14K Gold Blue Sapphires Sea Turtle Charm Tortoise Vintage
14K Gold Blue Sapphires Sea Turtle Charm Tortoise Vintage - This is a small vintage 14k gold sea turtle or tortoise charm with natural deep blue sapphires and CZs. It is beautifully decorated and natural sapphire gemstones and showy CZs. Late mid century with sharp and crisp detail work. Any age wear is minimal and not eye visible. Size measures 1/2" wide and by 13/16" long including the end loop. This charm is small yet very showy and sparkly. A lovely addition for your vintage gold charm bracelet.  
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14K gold Dachshund Dog Charm
14K Gold Dachshund Dog Charm in Excellent Vintage Condition
This is a cute vintage 14k gold dachshund dog charm in excellent condition. The charm was acquired from an estate. Make sure to view our photos, video, and product details for more information! [video width="600" mp4="http://regalities.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/14K-Gold-Dachshund-Dog-Charm-in-Excellent-Vintage-Condition.mp4"][/video]
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14k Gold Enameled Roulette Movable Charm, Late Art Deco
For sale is a vintage 14K gold roulette wheel charm from the late Art Deco period. The charm is in lightly used vintage condition, and has some minor wear to the interior black and red enamel work. The wheel can be spun around from the mechanism in the back. This charm is marked 14K on the back, and it has also been tested and is guaranteed to be 14K gold. The charm measures 11/16 of an inch in diameter, and is 7/16 of an inch thick, and has a weight of 6.4 grams. This is a very detailed and interesting 14K gold roulette wheel charm for your vintage jewelry collection, or charm bracelet.
[video width="600" mp4="http://regalities.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Roulette-Charm.mp4"][/video]  
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14K Gold Racing Sulky Horse Charm with Movable Wheels
This is a vintage 14K yellow gold sulky racing horse and jockey charm with moving wheels. It is marked 14K, jeweler tested and Guaranteed to be solid 14K gold. It came from a mid century bracelet that held 1950s and 1960s charm. The jockey's carriage cart has movable wheels, and the detail work is crisp and clean. Size including the bail measures 1 inch long by 1/2 inch tall. This charm is heavy for it's size and is made from one chunk of gold. Weight is 4.4 grams. Condition is excellent. There are no dents or damage or repair. No alteration of any kind. This is a great vintage sulky charm for your bracelet or to use as a pendant or fob. [video width="600" mp4="http://regalities.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Race-Horse-Jockey-14K-Gold-Charm.mp4"][/video]
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Antique Victorian 18k Gold Tiny Wedding Token Ring Charm
From an antique Victorian miniature charm bracelet this is a very teeny tiny 18K yellow gold and cornflower blue natural sapphire miniature wedding token ring charm in original, excellent condition. It is marked K18, tested and guaranteed to be solid 18K gold. The entire ring only measures 7/16" tall North to South from the top of the sapphire to the bottom of the band. Weight is .5 gram. Condition is original and excellent. No damage or repair. The sapphire is natural and measures 3mm across, is sparkly and noticeable. This is a beautifully made Victorian token charm ring in a very rare size for your antique jewelry collection. Ideal for anyone making an antique Victorian miniature charm bracelet. These are VERY hard to find!!
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Fancy Engraved British English 9k Gold Vintage Harp Charm Harpsichord
For sale is an English 9K gold harp charm with fancy engraved work on the facets. It is hallmarked 375, which indicates it is 9K gold. As with all of our pieces, we have tested it regardless of its marking and guarantee that it is 9K gold. This purchased from an estate as part of a 1950's-1960's charm bracelet. The charm measures 5/8 of an inch tall and is 5/16 of an inch wide with a weight of 1.2 grams. It is thick, solid, and strong and would make a great addition to your charm bracelet or vintage jewelry collection. It has never been inscribed or monogrammed and is in excellent vintage condition. [video width="600" mp4="http://regalities.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Fancy-Engraved-British-English-Scottish-Australian-9k-Gold-Vintage-Stand-Up-Harp-Charm.mp4"][/video]
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Vintage 14k Enameled Spinning Globe World Charm Pendant
Italian 14k Gold Enameled Spinning Earth Globe World Charm Pendant
Gorgeous 14K Yellow Gold Spinning Enameled Globe of the World Charm or Pendant. Size is 1" tall from top of bail to bottom of charm. Width across the globe 5/8". Condition is excellent, gently used, no enamel or gold wear. Weight is 3.1 grams. A lovely addition for your collection. Just add a chain and you will have a showy colorful enameled 14K statement necklace. Please read product description and see the photos!
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14K Gold Ford Model T Charm Late Art Deco
Old Fashioned Heavy 14K Gold Ford Model T Charm Fob Late Art Deco
  [video width="600" mp4="http://regalities.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Ford-Model-T-14K-Gold-Charm.mp4"][/video]
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Small Antique Hallmarked 9k Gold Ruby Infant Charm Ring
For sale is a small Victorian to Art Deco 9K ruby ring miniature charm. The charm is in original condition with almost no surface wear at all. The interior of the ring is marked 333, which is the European standard for 9K gold. The ring measures 3/8 of an inch in diameter, and the natural mined ruby is roughly 2mm across. This is a beautiful Victorian charm ring which would make for an unusual gift or an interesting addition to a charm bracelet. [video width="600" mp4="http://regalities.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Small-Antique-Hallmarked-9k-Gold-Ruby-Infant-Charm-Ring.mp4"][/video]
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Small Southwestern 14k Gold Good Luck Horseshoe Stirrup Charm
For sale is a vintage Art Deco 14K gold good luck horseshoe and stirrup charm. The charm is in very solid and strong condition, and has very minimal surface wear consistent with its vintage age, which is estimated to be from the 1930's-1940's. The charm measures 1/2 of an inch tall and is 7/16 of an inch across the widest side and it weighs 0.7 grams. This is a lovely old horseshoe miniature charm which was purchased from an estate. [video width="600" mp4="http://regalities.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Small-Southwestern-14k-Gold-Good-Luck-Horseshoe-Stirrup-Charm.mp4"][/video]
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Small Vintage Hand Cut 14k Gold Moveable Pot Potty Chair Charm
A small vintage miniature potty chair charm with a movable pot in solid 14K yellow gold. It is hand cast and hand cut having a heart shape in the seat and traditional open work back. Size is 7/16 of an inch tall and 1/4 of an inch wide. The attached handled bucket hangs from the lower wrung of the chair. The charm weights 0.7 gram and is in excellent condition. This is a lovely detailed 14K gold miniature charm for your charm bracelet. [video width="600" mp4="http://regalities.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Small-Vintage-Hand-Cut-14k-Gold-Moveable-Pot-Potty-Chair-Charm.mp4"][/video]
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Vintage 14K Yellow Gold Streetlight Traffic Light Charm
Tiny Vintage 14K Gold Streetlight Charm
Tiny Vintage 14K Gold Streetlight Charm 1950s Estate Jewelry Metal: Solid 14K yellow gold Size: 5/8" tall north to south including the tiny top loop by 5/16" wide Weight: .8 gram Condition: Excellent, very gently used. No damage or repair. Please click on photo to see full product description below and please feel free to use the contact us link at the top of the page if you have any questions.
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Vintage 14k Gold And Diamond Ring In Movable Jewelry Box Charm
For sale is a vintage 14K gold jewelry box charm containing a small diamond engagement ring. It is marked, tested and guaranteed to be solid 14K yellow gold. The condition is excellent with only minor surface wear; it's an older charm and has some age patina. It is 3/8 of an inch on each side of the square, without the bale. The height is 3/16 of an inch tall from the very top of the box to the bottom. With the bale it measures 5/8 of an inch from top of bale to bottom of front. When the lid is open you will see a small, sparkly, old brilliant, bezel set diamond ring which is part of the base. The diamond is very clean VS2 to SI1 clarity with G/H color. It is .03 carat and of very high quality and is noticeable. Gold weight is 2.4 grams. This is a gorgeous item for your antique and vintage charm bracelet. [video width="600" mp4="http://regalities.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Vintage-14k-Gold-And-Diamond-Ring-In-Movable-Jewelry-Box-Charm.mp4"][/video]
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Vintage 14k Gold Christmas Stocking Charm Movable Stuffable Top
Vintage 14K yellow gold Christmas stocking charm with a movable top lid so it can be stuffed. It came from a vintage 1960s charm bracelet and is jeweler tested and guaranteed to be solid 14K gold. This is a small and very well made charm. The 14K gold is thick as you would expect from a vintage charm and the weight is 2.7 grams. The top lid is hinged and the inside is recessed with a small open chamber to hold memorable items like hair locks, tiny photos, pieces of fabric, etc.... Size measurements are 11/16" tall north to south from top of lid to bottom of stocking by 1/4" wide across and 3/8" across the bottom of the stocking. Condition is excellent, very gently used. No damage or repair. No deep scratches or tears. The criss cross pattern in the stocking is still crisp and not worn down. The 14K gold is still thick and sturdy. This is a lovely little vintage Christmas Stocking charm for your charm bracelet or jewelry collection or gifting. [video width="600" mp4="http://regalities.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Vintage-14k-Gold-Christmas-Stocking-Stuffer-Charm-Movable-Top.mp4"][/video]
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Vintage 14k Gold Church Steeple Movable Bell Lord’s Prayer Stanhope Charm Pendant Christian Catholic
Stanhope prayer is signed "France." This is a vintage late Art Deco 14K gold French belltower/church steeple stanhope charm/pendant with a movable bell and the Lord's Prayer, "Our Father" inside. Marked, tested and Guaranteed to be solid 14K gold. The bell has a clacker which makes noise when moved. The Lord's Prayer, "Our Father" is very, very tiny so you have to look for it....Size is 7/8" tall North to South WITHOUT the bale by 3/8" wide and 5/16" deep. With the bail it is 1 1/8" tall. In excellent condition this is a gorgeous substantial charm for your vintage jewelry collection. Just add a chain for a wonderful necklace or attach to your favorite bracelet. Weight is 3.9 grams. No dents or dings. Never monogrammed or inscribed.
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Vintage Art Deco 14k Gold Fancy 2 Page Prayer Bible Book Charm Christian Catholic
Vintage 14k Gold Fancy 3 Prayer Bible Book Charm Christian
Vintage Fancy 14k Gold Bible Prayer Book Charm with 3 prayers from an estate and in excellent condition. It has a very ornate, deep carved front and a cartouche on the back that was never monogrammed or inscribed. It is marked 14K and also jeweler tested and Guaranteed to be solid 14K gold. From an estate charm bracelet comprising vintage mid century charms. There are a couple of surface age scratches on the back cartouche that are very tiny, thin, and not eye obvious when the charm is on a bracelet. Overall condition is excellent, gently used. There are no dents or dings or tears or repair. Never repaired or altered in any way and completely original. The enameled words are still strong and crisp. Not worn down. The Bible opens to reveal a prayer on the inside cover, 2 movable prayer pages with prayer and a prayer on the back inside cover. Total of 3 prayers. Weight is 4.5 grams. Size is 9/16″ tall by 7/16″ wide across the center. The locking clasp is very strong and secure. This is a lovely, very strong and well made vintage charm for your bracelet or collection.    
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Vintage Art Deco 14k Yellow Gold Folding Cooker Charm Hot Dogs Barbeque
Vintage Art Deco 14k Yellow Gold Folding Cooker Charm Hot Dogs Barbeque
This is a vintage hand made Art Deco 14K yellow and gold filigree outdoor cooker charm with hot dogs. The hot dogs are 14K rose gold and the rest of the charm is 14K yellow gold. It came from an old antique Art Deco bracelet that held 1930s-50s era charms. Tested and guaranteed to be solid 14K gold. Lift the small round link upwards and the cooker unfolds to reveal the hot dogs on the grill. Condition is excellent, gently used. In the closed position the size is 3/4" tall WITHOUT the bale. Width is 5/16". When open it is 1 1/8" long. This is a very unusual hand made vintage charm to find for your bracelet.
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Vintage Child Doll Petite Lady 14K Gold Locket Pendant Charm
Vintage Child Doll Petite Lady 14K Gold Locket Pendant Charm Metal: Solid 14K yellow gold Size: Small, 1/2" across Weight: 1.1 grams Type: Photo locket Please see photos and read full description. Feel free to email if you have any questions.
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Vintage Heavy 14k Gold Movable Bucket Brigade Charm
For sale is a 14k gold charm of an early bucket brigade fireman carrying two buckets of water with a yoke. The charm's buckets move from side to side, and the detail work is excellent. The condition of the item is excellent, with only very minor surface scuffs from its vintage age. You will notice the buttons and collar of his jacket, as well as two horizontal slits for pockets(these are not dents or damages, please see video). It weighs 8.5 grams and is 1.25 inches tall and roughly 3/4 of an inch wide. Overall, this is a very interesting and unusual charm for your vintage jewelry or charm bracelet. [video width="600" mp4="http://regalities.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Vintage-Heavy-14k-Gold-Movable-Bucket-Brigade-Charm.mp4"][/video]
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Vintage Italian 14k Gold Enameled Handbag Purse Charm Hand Bag
This is a lovely 1980s signed vintage Milor, Italy, Italian 14K yellow gold handbag charm with burgundy red and blue enamel work. It is marked 14K, Milor, Italy and is also jeweler tested and Guaranteed to be solid 14K gold. **Photos above show the charm in different lighting. Actual visual color is a very noticeable deep burgundy; a cross between the two sets of photos; not red and not dark brown, a true red brown. Condition is excellent, very gently used having all enameling intact and no dents or dings or deep scratches, gauges, tears, etc...All original; No alteration or repair. Any age wear is very minor, to the surface only and able to be polished out. Size measures 7/8" north to south from the top of handle to the bottom of bag Including the bale by 5/16" wide east to west across the bottom. Weight is 1.9 grams. This is a lovely Italian handbag charm for your charm bracelet or charm collection, or it could be used as a small drop pendant for a necklace. [video width="854" height="480" mp4="http://regalities.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Vintage-Italian-14k-Gold-Enamel-Handbag-Purse-Charm-Pendant-Hand-Bag.mp4"][/video]
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Vintage Mid Century 14K Gold Miniature Deck Cards
Vintage 14K Gold Mid Century Deck of Playing Cards Movable Top Age:  1950s; from a mid century estate and came off a 1950s charm bracelet Metal: 14K Yellow Gold, solid Material: Paper cards, Glass crystals Size: 1/2" by 3/16" Weight: 2.9 grams Condition: Some cards missing otherwise excellent. Minimal age wear to paint. No dents, dings, scratches, tears, repair or other damage. All original and never altered in any way. Lid opens and closes with ease and stays closed when snapped in place. Edge is engraved Fran,Helen, Kay.
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