Vintage Hand Wrought Twisted Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet
This is an artistic vintage hand wrought sterling silver bangle bracelet. It has a very deep twisted rope and carved design. Size is 3/16" (just under 1/4") wide and it has fine quality hand crafting. Weight is 11 grams. Condition is excellent. No dents, dings or repair. Could use a polish as it is old and has quite a bit of patina from age. Lovely bangle bracelet for anyone who either wears or displays vintage hand crafted sterling silver jewelry.
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Vintage Handmade Southwestern Large 25mm Malachite Cuff Bracelet M
Vintage Handmade Southwestern Large 25mm Malachite Cuff Bracelet M - This is a vintage mid century hand crafted sterling silver open cuff bracelet with a very fine quality large 25mm banded malachite stone in the center. It has the older italic full word sterling marking and is also tested and Guaranteed to be solid sterling silver. Tested strong, high grade sterling silver. This malachite stone is gorgeous and showy with beautiful concentric banding toward the dark green center eye of the stone. It is still very clean and clear; no damage and not worn down. Still has a fairly good polish. The bracelet itself is very Well Made with deep tooling, a thick strong bezel and 1/4″ wide sterling on the band. The top measures 1.5 inches north to south by 1 inch wide east to west. Size is adjustable, 6, 6 1/2″. Will probably fit a size 7″ as well if you open it a little. Excellent overall condition, gently used. No dents, dings, damage or repair to the sterling silver. No cracks, chips, tears, hairlines, inclusions, wear or abrasions to the stone. Completely original. Never altered in any way. The sterling silver is better than the photos show. This is a lovely vintage statement bracelet for your vintage Southwestern handmade jewelry collection; gorgeous showy stone in this one!
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Vintage Handmade Wide Heavy Sterling Silver Egyptian Siwa Cuff Bracelet
This is an older vintage hand wrought sterling silver African Egyptian Siwa or Middle Eastern wide cuff bracelet. Tested and Guaranteed to be solid sterling silver.....Not plated. It also has an old early punch mark/hallmark. Completely made by hand the old way in separate sections all the way around. Width is just about 1 3/8" across. It is large and heavy at 63.8 grams. In excellent condition this is a gorgeous 1930s-40s statement bracelet for your collection.
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Vintage Italian Wide Flexible 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet M
This is a gorgeous, fancy, Milor Italy sterling silver cuff bracelet. It has it lightweight and easy to use with a big look. Condition is excellent. Still very bright and shiny. It has a very tiny 1mm crease on 2 of the small back rectangular links. Probably from a little sweater pull. Not eye visible when worn, very teeny tiny and very minor. Size is 7 3/4" end to end laying open flat on a table. With the clasp closed the length is 7 3/8". Will fit medium wrist size 7. Width is 5/8" across. Weight is 17.5 grams. This is a well made vintage Italian sterling silver bracelet by known maker Milor for your collection or display. It is stunning, easy to wear and very, very showy.
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Vintage Late Art Deco 1950s Beau Sterling Silver Fancy Filigree Bracelet Size 7″ Long
This is a 1940s-50s vintage Beau sterling silver fancy filigree openwork bracelet. Marked Beau, Sterling. Size is just over 7" long with the end clasp closed. Height of each element is graduated - 1/8" tall to 3/8" tall. Excellent Condition. No damage or repair. No break to the filigree. This is a lovely vintage statement bracelet for your collection.
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Vintage Mexican Sterling Silver Coral Turquoise Brutalist Bracelet
This is a vintage Mexican sterling silver bracelet with turquoise, amethyst and red coral stones. From Taxco and Marked Mexico, TC-153, 925. It is very well made with superb, fine quality hand workmanship. Weight is 32.6 grams. Size is 8 1/4" long end to end. With the clasp closed it is 7 1/2". Width is 1/2" wide across. It has an oxidized finish. Condition is excellent and shows no sign of repair markings. All original. Great locking clasp - strong and secure. This is a beautiful bracelet for your jewelry collection.
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Vintage Mexican Sterling Silver Heavy Toggle Bracelet Mens Womens Taxco
Vintage Mexican Sterling Silver Heavy Toggle Bracelet Mens Womens Taxco -Thick, heavy, handmade vintage 1980s Mexican Sterling Silver Toggle Bracelet. Marked Mex with maker marks and sterling marks. There are also markings inside one link; looks like the artist and silver quality mark. Also, tested and Guaranteed solid sterling silver. Weighing 63.6 grams this is a very strong, chunky, well made bracelet. Size is 8.5" long by 9.39 mm across each link. Each link is 3mm thick, hence the heavy weight. Other than light age wear scuffs to the surface it is excellent vintage condition. Good for men or women this is a showy mid century Mexican sterling toggle bracelet for your collection, thick and durable. If you require a larger size add more end chain. For a smaller size, remove the end links.
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Vintage Mexico Sterling Silver Tiger Eye Hinged Cuff Buckle Bracelet
This is a stunning vintage sterling silver eagle mark bracelet from Mexico. The bracelet is completely handmade, substantial, and has a beautiful piece of tiger eye with great contrasting colors - much better than in photos. The bracelet has an older eagle marking, but it is slightly faded. If you look at my close up photo of the CAR signature inside of the circle and look above it you will see a small curved marking - this is the base of the eagle marking. The eagle marking doesn't have any oxidation, so it is slightly hard to see, but it is present and indicates the bracelet is an older design. The hinge is in great working order and the belt buckle mechanism opens and closes smoothly. The item has been tested with acid and is guaranteed to be solid sterling silver. The bracelet has a circumference of 6.75 inches, the hinge allows the bracelet to open up to about a 2 inch gap. Signed CAR Mexico and has an old eagle marking. Total weight is 74 grams.
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Vintage Mid Century 14K Gold Bracelet for Charm Watch Chain
Solid 14K yellow gold mid century oval chain link bracelet. Marked 14k, tested and Guaranteed to be solid 14K yellow gold. Not plated or filled. Size: 7 1/2" long end to end by just over 1/8" wide. Weight is 4.9 grams. Excellent condition. No damage or repair. Lovely vintage bracelet for charms or add a hook and use for a pocketwatch chain.
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Vintage Mid Century Fancy Engraved Sterling Silver Bracelet M
In excellent condition this is a lovely vintage late Art Deco very fancy engraved sterling silver chain link estate bracelet. Size is 7.5" long without the clasp tongue by 1/2" wide across. The fancy engraved tops have very delicate work that is deep and highly detailed. The locking clasp is also good quality and works well. You can hear the loud snap when it is closed and it stays locked strongly in place. No dents. No dings. No damage. No repair. Very light weight and easy to wear this is a gorgeous vintage estate bracelet in completely original excellent condition for your antique and vintage jewelry collection.
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Vintage Modernist Sterling Silver Ovals Bracelet 7.5
This is a showy vintage modernist sterling silver bracelet with large ovoid elements. Marked sterling. It has long connectors linking directly through the ovals. Size is 7 1/2" long by 1/2" wide. Weight is 10.4 grams. Condition is excellent, carefully used and stored away. Looks great for any occasion.
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Vintage Native American Big Heavy 54gr Sterling Silver Turquoise Cuff Bracelet Handmade
This is a handmade vintage Native American sterling silver and turquoise open cuff bracelet. It is very large, heavy, and chunky. Tested and guaranteed to be solid sterling silver. Size around the inside circumference including the open gap is 6 1/2" and adjustable. Size across the top is 1 1/8" wide across. Depth is 3/8".Excellent condition. No damage. Weight is HEAVY at 54.6 grams. It also has an unusual teal green turquoise. This is a stunning bracelet for your Southwestern or Native American jewelry collection. Big and showy.
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Vintage Scandinavian Volmer Bahner Danish Sterling Silver Enamel Bracelet
In excellent condition this is a gorgeous vintage mid century Scandinavian Volmer Bahner, Danish Sterling Silver bracelet with pale yellow and black enamel work. Marked VB Sterling Denmark. The back has a light gold wash. It is made of thick, strong, durable sterling silver with 1960s Expert Hand Crafting. The light yellow guilloche' enameling is a lovely contrast amid the black enameled flowers that are gold framed. All of the enameling is present and clear. No chips or discoloration. No dents or dings. The locking clasp is strong and secure. Stays locked in place. The condition is excellent. The sterling has not been polished. Size is 7 3/4" long by just about 1/2" wide. Weight is 23.3 grams. This is a beautifully designed and extremely well-made bracelet by a well-known maker for your collection.
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Vintage Sterling Silver 10m Amber Cabochon Bracelet Bezel Set
This is a lovely vintage sterling silver chain link bracelet with bezel set amber cabs. It is marked 925 on the inside lever of the clasp. Size is just over 7 3/4" long by 5/16" wide. The amber cabs are 10mm each. Weight is 11.6 grams. The amber cabs sparkle all different colors of gold, amber, brown and other natural earthtones. A lovely bracelet for any occasion.
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Vintage Sterling Silver 17 Charm Bracelet Old Woman in Shoe
This is a heavy vintage 1950-1970 sterling silver toggle 17 charm bracelet in excellent condition. The bracelet is marked 925, Italy. It is also tested and Guaranteed solid sterling silver. Size is 7.75" long end to end from the ring to the toggle. Width of the bracelet itself is 1/4". Each circle is 1/4" across or 6.35mm. It has a little of everything on it. There are 17 charms as follows and all measurements include the 1/4" sterling bales: 1) 1" deep recessed PUFFY HEART, 2) 1 1/4" TENNIS RACKET , BALL, 3) 1 1/8" LET YOUR HEART SEE DISC, 4) 1" BALLERINA, 5) 1" HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 6) 1" Long by 1/2" tall GALLOPING HORSE, 7) 1 1/8" MERRY CHRISTMAS jeweled BELL, 8) 3/4" HAPPY MASK FACE, 9) Long 1 1/2" COMB that is much older than the others, 10) 1 1/8" MOVEABLE FANCY CARRIAGE PRAM (all 4 wheels move and the top moves side to side), 11) 3/4" PAIR OF ICE SKATES - 70s fancy diamond cut, 12) 1" CHRISTMAS TREE on diamond cut disc, 13) 7/8" MOVING WISHING WELL, 14) BEST CHARM: OLD WOMAN IN SHOE WITH FAMILY - open the shoe from the bottom to reveal the whole family- has a little trouble staying closed, 15) 5/8" tall DOGHOUSE/BARN, 16) 1" Western BOOT, 17) 5/8" CHRISTMAS STOCKING WITH CANDY CANES , DOLL. Many of the charms are marked sterling. The rest have been tested as sterling, Guaranteed. The wishing well appears to be old 1950s chrome. A few of the charms are very shiny like with a no need to ever polish finish. Weight is heavy at 59.7 grams! A beautiful, heavy, bouncy, loaded vintage charm bracelet for your collection.
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Vintage Sterling Silver and Rhodium Marcasite Bracelet Size 7
For sale is a 1930s Art Deco rhodium plated sterling silver bracelet, size 7. The bracelet has polished marcasites and is in excellent condition. It has the original locking clasp, which closes securely, as well as the original safety chain. Each group of 6 leaves form a panel and are very fine and crisp. It is 7 inches long and 1/2 of an inch wide, and has a total weight of 21.1 grams. Overall, this is a very old and substantial bracelet for your vintage jewelry collection.
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Vintage Sterling Silver Geometrics Toggle Bracelet M/L 7.75
This is a lovely vintage sterling silver toggle bracelet with geometric modernist rectangles and circles. Marked 925. Size is 7 3/4" long end to end by 3/4" wide. Weight is 26.8 grams. It has some light faint minor surface age scuffs, not been polished out and not necessary. No dents or tears. Condition is excellent, gently used. Very well-made of thick, substantial sterling silver. Looks great anytime, anywhere, nice and showy, very noticeable below a cuff.
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Vintage Sterling Silver Greek Turquoise Bracelet
For a medium size wrist this is a Small vintage 925 sterling silver and Greek turquoise bracelet with Greek Key linkage. Original owner purchased this bracelet in Greece years ago in 1970. It is marked 925 and is also jeweler tested and Guaranteed to be solid sterling silver. The 925 marking is found on the clasp and also on each key element. Size is 7 3/4" long end to end. Width is 5/16". Weight is 12.2 grams. Excellent condition. A lovely vintage Greek Key bracelet for your collection.
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