HTF Eden Red Gingham Stuffed Elephant Babar Tag
HTF Eden Red Gingham Stuffed Elephant Babar Tag Vintage Mid Century in excellent condition. Never played with and has original body, clothes, button eyes and hang tag but has some age dirt/ age color to the plush fur. Please see photos and read product description for more information. This is a lovely hard to find Red Gingham cloth body Babar Series vintage plush toy for your collection. These only pop up every once in a while on line!!
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Hubley Arcade Cast Iron Table and Chair Toy Miniature Dollhouse Salesman Sample
Hubley Arcade Cast Iron Table and Chair Toy Miniature Dollhouse Salesman Sample for Large Antique Dollhouse and/or Salesman's Sample. All pieces are Signed Arcade. This is a lovely estate find for your antique miniature cast iron toy collection. It is an antique Hubley table containing its original pull out draw and 2 matching chairs all in completely original condition. Table size 4.75" long by 3" wide. The chairs measure 3.75" tall each. Solid cast iron metal and heavy. The draw works easily and the majority of the original paint is intact and could use some cleaning. Other than this it is very good all original condition. Nice find for your antique miniature, toy, cast iron, dollhouse and/or salesman sample collection.
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Large 51inch Ebony Rosary Beads 12m Christian Catholic
This is a very large 51" late Art Deco to early Mid Century ebony Christian/Catholic rosary from Italy with long oval 12mm ebony beads. It is very light weight and easy to carry. Marked Italy on the metal backed crucifix. The centerpiece has a fancy cut out open work raised Miraculous Mary with stars above her head. It is also marked Italy. The crucifix is 2 1/8" tall and looks like it is framed in 1940s aluminum. From an Art Deco estate. Other than a thin split in the wood on one arm where the Christ figure is nailed into the cross it is in excellent, original condition. Never repaired. Still strong and secure. No damage or wear the beads. This is a lovely estate rosary for your vintage religious collection.
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Mid Century Denmark Modern Stainless Teak Butter Server
*****Sorry for the photo glare. This item is in excellent condition. This is a vintage Danish modern stainless steel and teak wood butter server in excellent, used condition. It is marked Made in Denmark, Stainless Steel, 18-8, MCA. It is very strong and well made. Other than some light surface wear and surface scratches it is in excellent condition. No dents or dings. No tears or repair. Still sits straight and flat on a table without a wobble. Size is 4" across North to South by 8" long East to West by 3" tall. A lovely original Danish modern item for your mid century modernism collection.
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Mid Century Georges Rival French Streetscape Oil Painting
****Colors are much deeper, darker and stronger than photo. Actual is more well-defined than photo. This is an original, signed Georges Rival French streetscape oil painting from an estate and in its original frame. Size of frame is 32" tall North to South by 25" wide across East to West. The frame has some old white paint drops on it. The painting is 25" North to South by 17 1/2" East to West. This is the measurement of what you actually see within the frame. One will occasionally see the mid century Georges Rival seascape paintings but the French streetscape seems to be a little more unusual and harder to find. There is some general age crackling and one white paint chipped spot. I have seen on line that paint chipping is somewhat common with Rival works due to the thickness of paint application and nature of the painting. Other than this, it is in excelelnt condition. No tears, damage or other paint chips. The colors are deep and strong; actual is a little darker than photo. This is a lovely painting by a well known mid century artist for your collection.
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Mid Century Ingeborg Lundin Orrefors Ariel Graal Vase Scandinavian
Mid Century Ingeborg Lundin Orrefors Ariel Graal Vase Scandinavian - This is a stunning example of Orrefors Ariel Graal mid century Scandinavian Swedish Modern geometric design glass made by Ingeborg Lundin (highly accomplished well listed artist, heavily published, major long term artistic design for Orrefors as well as gold prize achiever in 1957). Signed Orrefors, Ariel 159 M, Ingeborg Lundin. M series is from 1963. (See last 2 photos for markings). It is from an estate collection of mid century Scandinavian glass and in excellent, original condition. No chips or cracks. Completely original. Never altered or polished out. Some normally expected light, minor, faint age scratches at the bottom. Size is large at just about 6" tall and weight is 7.8lbs. Width across the top is also 6". Thickness is 9/16" at the top tapering down to 1 5/8" at the bottom. Color is an unusual and likely harder to find green that shades from bright mint green to slate green in natural lighting. For the discriminating collector of mid century modernism Swedish Modern glass this is an exceptionally fine example in a rare color and size by a well respected artist for your collection!  
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Mid Century Italian Seguso Art Glass Bunny Rabbit Sculpture Figure
Mid Century Italian Seguso Art Glass Bunny Rabbit Sculpture Figure made by Archimede Seguso in Murano, Italy. It is beautifully made and the rabbit has srong features and a very pensive look. Size is 6" tall by 4" wide across the ears by 2 1/2"wide across the bottom. Front to back depth of the bottom is 3 3/4". It has very few internal bubbles and the outside condition is excellent. No chips, or cracks, or hairlines, or flakes. All original. Never modified, altered or repaired.  Direct from the estate of original original where is sat in a cabinet all these years. This is a lovely art glass sculpture by a very famous Italian maker for your mid century collection. Being a popular sculpture it has been mimicked by other glass makers with various changes (squatting, long tail, leaning over, different ears, etc..) over the years.  
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Mid Century Peter Pepper Desk Barometer Danish Modern Scandinavian
This is a mid-century modern Peter Pepper trio thermometer (Fahrenheit , Celsius Scales) and barometer. It is of very fine quality and made of teak over metal. It is also fully functional, works well, and is in excellent condition. All of the crystals are original. The instrument faces are enamel on steel; clean and clear. The steel bezels have minor surface scratches and could use a polishing. The teak is also excellent having only very minor edge wear at the back bottom. Size is 12" long by 4 1/2" tall up the front panel. Bearing the Peter Pepper name and logo and having such fine quality crafting this is a lovely addition for you mid-century modern desk display or collection; work great with Danish Modern Scandinavian teak items.
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Mid Century Rosenthal Netter Aldo Londi Bitossi Tall Owl Vase
Mid Century Rosenthal Netter Aldo Londi Bitossi Tall Owl Vase - Beautiful example of handmade mid century Italian Art Pottery/Ceramic designed by master potter Aldo Londi of the Bitossi Company for Rosenthal Netter with a showy mid century Italian Sgraffito finish. The base is signed Rosenthal Netter. Made in Italy for Rosenthal Netter. It is from a mid century estate of art glass and pottery and is in its original excellent condition. No damage or repair. All original. No touchups. No modification or alteration. Both detail and colors are still bright, crisp, clear, and clean. Size is 10" tall by 4.75 base and 3.75" ear to ear. Very thick, well-made, and chunky looking. The outside Sgraffito is also highly noticeable both in color - bright yellows, greens, browns, tans, oranges etc... as well as in the hand applied scratched, dotted pattern and distressed appearance for which Londi is well known. Once the design is integrated into the pottery by hand the glaze is then applied to provide the final finish. From the original owner's mid century estate this owl is a gorgeous, large, showy example of mid century modernism for your collection.
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Mid Century Seguso Tall Prismatic Sculptural Vase Slate Blue
Mid Century Seguso Tall Prismatic Sculptural Vase Slate Blue Color 1960 Italian Art Glass Modernist Piece. Very architectural design in the shape of a long perfect rectangle with completely squared top and bottom. Size is 10 3/4" tall north to south. All sides are 2 5/8" across east to west. Top and bottom are 2 5/8"squared. It has a long lean look with a noticeable swooping interior amid a prismatic block. The slate blue goes to clear on the outside with deeper color in the interior. From overall age and use there are a couple of very small flakes on one edge only. Not noticeable unless facing frontwards and empty of flowers. The rest is excellent. No chips or cracks. No repair or alteration. Nice tall size by a well known, desirable mid century glass artist from a world renowned glass house that is centuries old in Italy. This is a gorgeous vase for your formal table or office.
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Mid Century Silver Leaf Ice Bucket Bar Ware Dining
Vintage 1960s mid century modern barware or dining silver leaf glass ice bucket with tongs in excellent condition. The tongs are a later addition. From an estate and held up well all these years. No cracks or chips. Good frosting. Crisp silver. These vintage ice buckets are usually found in gold leaf. This is a more unusual silver leaf bucket and works well with any mid century silver flatware or silver or chrome glass caddy you may have. A lovely table or barware accessory for your mid century collection. Size is just about 5" tall by 5 3/4" wide across the mouth. Most standard caddies will hold up to 6.5" wide across.
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Miniature Dollhouse Slanted Artist Drafting Desk w Chair
All original late mid century toy collector's estate item. It is in very good, original condition. Please see photos and read product description below for further information.
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Miniature Hoosier Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Dollhouse Salesman Sample
Miniature Hoosier Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Dollhouse Salesman Sample child's toy or for a very large dollhouse. It is all handmade of solid lightweight wood (glued, pegged and nailed). The wood is cracking on the grain in some places and there are 2 areas of missing white finish. It is from a 1930s estate and was likely made for original owner during this time. The hoosier measures 9" tall by 5.5" wide. The chair is 4.75" tall. A lovely older vintage estate find for your antique and vintage miniature and/or salesman sample collection.
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Ornate Carved Vintage Mahogany Box Trinket Sewing Memorial Jewelry Personals
Lovely mahogany wood antique/vintage handmade fancy book shape box in excellent condition. It is from an estate where it was used to house sewing buttons and trinkets. Can also be used for personals, momentos, memorials, jewelr, etc....Shape is thick book style with carving on the top, sides, front and back. It is hand hammered together with very tiny nails and a hand nailed metal hinge which you can see in the photos. Nicely hand crafted, very well made. Size is 6 5/8" long East to West by 2" tall North to South by 4 1/4" deep. This is a beautiful antique carved box for any special item you wish to safely store.
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Ornate Vintage Brass Kessler Wall Clock Non Working
Vintage Decorative Mid Century Ornate Kessler Brass Wall Clock Non-Working Metal: Solid Brass Weight: Approx 6LBS Size: 18.5" by 11" Maker: Warren Kessler Age: Mid to Late Mid Century Design: Victorian Revival, Aesthetic Scrolls and Flourishes Construction: Strong,, Thick, Solid, Crisp Casting. Handmade in 2 Parts. Condition: Original, Excellent Case.    
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Pair Antique Victorian Amberina Glass Cruets Strong Colors
This is a gorgeous pair of antique Victorian amberina cruets with intense red color at the top tapering to light amber at the bottom. They have a graduated hobnail pattern that is very tiny at the top, larger in the mid section and largest at the widest part of the body. Size of each is 5 1/2" tall by 3 1/2" across the middle. Across the top spout area is 1 3/4" and almost 2" across the base. Condition is excellent. No cracks or hairlines. No chips or flakes. No wear to the color. These cruets came from an estate where they had been carefully stored away for many, many decades. They are a lovely matched pair find for any antique Victorian glass or amberina collection!! If you have any questions, please feel free to email. As Always, FAST, QUICK SHIPPING!
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PAIR Antique Victorian Dumps Paperweight Red Orchids Large
PAIR Antique Victorian Dumps Paperweight Red Orchids Large - lovely pair of antique Victorian paperweights, dumps in larger than average size with unusual internal colors. They are from an estate collection of Victorian glass antiques to mid century modernist glass. They have areas of surface wear particularly on the flat bottoms and edges and around the very tops. Handed down by original owner these are about 140 years old and consist of rarer mint green color rather than the more common aquamarine color as well as rarer internal colors of red, white, and yellow. Most have a single color if any internally. Size of each is 4 1/2" tall by 4 1/2" wide and very, very chunky. These are quite hefty and weighty. They are also very well made by hand as you can see on the photos of the bottoms. They sit flat and evenly on the table. Other than the overall scratching these are a most unusual pair of Victorian paperweight dumps for your antique glass collection. A good local glass polisher could probably give these a better finish although they are noticeably early and charming the way they are.......Hard to find an early matched handmade pair of these.
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Partial Deck 1928 Art Deco Bubbles Lady Bridge Cards
Art Deco 1928 Winged Flapper Bubbles Lady Cards Partial Deco 32 pieces Artist Signed Sally Macmillan Excellent Condition Original Case is present but has come apart with age
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