Vintage Handmade Copper Trinket Dish Chile
Vintage Handmade Copper Trinket Dish Chile Metal: Solid Copper Age: Mid Century Type: Small Trinket Dish, Handmade Size: 3.75 inch diameter across Condition: Excellent. No damage or repair. Age patina.
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Vintage Old Red Italian Glass Child Youth Rosary Beads Christian Catholic
Vintage Italian Glass Child Teen Rosary Beads Christian Catholic
This is a vintage hand made red Italian glass estate rosary in a small size probably used by a child or young teen. It is completely made by hand; the beads have slight size variations. The original metal tag is intact and reads: Made in Italy. Normal age wear. Not polished. Size is 17 1/4" long. The crucifix is flat and measures 3/4". The beads are deep showy garnet red color. This is a lovely vintage rosary for your collection.
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Vintage Lanvin Arpege Powdered Mist Perfume #803 6 oz Excell Charles of the Ritz
Vintage Arpege powdered mist Perfume by Lanvin, Charles of the Ritz. 6 ounces Blended in the USA with perfume imported from France, #803. When you shake the bottle you can hear and feel that it is still pretty much full. The gold top has a little age wear. It is still in its original box which has a dent on the side. Box is 5 3/4" tall. Lovely hard to find item for anyone who collects older, vintage fragrances
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Vintage Mid Century Reptilian Handbag XL
Vintage Mid century Reptilian Handbag XL Material: Natural Reptile or Eel Size: Extra Large 15 inches by 8 inches Condition: No tears or splits or holes. No repair. Still soft and pliable. Top has wear to the color. Skins on the body and clasp are all good. Very good vintage condition. Please click to see price, photos, and full product information. Feel free to use the contact us link at the top of the page for any questions.
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Vintage Mid Century Warwick 8 Fountain Pen Display Salesman Sample
Vintage mid century advertising Warwick Fountain Pen salesman's sample display with 8 never used fountain pens. All complete and from an estate where it was kept in excellent condition. Very minor age wear. One pen has a small ding on the handle. Never used. All 8 pens are matte colored plastic. There are 2 black, 1 blue and 5 brown. The brown is more of a mauve brown color. The display itself is cardboard. This is a lovely vintage mid century display for anyone who specializes in mid century items, advertising, or writing instruments.
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Vintage Orrefors Nils Landberg Mid Century Romeo Juliet Vase
Vintage Orrefors Nils Landberg Mid Century Romeo Juliet Vase - This is a vintage mid century modernism, Swedish modern signed Orrefors Nils Landberg Estate Crystal/Glass depicting the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet. Other than some light faint age scratches and one age chip on the bottom edge it is in excellent overall condition. It is thick, heavy, well made, squared crystal in original condition. Never modified or altered (polished down) or repaired. Size is 7.75 inches tall by 3" wide deep by 2.5" wide across the bottom. The Romeo & Juliet balcony scene is clearly delineated and crisply etched. Nicely detailed. Filled with flowers this is a lovely Scandinavian glass vase for your mid century modernism decor. As always, Free Shipping!
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Vintage Politcal Pinback 5 Truman Wilkie Roosevelt FDR Hoover Dewey
This is a group of 5 vintage political pinback buttons. Only the Franklin D Roosevelt button is marked on the edge A-O-1972-23. The others are Harry S Truman, Thomas Dewey, Wilkie, Herbert Hoover. All 5 are in very good/excellent condition. They are not rusted or scratched up or discolored. All have pretty clean backs. All have nice, bright color. All are from the 1970s and came from as estate where they were put away and just left there since the 1970s. Sizes range from 1 1/4" to just about 1 1/2" in diameter on the largest Roosevelt button. Condition Details: Some are very good and some are excellent vintage condition. Minimal age wear. One has a 1972 date mark. The rest are unmarked, undated. All are from the 1970s and from the same estate. Stored away since the 70s. Color is still crisp and bright. Good backs. Maybe a few faint surface scratches that are not eye noticeable when worn.
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Vintage Porcelain Rose Purple Pink Flower Bowl Violets Petunias
This is a vintage porcelain flower bowl with a good, thick, heavily glazed finish containing hand painted pink, rose, and purple colored flowers and gold trim.Very bright and colorful. Size is 3 1/2" tall north to south by 5 3/4" wide across the center east to west. It is very well made and beautifully decorated. Condition is excellent, very gently used. There are no cracks, chips, flakes, hairlines, or any other damage. Some minor age wear to the gold edging and some light brown spots underneath on the bottom. Never repaired or altered in any way. All original. No craze to the glaze. Ready to use for your favorite flowers or rose petals this is a lovely, vintage flower bowl for your entryway or formal table. Very, very pretty!
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Vintage Porcelain Vanity Trinket Jewelry Box Bronze Ormulu
Lovely vintage porcelain trinket, vanity, jewel box with painted flowers, green trim and beautiful ornate bronzed ormulu applied decoration. Size is 2 1/2" front to back from tip of heart to back hinge. Width across the top is 2 1/4"east to west across the body of the heart. Height is 1 1/2" top to bottom. Overall condition is excellent. No cracks or chips or flakes. No repair. All original and never modified or altered in any way. The bronze has a deep dark aged patina and the porcelain is all still crisp and clean. A lovely addition for your vanity or special keepsakes or jewelry.
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Vintage Red Pen Pencil Set Pierre Cardin Twist Top Desk Accessory
Vintage Red Pen Pencil Set Pierre Cardin Twist Top Desk Accessory -
***Sorry for any photo glare or white spots you may see on the photo. These are in like new condition! Metal is not worn or scratched up, minimal faint surface age wear only. Cherry red is still bright and clear. This is a beautiful, professional showy red Pierre Cardin 3 Pen Pencil Stylus gift set. No wearing down of the metal. All still crisp, clean, bright and shiny like when originally made. Hardly used if ever. Size is 5 1/2" long. Very chunky and solid, Very well made. Both pieces signed Pierre Cardin with logo. Both have twist tops. Ink has dried with age. Lovely set for daily use or as a desk accessory.
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Vintage Sterling Silver Amethyst Glass Cake Tray Ornate Large
Antique Vintage Sterling Silver Amethyst Glass Cake or Other Serving Tray Age: Late 1800s to 1920s Overlay: Sterling Silver Material: True amethyst glass, semi transparent with a hint of craberry. Size; 14.25" across in diameter by 1.25″ top to bottom Condition: Original, Excellent, Some minor age wear to the silver. No damage or repair. No cracks, chips, flakes, nicks, hairlines or any other damage. No sickness or wear marks to the glass. Absolutely stunning large early silver overlay amethyst glass to grace your formal dining table. Able to add any silver or other serving bowl in the center.
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Vintage Tin Dollhouse Furniture Childs Toy Miniature
Vintage Tin Dollhouse Furniture Childs Toy Miniature for a child or large oversized dollhouse. Handmade and Late Mid Century in very good condition. No breaks to metal. Cushions are old brocade type fabric and have some age wear. Lovely group for collectors of vintage handmade metalwork childrens toys and dolls. Please see photos and read full product description for sizes and other information.
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WW2 1940s Art Deco Silk Sweetheart Handkerchief Hankie
WW2 1940s Art Deco Silk Sweetheart Handkerchief Hankie - This is a lovely fine silk cotton 1940s military sweetheart patriotic handkerchief that was kept in very excellent condition over the past 75 years. It was given to the original estate owner by her soldier sweetheart back in the 1940s and is made of an ultra fine silk. It has an overall hearts pattern with edging that reads, "When This You See, Think of Me. As it maintains its original folds and does not appear to have been used often we can only assume that the original owner only carried this with her in her handbag but never really used it. It is also decorated in patriotic red, white and blue colors. Overall condition is excellent. No holes or tears. No stiches. Never altered or repaired. Completely original. No modifications. All red border trim is intact. This is a beautiful original one owner hankie for your patriotic, military or vintage and antique clothing collection.
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