Gold Over Sterling Silver 5m Lemon Stone Enamel Twist Bracelet
Gorgeous sterling silver and 14K gold overlay cable twist bracelet Width: 5m Lemon citrine glass stone Material: Enamel Size: One size small and medium Design: Twist, easy off, easy on
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Hallmarked Vintage Hand Made 800 Silver Amethyst Cabochon Bracelet
Hallmarked Vintage Hand Made 800 Silver Amethyst Cabochon Bracelet
Gorgeous, showy, early modernism, hand made 800 Silver bracelet with very large natural amethyst cabochon stones. It is marked 800 with a maker mark of HH in an octoganal punch mark and an O going through it. It has very thick substantial 800 silver, strong heavy duty bezel connectors, and 2mm thick S forms. The locking clasp is a little tight but works well and is secure. Could be cleaned or polished down to be more flexible. One of the stones has a chip right at the bezel at the point of a natural inclusion. It is from the setting and has been there for many, many years. Other than this the condition is excellent. Size is 7 1/4" long closed. Width is 7/8" which is the same size as the amethyst bezels. Weight is 43.3 grams. The amethysts on this bracelet are stunning. They are great big cabs with beautiful purple to white coloring and measure 20mm by 14mm. Each one has a height of 7-8mm. Each one also has lovely color with its own respective internal characteristics. This is an impressive vintage statement bracelet for your antique and hand crafted jewelry collection.
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Handmade Native American Vintage Onyx And Sterling Silver Navajo Cuff Bracelet
This is a vintage hand wrought Native American sterling silver and onyx cab cuff bracelet. Marked sterling, WS. Navajo, William Spencer or Willie Shaw. Additional hallmarks on the inside of one end. It is beautifully hand crafted with a nice big 20mm black onyx cab stone in the center. The inside circumference without the open space is just about 5 3/4". The open space is 1". The top is 1 1/4" wide. It fits a 6.75" wrist size the way you see it in photo. Good detail work. Excellent condition. Weight is 29 grams. A lovely addition for your collection; showy and noticeable.
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Heavy 48gr Sterling Silver Enameled Charm Bracelet Born To Shop
Heavy 48gr Sterling Silver Enameled Charm Bracelet Born To Shop
Large heavy sterling silver oval link toggle charm bracelet with signed enameled, marcasite, and glass stone charms. Marked sterling, JE copyright and a designer marking, Thick strong links. Some rhinestones missing. Charms are enameled double sided bird with marcasites, fashion stilettos shoe, green enameled Irish luck clover with faux emerald glass stone, Born to Shop thick block of sterling purse, faux blue topaz glass insect, small purse, enameled ladybug. Size is 8" long. Width across the oval chain is 5/16" wide. Weight is heavy at 48.1 grams. There is plenty of room in this bracelet to add your own charms.
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Italy 925 Sterling Silver 8mm 10mm Ball Beaded Bracelet Size 7 1/8″ Long
This is a very well made, high quality, Italian 925 sterling silver 8mm beaded bracelet with a 10m hidden clasp. It is magnetic, strong and very secure. Won't dislodge or fall off. Condition is excellent. No damage or repair. Weight is 18.2 grams. This is a beautiful showy sterling bead bracelet for any occasion or for daily use.
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Mid Century Sterling Silver Jewelart Stylized Danish Modernist Bird Bracelet Usa Vintage
Jewelart Mid Century Sterling Silver Stylized Danish Modernist Bird Bracelet Usa Vintage
This is a vintage 1960s USA mid century modernist sterling silver bracelet with Scandinavian/Danish Modern stylized leaves or birds. It is marked sterling on the clasp and also has a 1960s JEWELART marking on a raised sterling plaquette inside the bracelet. This bracelet is flexible, light weight, comfortable and easy to wear. Size is 7 3/4" long end to end laid out flat with the clasp closed. Width is 5/8" wide across. Condition is excellent. No tears, cracks, deep scratches or damage. No repair. The deep carved work in the leaves is still very crisp and not worn down. The casting is very fine quality and clean on this bracelet. A nice vintage estate bracelet for your collection.
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Judith Ripka 925 Sterling Silver Ginger Quartz Hinged Cuff Gemstone Bracelet
In excellent condition this a gorgeous Judith Ripka 925 sterling silver hinged open cuff bracelet with bezel set ginger quartz gemstones. Each stone is a fancy briolette oval cut and measures just about 7mm. Better than the photos could ever capture these stones are sparkly with golden brown internal highlights much like a brown smokey topaz. The inside circumference is 6 3/4″ so it should fit an average medium small wrist. I am a 6 1/2″ and it has some sway on me. Width across the top is 3/8″. Condition is excellent, very gently used. No wear to the sterling silver or the stones. As you would expect from Judith Ripka this bracelet is extremely well made. The sterling is very thick and substantial. This is a stunning original jeweled Ripka bracelet for your collection.
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Large 925 Sterling Silver Thick Dog Bone Toggle Bracelet Size 7.5
This is a solid 925 sterling silver toggle bracelet with large, dog-bone chaining. Each dog bone link is 9/16" long and intertwined into the next bone; a nice, showy, 3 dimensional look. Size is 7 1/2" long. Width is 1/4" on the wide part of the bone. Weight is 25.3 grams. Condition is excellent. It has a good, strong toggle. This is a beautiful, thick sterling silver bracelet for your collection.
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Late Art Deco Transitional 14k Gold And Diamond Ladies Bracelet Wristwatch Lucerne Watch
This is a beautiful vintage 14K white gold and diamond bracelet wristwatch made by Swiss maker Lucerne with tabs for adding additional diamonds to the bracelet. Both the bracelet and the watch are marked 14K gold. Total weight with the watch is 17 grams. It runs a few minutes slow. Other than this the condition is exellent, no damage, very gently used and cared for over the years. It is from an estate and looks gorgeous. Total carat gemstone weight is approximately .92 carat. The diamonds are bright, clean, showy, and noticeable. It is very well made with a double safety lock and also has its original vintage rectangular safely chain intact. Size is 7 1/2" end to end by 5/8" wide across the watch. The bracelet is 1/8" wide, has tiny open rectangular filigree on the sides and a brushed finish to the gold on the ends. Also in excellent, no damage condition. This is a gorgeous diamond bracelet watch for your vintage jewelry collection.
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MAU Marianna Maurer Sterling Silver Scarab Bracelet
Fabulous handmade artist MAU Marianna Maurer discontinued sterling silver and gold plated Egyptian scarab open cuff, bangle, bypass bracelet. All HAND WROUGHT, HANDMADE. Solid sterling silver. Marked MAU for Marianna Maurer and 925 for sterling silver quality. Inside circumference is set at size 7 and it is adjustable larger, or smaller. Please see photos and read product description for full details!!
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European Italy Mid Century 925 Sterling Silver Chunky 35.1gr Stylized Linked Bracelet Size 7.5" Medium
Mid Century Italy 925 Sterling Silver Stylized Link Bracelet Size 7.5 M
This is a gorgeous 7 1/2" sterling silver European stylized fish with hearts bracelet marked 925, Italy. Guaranteed to be solid sterling silver. It is thick and strong, extremely well made. Each heart link is 3/4". Width across is 5/8" wide. Weight is 35.1 grams. Condition is extremely excellent. Original owner did not use this much at all. No dents or dings. No tears to the sterling. No deep scratches. It also has a big, strong 5/8" locking clasp. A gorgeous substantial vintage statement bracelet for any occasion. It has beautiful, fine quality, mid century Italian workmanship.
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Native American Julia Etsitty Navajo Sterling Silver Turquoise Coral Big Cuff Bracelet Medium
Native American Julia Etsitty Navajo Sterling Silver Turquoise Coral Big Cuff Bracelet Medium
This is a Native American sterling silver and turquoise open cuff bracelet by Navajo artist Julia Etsitty. The turquoise is 13mm and strongly grained. The inside circumference is 6 1/2" including the open space. Size is adjustable. There is plenty of room for a 7" - 7 1/4" wrist fit. Condition is excellent, gently used. No dents or dings. No chips or cracks. No repair. It has thick, can't bend it, substantial sterling silver. It is also very well made and the artistry is lovely, very showy. Weight is 33.3 grams. The top is quite wide, just over 1 3/4" wide. This is a gorgeous bracelet in excellent condition by a very well known maker for your collection.
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Native American Navajo Jane Mcrory Turquoise Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet 67g
Native American Navajo Jane Mcrory Turquoise Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet 67g
Vintage Native American large heavy sterling silver and turquoise Navajo Jane McRory open cuff bracelet. It is signed with her JMc maker mark for Jane McRory and an italics sterling marking. Size of the inside circumference with the open space is 7" and it is slightly adjustable. Width is 1 3/4" wide across the center. The turquoise stone is just about 25mm. Weight is 67.5 grams. Excellent condition, rarely used. Beautifully hand crafted and beautifully decorated by a well known maker this is a gorgeous heavy Navajo artist statement bracelet for your collection.
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Pre 1950s Mexican Sterling Silver And Turquoise 26" Belt
Pre 1950s Mexican Sterling Silver And Turquoise 26″ Belt
This is a vintage Mexican sterling silver belt with turquoise. Marked with the 1940s Silver, Mexico marking, tested, and Guaranteed to be solid sterling silver. It has a Mayan border with raised silver balls amid a winged design and large broad connectors. Size is 26" long by 9/16" wide. Weight is 114.5 grams. The turquoise sections are 2mm across and 3 of them have small age spots. Very small and easily covered if desired but so minimal it's not necessary. Condition is excellent. No damage to the sterling silver. No repair. This is a gorgeous sterling silver addition for your Mexican silver collection or accessory collection. It has good age and beautiful workmanship. Also, looks great when worn.
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Roberto Faraone Mennella Sterling Silver Open Cuff Bracelet Size S
Roberto Faraone Mennella sterling silver open cuff bracelet Marking: 925 Faraone Size: Small Measurements: 6 1/4" around with the open space Width: 5/8" across the top. Weight: HEAVY at 34.3 grams.
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Small Sterling Silver Heart Star Charm Bracelet 8 Inches
This is a maker marked Sterling Silver open heart and star charm bracelet. It has 2 sterling hallmarks and makers marks as follows: 925 for the sterling purity mark, a triangle marking, and also has makers mark of either MM or WW. Size is just about 8" long. It is double linked and the chaining is 3.5mm wide across. There are 3 charms (2 hearts and 1 star). These charms have an open dot pattern on both sides. Condition is excellent. Lovely bracelet for adding charms or for layering with others.
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Small Vintage Italian Sterling Silver Visa Charm Bracelet 7″ Italy
For sale is an Italian sterling silver charm bracelet with a Visa travel charm. The item is hallmarked Italy 925. We have tested the item, and guarantee that it is solid sterling silver, it is not plated. The bracelet measures 7 inches long and the links are 3/16 of an inch thick. The total weight of the bracelet is 5.3 grams. The charm measures 1/2 of an inch by 3/8 of an inch and has a few sparkly rhinestones on the boarder. The lobster clasp is in perfect working order and closes securely. Overall, the condition of the bracelet is excellent.
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Small Vintage Italy Sterling Silver Double Link Charm Bracelet Size 7″ Long
In excellent condition this is a small vintage 1980s Italian sterling silver double linked bracelet that can be used alone, is narrow enough for layering, or can be used for adding charms. Marked 925, Italy and guaranteed to be solid sterling silver. Size is 7" long by a little over 1/8" wide across. The lobster clasp works well. In beautiful, no damage condition this bracelet would be great for small, delicate, hand made or unusual charms as it is a small width. It is very strong and durable, very well made.
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