, bezel set citrine pierced post earrings. The stones are beautiful..... clear, deep golden honey amber color, oval cuts. Total carat weight is 1.7 carats. Each stone is 8mm by 6mm. Size is 3/8" long. Condition is excellent. They are well made with the stones set in fancy twisted gold bezels. A lovely pair of topaz gemstone earrings for any occasion. They have beautiful color and sparkle.
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Vintage 14k Gold 2″ Long Triple Stick Rice Pearl Earrings Pierced
Long, Showy, 14K yellow gold, pierced-post shoulder duster earrings with natural white pearls and movable 14K yellow gold balls. Guaranteed to be solid 14k gold. 14k gold Butterfly Backs. Excellent used condition. Not eye visible when worn but a few of the gold balls have a very tiny indent mark probably from the original casting. The top ball on each earring has vertical textured lines. The rice pearls are natural, have very pretty cream white color and are 8-9mm long each. This is a beautiful pair of big vintage statement earrings for your collection. They hang down toward the nape of the neck and are VERY NOTICEABLE. Weight is 2.5 grams.
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Vintage 14k Gold 4.8gr Blooming Iris Flower Pearl Pierced Post Earrings
A pair of thick, solid, vintage 14K yellow gold, pierced-post, open iris half flower earrings with natural pearls. Butterflies are marked 14K and the earrings are tested and Guaranteed to be solid 14K gold. Size is just over 3/4" tall by 3/4" wide. The pearls are older cultured, excellent quality and 5mm each with beautiful cream white color. The 14K gold is very thick and extremely well-made. Weight is 4.8 grams. The gold has a showy brushed finish.
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Vintage 14K Gold Amethyst Pierced Earrings
This is a pair of vintage 14k gold amethyst pierced earrings from the 1980s. Light weight, comfortable and easy to wear. Old store stock display. Pierced post with butterfly backs that are marked 14K. Also tested and guaranteed solid 14K gold with natural mined amethyst gemstones in excellent, crisp, and clean condition. They have deep linear recesses in the gold to make the gold highly reflective and showy. The stones are 7mm by 5mm or .65 carat each. They are very clear, clean, pear shaped cuts. Total carat weight is 1.3 carats. Size of each earring is 9/16" long by 5/16" wide. No damage. No repair. A lovely pair of 14K gold and natural amethyst gemstone earrings for any occasion; the stones have nice strong purple color with pinkish highlights; not pale.
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Vintage 14K Gold Diamond Cut Leaf Earrings OSS Pierced Hook
Jeweler Estate Old Store Stock Display Jewelry Earrings Type: Vintage fancy diamond cut pierced hook. Metal: Solid 14K yellow gold (Always jeweler tested and Guaranteed) None of these were ever stamped due to diamond cut work Age: 1970s-1980s store stock. Size: Each earring is 3/4" tall (top of hook to bottom of leaf). The leaves alone are 1/2" and showy! Construction: Lightweight yet very strong and durable. Won't come apart. Able to be worn daily. Condition: Good as new. Old jeweler store stock display. Never used. Comfortable, Easy to wear.
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Vintage 14k Gold Fancy Diamond Cut Pierced Hoop Earrings Chunky Look
This is a pair of very fancy vintage 14K yellow gold pierced hoop earrings. Marked 14K and guaranteed to be solid 14K gold. They have very fancy etched diamond cut work that sparkles against a fancy textured background. Size of each earring is 1" tall by 7/16" wide by 1/8" deep. Weight is 2.8 grams. Condition is excellent, very carefully used. No damage dents or dings. No repair. They are well made and showy. A lovely pair of vintage hoop statement earrings for any occasion.
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Vintage 14K White Gold Diamonds Pierced Chandelier Earrings Medium
14K White Gold Diamond chandelier Earrings Metal: Solid 14K White Gold Mark: 14K and a maker mark. Guaranteed to be solid 14K white gold with its original diamonds. Stones: Natural Diamonds, NON Treated Total Carat Diamond Weight: .62 Carat Size: 1.62 inches tall North to South by .56 inch wide East to West Weight: 5.6 grams Condition: Good as new. No damage or repair.
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Vintage 14k Yellow Gold European Leverback Dangle Earrings
Vintage 14k Yellow Gold European Leverback Dangle Earrings
This is a showy pair of vintage 14K Yellow Gold locking leverback pierced dangle earrings with either dyed topaz, czs or paste stones. Marked 14K Israel, tested and guaranteed to be solid 14K gold.....Not plated. They are very well made with broader than average leverbacks, fancy dangles and hand set stones. Weight is 3 grams. Size of each earring is just over 1 1/2" from top of hook to bottom of dangle. Excellent Condition. No damage or repair. Secure Leverbacks. This is a lovely pair of showy vintage statement dangle earrings for your 14K gold jewelry collection.
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Vintage Fancy 10K White Gold Onyx Diamond Dangle Earrings
Vintage Fancy 10K White Gold Onyx Diamond Dangle Earrings - This is a very ornate pair of solid 10K white gold drop dangle earrings with natural mined diamonds and a natural mined black onyx marquise cabochon stone. They are marked 10K with maker markings. Pierced post with butterfly backs. Size is 1 3/8" tall by 3/8" wide. Onyx Stones are 16mm tall north to south, cabochon cuts, bright, shiny black. The diamonds are both bezel set on the top connectors and bezel prong set on the dangles. Total carat diamond weight is approximately .44 carat. Weight is 4.9 grams for both. Condition is excellent, very gently used. No damage or repair. The top onyx cabs are beautifully wrapped in hand applied double millgrain long stem flowers with diamond tops. This is a beautiful, fancy pair of 10K white gold gemstone earrings for everyday use or formal wear. They are particularly pretty with the flower wraps and very ornate with millgrain delicate cut work on the edges throughout.
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Vintage 14k Gold And Shell Cameo Pierced Earrings
Vintage Mid Century 14k Gold Shell Cameo Pierced Dangle Earrings
This is a pair of 1970s vintage 14k gold carved shell cameo pierced dangle earrings. The earrings have pierced post backs. The posts are better quality screw/ridged type. Each butterfly back is marked 14k. oth the earring dangles and the post as well as the butterflies are tested and Guaranteed solid 14K yellow gold......NOT plated or filled. Overall, condition is excellent, gently used condition with no dents or deep scratches. One post has a slight age bend. The cameos have no cracks, chips, or hairlines. Each cameo has an excellent level of detail; you can see the carved mouth, nose, and intaglio eyes. Size of each earring measures 1.25″ from top of ball top to bottom of dangle. Width across widest point is 1/2″ wide across. The total weight is 3.3 grams. This is a lovely pair of 1970s mid century 14k gold cameo dangle earrings for your collection.
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X Large 14K Gold Hoop Earrings Vintage
X Large 14K Gold Hoop Earrings Vintage Big Dramatic, 14K Yellow Gold Shoulder Duster Earrings Pierced Hook 6.6 grams 2 inch diameter Larger than 1/8″ across outside of hoop Very Excellent used condition.
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