Penguin and Ronson Lighters Parts Repair Restore
From an estate and for parts, repair or restoration this is a group of 2 vintage cigarette lighters from the 1950s-60s. One is a 2" tall leatherette Ronson lighter that is not working and has lots of wear to the material. The other is a 1 3/4" tall, sleek mid century design Penguin, Japan lighter, also not working and has wear to metal. Not working. Worn and scratched. Being sold for parts, repair or restore.
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Pierre Cardin Pen Pencil 3 PCE Set Desk Accessory Writing Instrument
Pierre Cardin Pen Pencil 3 PCE Set Desk Accessory Writing Instrument -
***Sorry for any photo glare or white spots you may see on the photo. These are in like new condition! Metal is not worn or scratched up, minimal faint surface age wear only. This is a beautiful, professional silver chrome and gold brass hardly ever used signed Pierre Cardin 3 Pen Pencil Stylus gift set. No wearing down of the metal. All still crisp, clean, bright and shiny like when originally made. Size is 5 1/2" long. Very well made. Both pieces signed Pierre Cardin with logo. Both have twist tops. Ink has dried with age. Lovely set for daily use or as a desk accessory.
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RARE Antique 1914 Bronze and Copper Orig Elks Lodge Pendant Wall Fixture
Originally from an Elk's Lodge in New York City this is a very rare and hard to find antique 1868 to 1914 Elks Hanging Pendant Fixture for wall, foyer or above doorway. I understand that very, very few of these exist today. The elk is made of solid bronze (NOT plated) and the back is solid copper (not plated). The chain is original. The insignia of the state of NY is prominently applied to the front. Size without the chain is 8" across in diameter. Depth is 4 1/2" from the tip of the antler to the back of the base. The back has a lot of age wear oxidation and patina which could be polished down to the copper. The front has an applied painted finish that is wearing off. The back has a lot of age patina. Other than this it is excellent. No dent or dings. No damage or repair. Sits flat on table without a wobble. Still all even. This piece would be lovely stripped down to its original bronze and copper. A great, authentic, original item for an advanced Elks collector.
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RENEWAL Dollhouse Furniture Washing Machine Tub
RENEWAL Dollhouse Furniture Washing Machine Tub Group of vintage Renewal Dollhouse Furniture in very used condition. Please see photos and read full product description. Nice group for decorating an original, authentic Renewal Dollhouse!
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Retired 26PCS Marine Toys for Tots 24K Fine China Service Complete Set For 4
Fabulous Find! Hard to find, most popular, 25 yr old, retired, Marine Toys for Tots, Christmas Holiday Fine China service for 4 consisting of 26 pieces including the serving bowl and the long serving platter. All manufacturer BRAND NEW china and never removed from their boxes. Boxes have wear. Each piece is ivory porcelain with 24K gold banding. Set is as follows: (4) - 10 1/2 dinner plates (4) - cups (4) - saucers (4) - soup bowls (4) - bread and butter plates (4) - salad/dessert plates (1) - 9" serving bowl (1) - 14" oval platter This is the most desired Marine for Tots China Set. Very popular and Very Hard to Find a complete, never used, set like this. It is very well made and beautifully decorated. Only the boxes have age wear from storage and the largest box has come apart. Boxed Weight is 38 LBS. This is a good set!!
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Set of 6 Leonard Pistol Grip Rockport Dinner Knives Unused
Nice quality Pistol Grip Rockport Leonard Stainless Steel dinner knives still in their original box with their original packaging. They were rarely used if ever and look like brand new that was maybe used once or twice and then put away. Size of each knife is 9" long. No damage. Strong, durable, fine quality, thick, solid stainless steel for your tableware collection.
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Vatican Holy Year 1925 Catholic Pope Pius XI Jubilee Pendant Fob
This is am early Art Deco rare medal as a limited amount were made and many did not survive. Made to celebrate the rare Vatican Holy Year 1925 Pope Pius XI jubilee this is a souvenir pendant, medal or fob with Pope Pius XI on one side and the Vatican on the other side. It is still very crisp with excellent detail. The silver is smooth, NOT rough like the photo. Sorry for photo glare. Excellent Condition. Minor age wear. Clean but not freshly polished out. The tiny decorations on the papal costume are still crisp and clear. Size is 1" across. This is a lovely piece for your rare antique Catholic religious jewelry collection.
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Victorian Prince of Whales Coin Box 1 PENNY 1/2 CENT
Fantastic Estate Find in original, excellent condition!! This is a lovely antique early Victorian Prince of Wales Box coin case containing an 1838 1 1/2 cent coin and an 1843 penny cent coin. All pieces are in excellent condition. Box size is 5/8" across by 1/8" tall. A rare unusual early estate addition for your collection.
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Vintage 1950s Steiff Mohair 12 inch Kangaroo Original No Joey
Vintage Steiff Kangaroo Linda Bear - No Joey 1950s Mohair All original estate item. Mohair is 95% intact. Some reinforced stitching above and below arm on the seam and 3 stitches to back. One felt hole on bottom of foot. Overall age dust/dirt. Good original paw, nose, mouth stitching, original eyes, original felt. See photos and full product description.
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Vintage 1963 to 1964 Box Cricket Trophy Bowl Dish
Vintage 1963 - 1964 BCL Box Cricket League Silverplated Trophy Bowl. Size is 7" long East to West by 4.5" Wide North to South by 2.25" tall/deep. Front is engraved BCL Sylvia & Jess Blonder 63-64 All silverplating is intact. Has some light age wear scratches. Local estate find for your vintage sports memorabilia collection.
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Vintage Alligator Crocodile Reptilian Handbag
Authentic, vintage, 1960s, alligator shoulder handbag with it's original "Genuine Florida Alligator" label inside the bag. Very good condition. Has a small split in the outer layer of skin only on the top corner than is easily glued. The leather inside is a little tight from age but you can still open and close it easily without it splitting or breaking. From an estate and it has not been oiled or cleaned. No stains inside. See photo. Size is 8.25" tall when standing North to South by 12" long East to West by 3" deep on the sides when closed. Fairly large size with its original, long, full shoulderstrap tucked inside the bag. A lovely bag for any vintage mid century or natural reptilian handbag collection. Condition Details: From estate: shelf dusty, outer corner has a small split (see photo) easily glued. Skin is a little dry with age but doesn't crack when using the's still flexible enough for usage. You can feel it's a little tight when opening and closing it. All original with original label.
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Vintage ASR Kettle Table Cigarette Lighter Set
From an estate this is a vintage kettle style table cigarette lighter and ashtray/holder with black screw on handles. Both pieces are signed ASR and from the late 1940s. Lighter is working but needs fluid as the flame dies out quickly. See photo. Size of each piece is a little less that 5" East to West from tip of handle to opposite end on kettle edge. The lighter is 3" tall and the ashtray/holder is 2 1/4" tall. Both pieces have some wear and are starting to show signs of pitting.
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Vintage Brass Sconce Pendant Light Lamp Wall Fixture
This is a very fancy vintage revival, all hand cast, solid brass wall sconce fixture from an estate foyer with a large hanging pendant light. It has a lot of age patina and very ornate open work throughout. Rewiring is needed as the old cloth wire is frayed and won't work. The bulk of the fixture is solid brass. Only the small flat center panels are made of brass over metal and the brass is worn on these sections. Behind the panels are older 1950s deep colored hard plastic (pre-vinyl) covers that will light up beautifully once it is rewired. Size of this sconce is 13 1/2" tall from the top of the fancy curved hook in the sconce to the bottom point, North to South. Width across the center of hanging light is 5 1/2" across East to West. A little rewiring and you will have a gorgeous sconce lamp for your hall, den, or foyer wall. Condition Details: No dents or dings. Frayed cord. Age patina is original and not polished out. The bulk of the sconce and hanging light are solid brass. Only the flat center panels are a different metal that is brass plated. This section has age wear to the plating. The rest is of the fixture is solid brass and fine.
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Vintage Bremer Ratskeller Stein Bar Ware Beer
Vintage Bremer Ratskeller Stein Bar Ware Beer Estate Item Type: Vintage Beer Stein Material: Porcelain Bisque Size: .51 Litre Height: 6.5" Width across body: 4.25" including handle Condition: Excellent vintage. No cracks or chips. No repair. Light age wear craze in glaze. Minor.  
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Vintage Chinese Horse Lion Carved Soapstone Figures
Vintage Chinese Horse Lion Carved Soapstone Figures Estate Miniatures Age: Mid Century Type: Hand Carved Figures, Chinese Lion and Horse Stone: Natural Soapstone Size: Lion: 2.25 inches by 1.62 inches tall Horse: 2.37 inches by 1.62 inches tall Condition: Excellent, some edge wear. No cracks or chips.  
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Vintage Copeland Spodes Tower England Flow Blue Creamer
This is a lovely older vintage Copeland Spodes Tower Flow Blue creamer in the larger size and in excellent overall condition. It has older vintage markings and beautiful deep flowing blue color. This particular type of Staffordshire English Porcelain/Pottery is exceptionally well made and quite desirable with collectors. Size is 4 1/2" across east to west from top edge of handle to tip of spout by 4" tall from top of handle to base north to south. Width across 2" front to back across the center. Being very bulbous in design the width across the body of course is larger. Overall condition is excellent. No cracks or chips.flakes or damage or repair. All original. Never altered. All good strong blue to cream white color. No Still crisp and clean. No discoloration. A lovely addition for your antique and vintage flow blue collection and for your formal dining table.
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Vintage Handmade Asian Filigree Silver Gateway Art Sculpture
This is a beautiful vintage handmade Asian silver filigree art gateway sculpture from an estate and in excellent original condition. It is very detailed architecturally for this type of sculpture with a curved arched roof and a silver ladder leading to the room above which contains open windows. It is finished off on the underside with blackened niello finish. Size is 8 1/4" tall by 7 1/4" wide east to west across the top arch. The base is 3 1/2" wide by 2 1/2" deep. Condition is excellent. No breaks or damage to the filigree work. No repair or alteration of any kind. Completely original. Older vintage estate find for your Asian antique and vintage art collection!
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Vintage Handmade Copper Trinket Dish Chile
Vintage Handmade Copper Trinket Dish Chile Metal: Solid Copper Age: Mid Century Type: Small Trinket Dish, Handmade Size: 3.75 inch diameter across Condition: Excellent. No damage or repair. Age patina.
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